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Hey, now, what’s your range, what’s a cooktop? That’s the topic. They’re not the same. No, they’re slightly different. And I admit I had to.

How you say Google it? And then I hit images, and then I was like, Oh, yeah, yeah, that’s what it is. I mean, I don’t know. Yeah. I mean, a lot of people being honest, you know, old school, I think people called it the stove right stove. But we’re going to show you guys what you’re cool with showing it right. All right. Let’s go ahead and show. Show the screen where?

Who actually knows this? I. I’m going to say so bad is I love this. What is that Chat now? Is that a range? Yeah.

Or go to tap it in, but man, look at that goldfish.

That right? And yeah, I just pulled up a picture from the internet, right? So now what is that?

So I see that stove or an oven.

That’s in the northeast.

Thing is it.

All right. Yeah. So we’re talking about that.

I think we got Nylsa number one first person to answer yes. Nielsen thinks its range. Ok. So anybody else? Yeah, not a lot of jumping in and saying,

Hey, did you copy off Nylsa?

I don’t know. Maybe she did. Now people are going to feel more confident or more like, Oh, do I not trust that? Whose activities?

Oh yeah, way to go. I like it. It’s a stove. It’s really weird where we come from. I know. Does everyone know Jodi grew up like super close to us in New York? It’s really weird. We didn’t. We didn’t know each other when we were out there, and all of a sudden it was like, Whoa, wait a minute. Like, not far at all. I dare say home address to home address. Maybe 15 minutes.

That is crazy. Yeah.

You went to high schools that would compete against each other in sports. Go to a private school, it was like super uppity and it was like a thing, Amy. And yeah, I don’t know if that was not.

But Jeb thinks it’s a strange and Jodi went to a really nice school. She was. She was privileged if anyone wanted to know. Jodie, yeah, she was. So anyways, that’s going to. Oh, hey, let’s go to the other one and show.

This is one look. Go to the other one.

Yeah. Car hitting us up with the next one.

Can you say that? Well, what is this?

What is that?

I see. No, you don’t see often. I wouldn’t call it a stove, either.

You wouldn’t know. Ok, I don’t know why.

All right. You guys know what this is. I don’t really know much. Ok.

I think they’re making pancakes.

I want to get pancakes after this before going at the Great Western. Western Western Cafe.

All right, what is this? It’s not a strange Mike Shepherd would. If you do that on purpose,

Stove Top. Yeah, that’s interesting cooktop. All right. These are a lot of good answers, right cooktop. All right, so let’s go ahead and reveal the answers. I think you guys pretty much know what you’re talking about here. And so this one here, sunny that you describe as

This, I describe as a cooktop. So it is a cooktop because it’s a top, it is dropped in, so a cooktop could be a drop in. Mm hmm. Right. It’s not something that’s all one piece that is pushed in. I wanted to pull up like the actual definition of what maybe we’ll do that tomorrow.

We’ll do it tomorrow. Those would be our real estate words of the day. The top stove range will get all those in the next couple of, you know, next couple of episodes for everybody. But this is dropped in. Yes, is the point.

So the point of all of this is when you are doing a listing or you have a buyer looking for something specific, you know, these two items sometimes get inserted improperly in the listings, right? And it’s it’s funny. We all know what it is, but a lot of people don’t understand the difference and it matters. Ok. So a range is something that is all one piece, which typically you would say or stove.

People call it from the northeast, where you have your burners on top and an oven, and it’s a combination piece where it pulls out and pulls in, plugs in and it’s all one unit and cooktop is something that is dropped in. Ok, so it’s a one piece only the cooktop and it’s inserted in your countertop. So the word

Top is pretty much the main thing. Yeah. Stacey chats in and says it is Miss Mark a lot, whether it’s by agents Here, stay here or you know, Hey, we’re not going to get into that, ladies and gentlemen. But what we did do is we did discuss it.

And now, you know, so if you miss this in the future on any of your documents, then what that means is you weren’t maybe paying as much attention as you should have been on TNT. So let’s go ahead and rate this topic. See how you guys like that home car is going to give it in there and we’ll discuss that. So every day that’s coming right up for us, and let’s move on, all right.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 9.9.21

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