Pronouns Training for Real Estate – Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Proper, proper pronouns, according to Arie’s. So what this is, is Aires is a relocation company that sends out referrals and they have pronoun training. And so that’s how you would like to be addressed. I think they do a good job of addressing all of that here.

Pronouns Training for Real Estate

So what we’re going to do is probably go ahead and play the video and we’ll see exactly what they kind of have to say here. This is something that we have to take.

So we first learned of this from our son Tanner when he came home from Columbia and we we discussed it, but really I was like, oh, I mean, it’s fairly new. And it is something that I think we all need to be aware of for sure. I think it’s really difficult because we all want to not offend anyone.

But something that Tanner said that a lot of people do now is if they have a preferred pronoun, they put it in their email signature. So, you know, if you’re kind of curious and not sure what to do, then maybe first check an email signature and see if you see a pronoun in there.

And that could be You know, it’s a good place to start there. We do have the link that will chat in and we do have a worksheet on kind of how this works. So we’ll be chatting those in for you. So this is a download that you can take a look at and we’ll just scroll through this one here. I think they’re going to describe it a little bit better than I could possibly. And there are some things that I don’t know.

I did take the training myself, and I do understand it to the best I can. But this is written exactly how they want to. So I think possibly sometimes just showing this off would help you out. Possibly the second page is going to be very, very helpful and.

We’re now kind of completed. I think he did talk about that people will correct you on and tell you how they want to be addressed.

And it’s kind of the same if someone says your name incorrectly, like, you know, people will say, Shayna, Shayana or whatever, and I will correct them. And it is important if you hear them continue to say it incorrect, it’s like they’re not listening. So I think just be aware and listen and and, you know.

That’s a really good point, actually, on your name and how it’s commonly mispronounced, and it does kind of hmm, it happens to me a lot. So I find it it’s it’s not necessarily it’s not necessarily the same, but things can be difficult. Yeah. And if just help somebody out then we have all heard it. Yes.

We’ll chat those links in to you for both the video if you want to watch it again. If there is some some things of interest there for you or this does come on. But now we’re all fully trained and we can continue to receive Arie’s relocation transactions. Awesome.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.15.21

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