Prosper Protests 380

Prosper protests 380. They’re not happy about it. Well, nobody’s happy about it.

But what they’re doing, Shana, is important. They’re organizing, putting everything together and showing. Visually that they’re not happy with it. I have a link and we’re going to go ahead and share this and show it off.

It’s like you. If you have a problem with something, bring a solution. If you’re going to complain, then complain with a solution.

Yeah. So this article comes up and it’s about Prosper and how the whole city gets together and they have a clear message. They’re like. No.

And it’s hey. But that’s kind of a simple message, right? But they’re showing it and getting together and people are taken. People are taking notice. All right.

So let’s see kids eating snow cones, adults peeling crawfish and twisted sisters. We’re not going to take it anymore. That was really crazy, right? So they all got together and they said no and they’re protesting and they’re using their their, you know, their local colors.

And they’re saying, no, we’re united and we’re not doing this. So what they did is they got together and this is what I’m happy about, is they said no. And what you said is they provided another alternative, right? The alternative they actually proposed was like, hey, look over here. Right. So there’s an old.

These old homes just they need to go away anyway.  

Yeah, there’s an old phrase that says, if you don’t like the current conversation, change the topic. Right. So you just like they just changed it. They’re like, hey, let’s throw another variable in there and see what happens. So like, how about we just revisit one of these other ones you currently are showing option A and B, how about we go back and go to like an old one, right?

So they’re like clearly against option B and they’re very, very good and they’re like, but if option H is not an option for you and it’s not going to get chose, then how about you look at some of the old options that you had? Like once it went right through Walnut Grove, which happens to be the neighborhood that we have property in, in McKinney and Mike Shephard’s in, and we’re like, Whoa, wait just a minute.

So they tried to throw that one in there right as part of it, but they were organized and then they said, let’s change the discussion. Let’s give another option.

I don’t like to consider you like that. I don’t like that. I don’t like. When people will throw another person under the bus and try to you know, I never in favor of throwing a person under.

The bus, but, you know.

In fact, that’s why we’re married, right? I guess. My I saved his life. That’s right. Early on, I saved my life. I don’t know if you all know that story, but. Yeah. So anyway, I. So home ownership is one thing, right? And I think that we have to go back to the very beginning. This road was put in place to bypass downtown McKinney. Now we’re way up here, and I get it, but.

380 is three 8380 was planned. It’s a road now. Why are we deviating from that? I don’t know. That’s that’s my thought. I want all the homeowners to be protected. And something you guys may want to follow in the next legislative session is eminent domain and the taking of one’s land.

So that is a huge push by Texas realtors to really open this up and look at it and and protect homeowners and landowners specifically from having this type of thing happen.

So this is currently one of the largest real estate topics around. Right. That people are discussing and look how many people this directly affects. And so there’s a lot of people that want to know about this, a lot of people that will have input in a lot of people that their lives could be affected by it, and specifically the real estate and the values and what they have and what’s going on.

So that’s why we kind of discuss it. So Prosper did have this. They got to organize. They didn’t like it. They came up with a clear message. They branded it and put it out there and moved on and then.

Said, Hey, writing together, I do like the fact that they all pulled together and they believe something and they were passionate and they, you know, and they did a huge pep rally on.

It. They did. And then they even co-opt something else that I saw here. So yeah, protect, prosper, keep three on 380. I think that’s a great slogan. But they are if anyone knows they are not a certified B certified B company. So you’re not be certified.

Let’s be certified.

Well, it’s when you actually give money back to certain charities and you do things correctly and you have like a social responsibility. They co-opting. Other tobacco.

Yeah. So anyways, ladies and gentlemen, that kind of explains the protest. Then what happened next was since they threw it on the backs of somebody else and they said, Hey, look over here at Walnut Grove, how about you go through there?

So thank you, Janet Anders, for quickly acting, seeing it and understanding and bringing it up. Because there was a meeting at Collin Collin County. I don’t even know the commissioners Court Yeah, it happens on Tuesday.

