Creately: Solving Realtors Pre-Design Problems

Bam! Creatively solving realtors free design problems, it’s designed to help make things a little bit easier for you realtors to kind of like put things in your mind and understand how this can look graphically. Did you say realtor wives? Did I Say what? I feel like you’re talking to me. Now, you said realtors.

All right. So that’s a luxury real estate broker, Shana Acquisto. I’m Mike Acquisto. And we’re going to kind of talk through this. We’ll show you how it can help you as a realtor. We’re going to give you a link directly to it. We’re going to give you a super quick overview. We’re going to give you a couple of use cases and some samples so that you can see that.

Let’s go ahead and take a look. Omkar, split that screen for us, please. All right. So here is the Web site, and we signed up his firm so you can take advantage of the Secrets and Zoho vault. So I have that there for us. And if you want, you can add on your own. I think it is a super powerful tool to allow you to start to create things to show them off rather simply. Right.

So it’s a simple way to do this. And if you scroll down, you’ll just see the immense amount of items that you can kind of start with as far as templates go. And we’ll give you the link directly to this as well. Right. So that be in the description in a moment. But as you start to look through it, you just start with something here and you pick any one of those and he’ll maybe show you a template over here that’s on the right part and he’ll close that.

Right. And now we kind of have this. So it has something we could start with where this would maybe help, as you like. Oh, I want to do this and I want to design to look like this. And I want the font to do this or I want the colors to do this. Right. You can scroll over on the left and you can pick some objects and you can start to insert them and kind of see where they start. So their shapes, there’s blocks, then there’s more shapes down below that you continue to add.

So you can put in flowcharts, you can put in whatever they happen to be. Right. And then you can put text inside and it’s rather easy to continue to kind of work through it, but it shows you some different things. So maybe if you were wanting to show your client that this is how I do a listing, I always do a pre inspection.

Yeah, right. And so I do that. And then after that we wait and we try to go live with our listings on a Friday or a Thursday. And then here’s the timeline in the chart. So if somebody is having a difficult time understanding something that you’re trying to do right, then this is a great way to be able to explain it.

I like to have a plan.

Yeah. So you can kind of look through this in any which way other students. And there’s all types of different things that you continue to add in here. It’s really impressive and it’s super easy to kind of start to work through and it’s kind of like drag and drop. And I kind of hope that this, you know, this helps you guys out just a little bit. Yeah. So it’s a great first step for you.

And then you could give this maybe to design Pikul and then they could be like, oh, I know exactly what you want now. Right. And you’ll have the last back and forth and you get a lot more out of it. There’s tons of icons in here and different items that you can keep adding to the people.

Can’t read your mind. No, they can’t if they have a simple, easy way to follow them. I agree. I like it. Ok, thank you. Very good. Thank you for that. We have this. It isn’t Zoho vault sweetheart. OK, OK, so we’ll join that. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.30.21

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