Pool Anti Freeze – Hey, did your pool freeze this winter? A lot of pools did here in Texas, we have a solution for you. That’a Shana Acquisto, she’s a real estate broker. My name’s Mike. I come up with super random topics that do have something to do with a real estate

broker. I am a real estate broker. Let’s go ahead and share this screen here. Split it for us. And let’s take a look at what pool antifreeze. Yeah, it’s a real thing. It’s safe. It’s available for you to purchase and it’s on Amazon versus how much is it on Amazon? Let’s see here.

So it’s 24 dollars and 99 cents. I did purchase a couple of them, so I have them around. Yeah. Maybe it’s good time to buy on the off season like in the summer. You go ahead and buy this, put this in your garage and just store it and when it comes up you’ll have it.

So allegedly what happens, you just kind of throw this in your pool, it’s safe for you and it lowers or I guess it lowers the temperature in which the pool will freeze at home. And that helps you out because you see, if the pipes aren’t running and things bosk, then you have a problem. Yeah. So I probably wouldn’t go ahead and drink this. Don’t do that. But do put it in your pool and the temperature becomes a problem

And not that you would be swimming when you put this in your pool, but it is safe. You’re safe to swim. It sounds right. Yeah I understand. Then it can’t be. Hey, whatever works right, I know a lot of us had issues with our pools and finally gave up after many, many hours of trying to break the ice out there.

So while I look at the directions and see what they say, I didn’t fully study it. I just thought I was like, whoa, that’s crazy. It’s cool. That would have solved a lot of problems. So anyways, there you go.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.13.21

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