Real Estate Accountability – Hey there. Do you sometimes need to check in with reality as a realtor who’s accountable, who is in charge? Let’s think about that one for just a moment here. Right. So what we have is listing agents. Number one, you’re in charge. Nobody else. You you’re in charge. You run the show. You’re a professional. Buyers, agents, guess who’s in charge there, you as well, I go to the left hand and finger point because I want to remind you that you happen to be the one in charge. There’s no delegation.

Real Estate Accountability

There’s no anything else. There are people who help you in the transaction, but you’re the one who’s fully in charge. Think about that. client hires you, what is the reason. They ask you to work on their behalf. There’s other people along the way here to Acquisto Real Estate that do help you. Right? We have a full, full real estate support family. They have very specific things that they do to augment and make your job a little bit easier to help facilitate and to fill in. But nowhere does that say that they’re in charge. The client hired you. They want you to be the face. They want you to be the one negotiating.

They want you. Right. That’s the whole thing here. What they selected you because you care because, you know, in your genuine in your their contact, they’re relying on you. This is the largest transaction most likely of their life. And in that they want to have a rock to lean upon. So that’s what I wanted you to do, is to just check in with reality and understand what’s going on. You’re the one that knows if you’re a listing agent when you need to set your media. Day four, you’re the one that knows that it’s busy right now. You’re the one that knows if it’s priced right. You’re the one that knows each one of these items. You know, if the home is ready to go on the market.

Right. Doesn’t need to be staged, doesn’t need to be cleaned. Those are sincere and honest conversations that the listing agent has with the client directly. So don’t rush. Don’t you hope that somebody else is going to cover for you? Don’t be like I will make up for that later. Don’t make excuses. Don’t say the market’s too hot and I need to rush and do this. Don’t allow that to happen. Be the one who is accountable, who stands up and says, you know what? We’re going to wait a week and we’re going to do this, right, right. We’re not going to be canceling media days last minute. We’re not going to be not prepared. We’re going to have every single asset.

And we’re not just going to push it through. When you put every single thing in correctly and have your seller’s disclosures, you have your surveys, you have the utilities, you have all these documents. It makes it a lot easier for you when you put all these offer instructions and you tell exactly what you want, why and how, if you know it’s going to be too busy, then you go to the property yourself and take care of some of these things. Right.

If you get in 20 phone calls a day on the same thing, maybe it’s a great idea. Kind of talked about it yesterday that you show up at the home for the weekend and you give yourself an available time and put in the notes listing agents going to be at the property from two to four on Saturday to answer any questions that clients and or buyer’s agents have.

Right. So it just kind of think about that one and make sure that you are present and ready. All right, so then we’ve got to talk on the buyer’s agent side, there’s a whole bunch of accountability there, right? So they also asked you to work on their behalf. So if we think through that process, you might have a showing assistant to assist you. That’s their job, right? To assist.

But nowhere in their definition of assistant does that mean that they’re in charge and they’re accountable. The client hired you is a buyer’s agent to take care of it. You’re the one that needs to be on top of their search. You’re the one that needs to be on top of all of the negotiations. You’re the one that needs to have your eyes on the contract. You’re the one that needs to make sure that each one of these things gets done.

You need to look at the settlement statement. You need to make sure that you go over it with the client. You need to know all about their financing. There are some things underneath there that you can delegate and ask for assistance with if you have a listing assistant or a buyer’s assistant.

Those would be great things that you can help delegate at that moment. Right. But you ultimately are in charge. The support family is here to help you. Right. And they have certain things to do but allow them to be great. Allow them to do all the things that they should for you, by you first, being great for your client, lead from the front, lead by example, put all your stuff in Soho. We were going through that the other day.

And you see all of the options that you have in Zillow to make all your notes. There’s a correct way to do something and then there’s a wrong way to do it. Are you putting all your notes in? So how are you tagging Stacey with these notes? Are you calling Stacey after hours all the time asking for, you know, a favor here and a favor there? Are you reaching out to the marketing and asking, Meghan, can you help me with this? Right.

These are all things that maybe follow a little bit aside outside of what you should be doing and lead you to not being fully accountable to the person who’s really in charge. And that would be you as the agent. Has a lot of pointing at the camera, a lot of the word, I believe you. Right there. Yes, you get the idea.

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