What is the Purple Paint Law

Purple paint law, huh? I have a link for you, and we’re going to show you that we’re going to also describe what exactly this means here.

Ok, so purple paint designates no trespassing. We’re going to go ahead and split the screen and show this link and show it off to you and chat it in for you.

So purple paint, if we scroll down just a little bit, there is a rule regarding this and it’s basically the equivalent of no trespassing.

And this works just as well. So this is some tape here that you can put up and band around and put it there. And as long as you have this vertical around the tree that you have at least eight inches long one inch in thickness. So that’s what we have here.

Use my thumb to kind of show you off. And we have it roughly between three to five feet of the base of the tree. We wrap it around.

This is saying no trespassing. This is actually the same exact thing as posting a no trespassing sign, and it’s supposed to be understood.

So it’s an alternative way to go ahead and do that. The reason we bring this up is because that is definitely a real estate topic, just a little bit different, something else for you to look at with land and as it goes in, no trespassing.

So there you go. Purple paint a little bit more informed today. There we go. Closed.

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