Today’s real estate word of the day is provenance, and I wish Hannah was here to go ahead and define it for us to use in a sentence and to discuss it real quickly, but instead I’ll do it. Provenance is the record of or creation, accumulation or origin of a specific item.

The back story to be an item in a home that makes it especially unique, indistinguishable from other items that may serve the same purpose. OK, so that’s the definition. To use it in a sentence would be. Hmmm, this luxury home has many items that just smell of providence.

And what that would kind of mean is like there’s all these different stories that you could tell, right, so you could walk through the home and you could look over here and be like, oh, that over there is not just a standard wall, it’s a marble granite wall. And it came from this place and it was mined in this way and had to be supported in this way.

And you would describe that or over here is a piece of art in that piece of art came from here. It was handed down from generations, or here’s a letter that came from this person and we put that on the wall. And there’s just stories and meanings and things behind it. Right. So that’s what go ahead. That’s what Providence means.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.14.21

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