Why did you get into real estate investing?

Hi. I’m here with Jerry Dan and we’re going to talk about why you got into real estate investing. Jerry, just if you could give us a little bit.

First off, thanks for having me here. You know. I love it.

My my goal always been for it was for real estate investing was to it’s also kind of my retirement plan because for me is that, you know, I pretty much don’t want to work my whole life. And I always heard that, you know, being a real estate investor is one of the good ways to help with the retirement plan. So, you know, that’s why I started doing my research.

You know, I started looking at where to invest in. And of course, you know, Dallas back in 2017 was kind of booming with a lot of the companies like, you know, Toyota moving the headquarters here. So I knew that, you know, a lot of people I know we kind of have that thing where like California people come into Texas. But, you know, I knew a lot of people were coming to Texas, a lot of investment and headquarters were telling people to come and move to Dallas.

So I hopped on the boat and I was like, all right, I got I got to get in on this before it gets too crazy.

Yeah. So I love that, you know, and a lot of people, I think, have a desire to invest in real estate. And you’re young and you’re starting that young. And, you know, it could be it could be scary. But, you know, the way I look at it is if you can purchase a home, your very first home, then your real estate investing.

Right. I mean, essentially, you’re you’re investing in real estate and then you take it from there and continue to grow on it. So I think that’s awesome. So why did how did you pick Dallas?

Like I said, with Dallas, my you know, my choice was where I was looking at possibly like Austin, Houston and and Dallas. But then, you know, I just from what I was reading in the news and everything, where like, like I said, a lot of headquarters were moving to Dallas and northern Dallas. You know, I’m like, all right, we had to buy there because that’s where everybody wants to to live, right?

If we want to be a little closer to work. And for me, it’s just that I always look at convenience as well. You know, when everyone’s there, everyone wants to live close to last night. And that’s when I was talking to you like, Oh, where should I invest? And you’re like, Oh, let’s look at Plano, look at the colony. So that’s where we eventually looked at. And, you know, you definitely help us with the two that we have.

That’s Jerry. Could you talk a little bit about that? Did we make some good, good choices?

Really good choices. You know, the first one we bought, like I you know, the only reason I, I knew of Plano was because Toyota said they were moving to Plano. And I actually thought the term was plain old Texas. So so I was saying Plano. I was like plain old. And I’m like, no, it’s plain. I’m like, Oh, okay, I’m sorry.

Oh, that’s funny.

But you know, you know, we, you know, we went around, we let the some of the houses, then we found a corner, one that had the biggest lot. And for me, I definitely love a big backyard. And I guess people love the backyard. And, you know, I know we came in pretty strong with our offer and I think immediately it was offered and, you know, we had no regrets about it because, you know, you look at the I look at the tops now, I’m like more than doubled and you know, for what I bought it for.

Yeah. And you know, we did discuss like it is a little bit of a risk. Well, it’s a lot of risk. Right. But you have to look at all the facts and all of the history and kind of analyze and forecast what you think is going to happen. Right. And know that even if the market tanked, that you’re still in the location. That is great, right?

A price point, a size, all of that that that works that you could weather the storm if something catastrophic happened.

So, yeah, I mean, when we looked at it, I mean, we definitely looked at the rental comps, right? And we saw that, you know, it was strong. It was able to meet my mortgage, the whole mortgage package.  

Which is rare, you guys. That’s not typical for an investment.

So but also the good thing is that, like I say, we’re we’re I one of the top school districts in the area, too, you know. So families I always recommend when you look at buying a house is look at the school district, right?


Because, you know, families are always willing to move and pay the extra price to have the kids go to a good school. Yeah, for sure. It was also close by everything. It was close by too. And I think it’s only about three or four miles from the grand scape that just opened up. Yeah.

So in the colony colony.

So I mean that was a great thing.

So, you know, and that one was a little bit of a challenge too because it had foundation work done in the past and then it needed foundation work and you know, after you purchased it and the warranty wasn’t. So there were some hiccups along the way. But, you know, that’s part of it, you know, and you have to plan for some of these things.

So, I mean, that’s the only the rest you take. And you know, like for me, I don’t regret it at all. I mean, yeah, yes, there was a headache when it was happening. But yes, you know, now that you look at the returns that you get on it, I mean, it’s like, I’ll do it again.

And you have it. You know, you have it. You can see it, you can feel it, touch it, and it’s not going anywhere. You’re in control of it. So that’s why I like real estate investing. Yeah. Okay. Well, thanks, Jerry. We’ll move on to the next topic.

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