Ladies and gentlemen, it’s good to see you again. We have clarification on the next topic that we’re going to cover. So we’re back with it. And, you know, it’s I think we were going to do, but we’ve kind of changed our schedule. Yes. No, we just wanted to modify it and added in right now. Just felt like it would kind of be the right thing to do right now. So what we’re doing is we’re adding in a an annual award that we start to do. We haven’t previously done this award, but it’s one that we feel we should do annually. And we’re we’ve struggled for a little while to come up with what the exact award should be that person physically gets. So I have to work through that. So, well, we’ll do that. But what we’re doing is we’re going to award the person with the highest annual earnings.

Ok, that is not related to that’s not strong in my and this is different for us because we’ve never we’ve always tried to keep people all on the same level and not create this competitiveness. But I think it a little competitiveness is good. And if somebody has achieved that, they should be recognized that, yeah, they deal.

They really should be. So the award we are naming the the Mike Sheppard Award, that’s what we were talking about, all the Shepp Award.

And we can come up with the exact date, but we might have a little contest on what we name them. Maybe we ask him.

I don’t know much more that Mike Shepherd, you know, we we met him a long time ago. And, you know, he we’ve always looked up to him. Yeah. Is being amazing. Any time we would hear Mike Shepherd, we’re like, oh, we know sheep. Yeah. You know, and we really admired Mike and Stephanie because they were like us. Right? They were husband and wife team. And then Mike transitioned over to us, which we’re extremely fortunate for that we feel like that was a great opportunity for us. Right. So we’ve gotten to know Mike even more now over the years. And he’s just I mean, he was our first badass. He’s still a badass. So mind you just he’s calm. He’s, like, nonchalant about things. And then all of a sudden, Stacy, I was talking to her the other day and she’s like, so I’m sitting here. And I thought I was done for the day. And then Mike Shepard son is a contract. Another one. Another one. I was like, wow, here he goes again in December, the end of December. And he’s he’s doing this. But so, you know, we I know it’s not quite the end of the year yet, but we’ve looked at everything that’s in the pipeline and in the works.

And he’s he was pushed this year. Yeah. So that’s the reason that we had to make sure that we we labeled this and we were super proud about that. So it’s been a runaway for a long time. Mike Shepard is the consummate professional. And he does he does very well. Right. And he’s a great gentleman and he deserves that award and recognition. It was always understood that he was a sales leader, period. And no one asks because Mike Sheppards, No. One in sales, that’s not named Mike Acquisto, and he just totally crushes it. So we remove ourselves and he’s he’s the man. And that’s really what it comes down to. So every year he has been around, he has been the sales leader and the award will stay in his name. So it’s an award that we’re putting in recipient.

But it is a point we are going to call it the Mike Shepherd Award. Shepp, I want to call it the chef award. Yeah, but we’ll see.
I unmuted my mic so we can hear what we’re doing. And what I was going after is this is kind of like the Mike Singletary award. And I want to make sure that we name that award after Mike. He’s done such a good job and leading the way for so many years. And it’s really impressive and inspiring and what he has done. And so we named it after after him in that same kind of regard, you know, kind of like the Man of the Year and just the sales leader. So it’s it’s kind of an impressive thing. Now, Mike, you are going to be pushed this next year. It was super close and you had some stuff going on with your family.

And I knew that was a lot going on. And I was like, oh, it’s getting close. And I was I wanted to tell you that it was close.

And then I was kind of like, oh, and so anyways, you are totally getting pushed. And so next year, just know that somebody is nipping on your heels. Yeah. And we’re excited to have that for you. And I think you’ll hold them all for a long time because you are that man thought it’ll be interesting going forward. So congratulations is when the award. No, it totally in the name of the name will stay for the top salesperson for for perpetuity. Yeah. In his honor.

So thank you for pushing us and just you know, you inspire us and just how you conduct your business is, you know, you’re calm and cool and you know, you can teach a lot of us know, a sincere thank you really.

And I hope everything goes well with your family now because I know there’s a lot going on and it’s it’s tough for us to even speak on.

I know we were worried that you weren’t going to be here for us to be able to talk about this for a while now.

So we’ll formalize that. I was seeing what it should be for an award and I was looking at a Troy ounce of gold for the award. And so I was looking at it like we did something like that, because I want it to actually mean something, right, for being the top salesperson. And I understand how much a Troy ounce is now. So it was like but it’s kind of worth it. So I’m trying to find something that signifies it for our top salesperson. So we’ll figure that out and we’ll see exactly kind of what it all comes to the we’re proud of.

It’s very impressive, super proud and fortunate that you’re a part of our real estate family. Yeah.

And our neighbor. Yeah, that’s amazing. He did step up the other day with Flat Stanley, and that was really, really nice. So thank you for that.

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