Prefabricated community coming to Weston

Prefabricated community coming to Weston Texas . We’re going to talk about that one right now, I have an article for you. And we’re going to share this off for you so you can take a look and see where it is. But is this a good thing or a bad thing or is it just a thing and you should kind of know about it?

So let’s go ahead and take this link and chat it in and make sure that everybody has that. And then we’re going to go ahead and scroll through this article. So Dallas Builders are obviously busy, and this is a different take on it. So they plan on building seven hundred manufactured homes in western Texas.

So seven hundred is a pretty large number. But this allows the construction to go really quickly. And I believe if I take take control of the mouse here, it’s mega tell that is coming in here and they are the co-founder. This development in Weston and it’s a prefabricated home park product.

So, you know, it’s it’s a little bit different, so it’s prefabricated and then the word park after it. It’s really weird. There’s not a lot of communities that put the word park after their name, right? So they’re normally like just something and then park.

That’s that’s interesting because you’ll have like a mobile home and then the word park. And now this is a prefabricated community, and then they they’re using the word park. So I guess they’re kind of telling us exactly what’s going on here. These homes are going to range from five hundred and fifty square feet up to twenty four hundred square feet.

And the pricing is not yet finalized. So what this is going to allow them to do is to bring in homes quite a bit quicker. I haven’t seen any renders of this community. I haven’t seen any sample homes. But to me, these seem like really quick homes that get put up.

So they catch up with demand prefabricated, meaning that they are able to be put up in advance and built in some type of factory. So all in all kind of built and then assembled on site or even built on a truck and then brought in for the smaller units.

So as I kind of think through this, I was initially like, Wow, I don’t know that I like that. But then I thought about it and I would rather have somebody, you know, have a prefabricated home park than a mobile home park in an area. And I do think affordability is definitely a problem.

There’s a lot of younger people that can’t afford it or just not younger, but just anybody, right? Things have gotten really expensive around here.

So where would you find the home that is fifty thousand or one hundred thousand? Right? Where is the seventy five thousand home in our area? Is this a good thing that we don’t have any of them? Because all of a sudden then if you can’t afford a home, then you end up in a Cheney unit and you all know that I’m not really too fond of Cheney units.

So if I had a choice, I might rather people have home ownership and have the pride associated with it and being one of these communities. But be it something that they could actually afford. You know, I was thinking back the first property that Shana and I bought and I thought about the price, and I kind of put it in my mind, I was like, Wow, you know, that’s that’s a lot.

And I wondered today what that real what that number equates to and how you know how a younger person would be buying their first home at that price point. These things are often really difficult and might even be splitting families up when certain people can’t afford things.

You talk about service industry people and if they can afford it. Well, yeah, the service industry people definitively can’t afford almost anything around here. But yet it’s not just service industry people, it’s entry level professionals. And people that have even been in a full time job for a period can’t afford to be in these places.

It’s evolved to a situation where the price points in our area are really high, and it could be extremely difficult if you don’t have either a, you know, an extremely high up job and established yourself at a certain age or, you know, whatever it is, because I don’t know what type of younger person could jump in. And for their first house, buy a five hundred thousand dollar home, which is barely kind of entry level.

I don’t know if you can even get a new home built for five hundred thousand dollars now in this area and what that would look like, you have to earn quite an income to have that take place, and you probably don’t have any. Savings, because it’s probably your first job, so I could see it being really difficult, so is this a good thing?

You know, I’m leaning towards, yes, it is, you know where it is and there are seven hundred of them. If they go quick and people can have these and get it all taken care of, I think it could potentially be a good thing. You know, I want people to be able to live around here with their families and allow not just entry level workers, but, you know, full time professionals to have housing in our area.

It is a problem and maybe this is part of the solution. I’m not sure we’re just reporting and you can decide. However, now you do know about prefabricated homes in Weston. If you’re unsure of where Weston is, it’s basically just north of McKinney and you’ll be able to find it out there.

So just pick that up on a map and see where it is and drive out there. There are some really nice homes out there that they’re putting together, but it’s a small little community. It’s one of those that if you happen to be on a Sunday bike ride that you’ll probably have went through there on a ride with PBA or somebody else.

There’s a lot of things that go through their heads, like this small, tiny downtown with nothing there, actually absolutely nothing there. I don’t know if they have a yeah, I don’t think they have a evenness, a stop sign. I’m not sure. There’s just not much downtown Weston.

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