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Practice your real estate craft with a purpose, right, as you go through things don’t just like being this malaise and kind of go through it, we want you to have great attendance at any one of these company events. We want you to get the proper amount of rest. We want you to work hard. We want you to work out. We want you to destress. We want you to do all those things as an agent.

But most importantly, what you need to do is practice your craft of real estate. And it is a craft. You continue to get better and better with it over time. And as you put in this effort, do it with a purpose. So as we’re talking about a purpose, you know, some different examples would be. If you’re going to go home, right, go over and look at one that’s higher priced, one that’s lower priced, drive the neighborhood, go walk to school, go see what’s around this place, do it with a purpose, go see a new home builder that’s over there.

They might not have anything for sale this exact moment, but that will come back. You’ll be better off if you make the relationship with the person working there with meeting new people, with having new experiences.

Look around, see if there’s anything else that’s going on there, writers or construction. Do you see signs coming up that say like new development coming in progress or something like that? You see a new zoning change that you can maybe take a picture of and look up later on? Is there something going on in that local neighborhood that you could know about that’s practicing your real estate craft with a purpose? And it’s not just showing up at the last minute, right? It’s doing some research.

It’s maybe downloading all the documents and taking a look at it and having that answer. When your client asks you that question in advance instead of saying, you know what, that’s a great question, I’ll look that one up for you and get right back with you. Why wouldn’t you already have that answer? Why wouldn’t you have those items printed out? Why wouldn’t we already have the seller’s disclosure in our hand? Let’s be purposeful in every single thing that we do in real estate.

And let’s try to continue to get better, not just for the current client, but for future clients and for yourself. That’s how you get referral and repeat business is because you know things. And to know them, you have to learn them for the first time and you have to take the time to do it. So please be purposeful with your craft and understand what that really means.  As a real estate agent. Just think. Yes, think and you’ll be all right. Thank you very much, Omkar, let’s close that topic out to.

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