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Hey there, here’s some real estate advice from a broker directly to an agent. What we want to do is want to meet one new person, as an agent every single day and have a conversation. So it’s a simple piece of advice. It’s not complicated. And we heard this from many different places. And you kind of like, no, this is something you should be doing, but occasionally have to focus on it. We always have to be growing, learning, meeting new people and doing all that stuff as real estate agents.

Right. But the real key of it is to meet one new person every single day. So simply, all you would do is walk up and say, like, hey, my name’s Mike, are you? And that’s it, and then let the conversation take it from there, so the challenges agents do it today, do it tomorrow, do it the day after. Today happens to be : can’t stop, won’t stop Wednesday. So it’s a great day to start. You know, you simply say hi, my name is. That’s it. That’s the only thing I want you to do to one new person today.

Then what you’ll find is maybe like the person, maybe, you know, somebody in common, maybe they do have a real estate need, maybe they don’t. Maybe there’s something else that ends up being, you know, in common. Maybe you have kids and whatever it is, meet one new person and expand your social sphere, expand the amount of people you know, expand your possibilities with what you can do for real estate.

So it’s a volume game, right. But you’re going to meet so many nice people statistically. You’re also going to meet people you don’t like, meet people that are similar to you, that are different, that live in different places, that have different incomes, that have less whatever it is, you’re going to meet new people. And that’s what you need to do consistently. Just say hello, my name is. And that’s it. Simple. Don’t make it complicated, don’t have an agenda, don’t do anything.

But every day, just take a tally and say, did I do that yes or no and just simply do that every day. Nothing more than that. Those conversations may go somewhere. They may go to a place where you end up giving the person your number or you may discuss real estate or you may not. But what happens is you gave yourself an opportunity, so you want to have substantive real estate discussions with people that are interested in buying or selling homes, but to do that, it’s all a numbers game.

And let’s start with the simplest thing, which is to say, hello, my name’s Mike. And that’s it, let it go from there and see where it goes, don’t have any any objective on what you want to accomplish, but just start there after you do that and you get comfortable with it for a little while, then before you know it, you’ll be able to craft the conversations in the way you want. It’ll quickly get to exactly where you want it to go. And all it has to do is have success occasionally.

And before you know what you’re adding in one additional transaction every month from just saying hello, my name is and that’s all you have to do every single day. There you go. That’s the tip of the day on this can’t stop, won’t stop Wednesday. I’m excited for you guys to start exploring that. And if you are going to buy into that chat in now and just let us know that you’re committing to doing something like that, chat in if you do something similar.

Chat in if you’re like, whoa, that’s crazy. But some of the crazier things work. And sometimes it’s just that simple that all you have to do is say hello, my name is. And then let it go from there.

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