Add Your Photo to Google Review – Hey there, I’m Mike Acquisto, a real estate broker and co-owner with Acquisto Real Estate, and let’s go ahead and see what your photo should look like within Google reviews. So if you’re an agent out there with us and you want to have your stuff look great, let’s go ahead and take a look and see what great looks like brought to you by Kim Miller.

Add Your Photo to Google Review

Hey there, camp, that looks pretty good, so what we have here is a review that Kim placed on our Google our business account. She posts this up there and does exactly what I asked her to do to say, hey, I enjoy working here. Here’s what I like to do. And she says something about that. And underneath there, when she’s logged in, is her Google user. She then post a photograph while the photograph happens to be of her. Good call. Kim looks great. So when Kim doing this, she now has exposure there.

So if you go online and you type in Acquisto Real Estate and you go to the Google our business page, this is what you’re going to see under reviews. And you scroll down under reviews and you see that. So that works out really well. In addition to that, I do think that a well written review is going to link back directly to Kim’s page. So I see that she didn’t necessarily do that the first time. So, Kim, if you’d like to, you can go back there and edit your review and place in the link directly back to your page. I helped you out and reply back to the link are back to your review that you left and said, hey, Kim, it’s a pleasure working with you.

We enjoy every single day of what we get to do together. We think you’re a great person and your clients are in great hands, something along those lines. And I did a direct link right to your website. So what that’s going to do is get a link directly back to there so people see it, then they can click on it, are like, oh, that’s an agent I’d like to work with. So that would be a great idea. They’re so awesome.

Engaging with you helps your review get more priority and you engage in here, helps us get more prominence with Google. So it’s kind of like one of those relationships back and forth. We each get something and we gain together. So if you have not placed a review on Google for Acquisto Real Estate, please go ahead and do so. I might recommend that you try to utilize the five stars like every one of them.

Just drag it all the way across, click on the last one possible and then post it. Put some stuff about yourself, why you like working here and off we go. This looks great. Nice job, Kim. Congratulations. Thanks for the topic. Much appreciated.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.1.21

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