Monday afternoon, at. One day at 130. So we met up there as a group and Janet went up and talked on her behalf, did a great job, put it out there and.

Sent out information. She’s a longtime resident in our neighborhood and is kind of like our spokesperson. And it is good. That’s another point.

If you’re going to do something like this, it’s good to appoint one spokesperson so you don’t have random people just chiming in all over the place. You need one person with you that’s cool, calm and collected to go and speak. It was she did a great job. She’s been doing a great job.

Yeah. I was very happy with Janet. So what she actually did yesterday was she got up and went to to the event on our behalf there. So we’ll go ahead and show my screen, if you could.

There were some other people that tried to speak.

Yeah, but maybe, maybe not one of our family members. That wasn’t us.

Yeah. My dad tried to speak and they’re like, No, sir, you don’t have a blue card. So Janet spoke on our behalf. She was wearing a sweet tie dyed shirt to show that she was serious about the occasion. And it turned out really, really well. She did a phenomenal job, but she had Susan Fletcher. We talked to her in advance. And then there was some information that was drafted up.

So the language that ended up getting drafted up really helps us. And Section four opposes Bisecting Walnut Grove, and they said that turning going through Walnut Grove is actually more destructive and more harmful than alignment A and alignment B and and elements.

So she got us to luckily put weight on at the bottom, then also at the event main gate, got to get up and talk and Mr. Darling got up and spoke about his items and I was really, really impressed with what he was doing and what they’re doing there with with Main Gate. I’m going to give just a second for for him, it’s he’s pretty impressive on what they’re doing there.

And my father did the point my father wanted to make is you’re okay to try to bring this road through main gate. And it’s because they’re helping emotionally in mental problems and physical problems and people that just have a hard time. Right. And related and using equine therapy to do that. My dad said you would never take this road through Baylor, Scott and White and bring it through a hospital. But this is essentially the same thing for a different group of people, and you visually see it different. There’s not a lot, but it’s essentially the same.

Thing to the city, to the city that you can that you can do that. And it is it is very true. I can tell you, driving through there, you know, we always talk about on one side, you have main gate, the other side you have farmhouse fresh who they have rescue animals. And it’s just like, I love it. I mean, it’s really.

Peaceful the amount of people they help. Did you know that there’s 2000 volunteers and know there and they have a list of people to be able to do this. So the main reason they need to get this road done, here’s a fact for you is the demographers of Collin County. Said that by the year 2050 in the demographers are pretty much like whether people properly stated that.

There’s no way you could ever.

Predict what the population growth in Collin County is expected to go to 3 to 3.5 million people by 2050. So think about that. That’s like less than 30 years. The time that you would pay off a normal mortgage, right. If you were to buy a house now. The population is supposed to go from the current. I believe it’s just over 1.1 or 1.2 million people to three point whatever.

So it’s supposed to triple in the time that you would pay off a mortgage. And then they’re saying, basically, we need this road. Because we don’t care if it’s a B, whatever the option is. Like we just need this road and it’s always fine to say that, but like it was, it was not playing for before.

So whatever they are some local info.  

I think going back to the demographer who when they put in 380 like when 380 expanded, I remember when 380 was not a big road like it is now. Did they? It would be the same to me as 121.

Like one two had been the exact same road. Yeah. So prosper plan.

For cutting through to. What really happened is prosper plan for it Frisco plan for it. Everybody to the west planned for it. So there’s no discussion of we need to bypass anything else and we can just keep trading on three RD because we put the setbacks.

Far enough businesses. And then essentially that’s not the homeowners. The city of McKinney let people build too close to the road, and that’s why they can’t expand it work currently as is.

But how is that our issue or your issue or prosperous issue? Homeowner issues.  So how do we pay for it? We pay for it with property taxes. And that’s a topic that we’re going to be discussing here in short order. But first, let’s go ahead and end the topic and move on.

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