Real Estate and Capital Gains for 2021 -Hey there, I’m Mike Acquisto, real estate broker and co-owner of Acquisto Real Estate, and it is time. What’s it time for, Mike? Well, people are making a profit on residential real estate, and we have to talk about real estate and capital gains in 2021.

Real Estate and Capital Gains

So there’s a webinar coming up. We’re going to share all that information. Hey, mark your time. Let’s put it over here. Let’s take a look. All right. So we have benchmark mortgages sponsoring a financial person to come in and speak about this, but it’s going to be on a Zoom meeting.

So here is the information to go ahead and take a look at how it just looks pretty. You know, the person that’s going to be speaking now. Let’s give you some more info. We’re going to give you the exact zoom link. We’re going to chat that link in Fauria and we’re going to let you go ahead and register and RSVP. So this link is going to come over to you and it is going to be on April 7th at 9 a.m.

So you’re going to have to finish up TNT and log right in there. And this is a great time that if you as an agent would like to be sitting over here in this seat and tell us all about what you learned at this event, I’d be happy to have you do that. So simply sign up here, let me know and as soon as you can, right after this, take some notes and we’ll have you be a guest and we’ll have you relay all of that information directly on to the other viewers.

So it’s your time to shine. If you’re going to step up and do this, go ahead and check in and say, hey, Mike, I’m in. And then what we’ll do is we’ll have you all scheduled. You can register yourself and off we go. You’ll be sitting here in no time at all. All right. So if that’s your dream, we can make that one happen. I think that’s all I got on that topic.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.31.21

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