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Preparation for Fam Camp 2021

So that is next week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. We have a shorter version this year and it’s going to be from nine a.m. to two p.m. each.

Let’s go ahead and share this link.

We’re going to share the link so you guys can see the itinerary. I think we have come up with some really good things that’ll help you in your business for next year. So it’s going to be in person. We will not have a virtual option. It will be in-person in our home office.

Ok, so we’re going to start promptly at nine o’clock. We have everything really jam packed, give you a lot of great information. So it’s important that you guys are here in your seats ready to start at nine a.m. Please bring your laptop. And a charger. Make sure it’s fully charged.

Ok, that’s important. Ok. The other thing to that we need to know is who is actually going to be here because we have some things that we have planned for that we need to give you materials for by Monday so you can fill out and be ready for Tuesday. Ok. So if you can kind of go slower, Mike? Yes.

So we have chatted the link to the itinerary in the chat. So Tuesday, we’re going to kick it off and we are addressing this year has been, you know, a little challenging, but it’s also been very successful for most of us.

So we’re going to talk about that and have that as like our our mission, I guess for us or our vision for this week or this year’s training.

So a couple of things that we’re going to have is we’re going to have a Zoho refresher. So we have some things that are important in Zoho that we want to share with you and make sure that you guys are all using correctly and some new opportunities that you have in there that you may not be aware of.

Then we’ve got to add some fun in there. So we have bread and board coming to do a charcuterie making board for the holidays, so it’ll give you guys a way to do something special for your guests that might be coming in for the holidays.

Or maybe you want to have some clients over and do something nice for them. And then we’re going to wrap that up. Ok?

Can we talk about the charcuterie board? Yeah. All right. So I’m a huge fan of when you put unexpected things on a charcuterie board,

I think that’s what it is. So everybody bring chocolate and we’ll put that on there.

No, she’s going to have it.

Oh, she’s going to put it no chocolate.

You guys, we’ll get you some

Chocolate candy cheese.

So the other things that we have on tap for this training is we’re going to talk about business planning for next year. So we have somebody coming in for that home staging. We’ve got somebody coming in to show us a little bit about home staging and the importance of that.

We also have someone coming in to talk about farming. I think this is really important as we see a shift in the market. It’s weird, you guys, but to talk about farming, we’ve talked about it many, many, many, many times.

And I think with everyone being so busy, they have not taken advantage of it. But I think you need to. So we’re going to dive into farming and then we’re also going to have and a personality assessment and talk about the different personalities.

So this is where it’s important that I know if you guys are going to be here, we’re going to send you the assessment that you will need to fill out prior to two prior to Tuesday. So we need this no later than end of day on Monday. Ok.

So if you guys let me know today who’s for sure coming, I will get that to you so you can fill it out and we can be prepared for Tuesday. There is a professional development director from HA that’s going to be doing this class for us. The personality test called a risk assessment, so it’s really interesting.

I think it’ll help us in learning different behaviors and things to be able to be able to connect with clients better or obtain clients better. Ok, so we’re very excited about that. Then we’re going to talk about listing processes and media days and referrals and just general business things.

But we’ve got a great mix of things this year, and I think it’ll be very beneficial for us all. Just need to make sure you guys are here and you’re prepared because it’s it’s pretty action packed. Yes, we’ll let you go to the restroom, but.

Sounds good to me. And with this here, this link to Pham Camp Twenty twenty one, I do have a couple of items here, if we could. And let’s go ahead and label it Pham Camp twenty twenty one. So we have that in here and let’s make sure that everybody can get to. It is one of the top links since it’s new and important information on the agent portal.

So put it, push it right up to the top of the agent portal. So if somebody logs in there, they can get to it nice and easy. Yep, OK, yeah. But yes, this link will be there for you.

Great. I’m excited to see you guys in person. We’re going to get ready for a new year and it’s going to be a great year.

So sounds good to me. Super excited about that, and we’ll have tables up for everybody, chairs and everything like that.

Just like old times, y’all.

Sounds good. Ok. And then lunch.

Yes, we’ll be providing lunch every day. We’ll have some breakfast snacks as well. You guys can come anytime. We are not going to be doing TNT on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Feel free to arrive anytime after eight a.m. and you guys can get set up.

Do any work that needs to be done? Get your coffee. We’ll have coffee and breakfast and and get you guys all prepared to start promptly at nine o’clock. Sounds great to me. Ok, let’s do it. See you!

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 10.29.21

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