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Productivity boost for realtors, right? So in real estate, there’s a lot of collaboration, there’s a lot of dependent tasks that need to be completed. There’s a lot of like, hey, where’s this image? Where’s this picture? How do I schedule this? Where’s that? Like, there’s a lot of things that we have to coordinate, especially here when we have a full support family. So what we’re talking about here is the productivity gains that are potentially available to us through the Zoho team inbox.

So what we’ll do is we’ll split the screen here and we’ll show that off and then we’ll kind of go for what we’re looking at. So this is a newer product that Zoho is offering to us. It is included with our Zoho one subscription. And this would be very, very similar to Slack.

Productivity boost for realtors

So it’s Zoho‘s version of Slack. And so what I’m looking for is if anybody happens to be a slacker and currently use that and has some real knowledge of it, likes it, understands it. I myself have not been on slack. It’s not something that I know about. I want to investigate investigate Zahos version of Slack to see if it’s something that would help us.

So does it help when you communicate in a group with potentially think through a scenario where there’s a listing agent, a co agent that’s working on it, maybe the friendship division, maybe Stacey, maybe Megan getting all the stuff together? Right. And there’s a lot of different people that work on one seller. And so I’m thinking that this type of inbox could help in that situation to coordinate it and make those things easier, where we’re coordinating on the client basis or the project.

But it’s more of an instant message.

So right now we’re utilizing the the notes in the transaction to communicate with that client. Right. So this would be a little different where you’re taking that kind of to the side and you can instant message as a group or more.

Well, let’s go ahead and show off the screen here and we’ll kind of discuss it here. So I’m going to actually say no to that answer to that question. And then what we’ll do is show this off here. So what this is, is it’s a unified inbox for your entire team. So what it is, is that you don’t have to forward emails and you get more visibility to kind of what’s going on within it. So it’s not like a forward reply to all any one of those things so that you can easily see things in a more unified way.

So I’m looking for somebody again, that’s a slack expert to kind of walk through this with me. And so I’m trying to test it. But I don’t know, is there somebody that likes those types of things and would be like, hey, this is kind of how we set it up as an organization.

So I’m going to kind of walk through and we’ll chat in this link, which we just did. And what we have is the whole team inbox a and we’re walking through this shows things that are assigned to you, things you’re following, and it helps keep things in a clean way and allow you to kind of walk through and collaborate in a better way. It does bring in kind of the instant messaging feature that you’re talking

about. But that’s not the core  item. Right. Add to it what it is, is it’s about streamlining and bringing those conversations together so that you don’t miss things within the email threads and it pulls it all together in a nice, easier place, kind of like slack.

So there’s there’s a bunch to it.

There’s an application. And I just wanted people to kind of see that real quick. I do have a second link that we could take a look at. So we’ll chat in a second link for you and I’ll show you. It actually looks like I took about a couple of minutes the other day and I set up the second I set up what kind of a test environment for us. So I’m going to show that off here and show you kind of what ours looks like right now. So in here, we don’t have anything in here because I didn’t add it all in.

But essentially what we’re able to create are different projects. We can demo stuff. We can see kind of what’s going on and it puts all the items together and you can have what’s kind of what’s going on and what’s important. So when I don’t have data in here, it’s it’s a little bit tough to show off. That’s what I was trying to show, what is what’s possible there.

And I wanted to try it once. So if anybody has insights on this, I would appreciate it. What I don’t want to do is necessarily go down this rabbit hole of knowing to see if this is right for us and implementing it. If it’s not. So, I want to test I want to test it kind of one. Right. Yeah. So if you do, please reach out to me directly. That would be good, and then we’ll find out how this can make a bunch of different things better for us. I’m always striving to find a way to have technology make our daily real estate life just a little bit easier.

Thank you. So thank you to always well for having continuing to  move forward and continue to innovate and provide us more products. It’s amazing when you have a tech partner like that  does those types of things so that we hear about it. Yeah, we just keep getting better and better and have more opportunities to to implement these things. So thank you very much. I’m glad that we don’t have all these different data silos and everything kind of gets pulled together me.

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