Pay it forward – Hey, Realtors, how about you pay it forward, it’s a concept we’re going to talk about that here for just a little bit. We’re going to define what it is we’re going to find. Where did this come from? Like, right. Did you get some help from somebody else early on in your career? And should you be helping others in paying it forward? We’re a real estate family. There’s some different things that we should be doing here. And I have a personal story on myself paying it forward. And one example that I get made four years ago all the time, Shana.

Yes, sir.

All right. Where do you want to start here in particular?

Well, you go ahead. I would like to hear, because this kind of came about a long time ago, years ago. But before we do, I want to say something. So today I saw that you had the topic. Pay it forward, OK? Yes, it’s really weird.

I think maybe you guys can relate to this, but when you’ve been married for a long time, so yesterday you didn’t know this, but I was speaking to somebody at CCAR. We have a board meeting coming up about pay it forward. And it was a whole topic that we were going back and forth on. And then I see that you have it on here today. So it’s like your mind like tapped into my mind and.

Oh, I don’t know. Well, I hope it’s more expensive. I hope I get more information from you all the time. I would love to have all your real estate knowledge in my.

I know. I would like you know, I don’t know. And I have to work. You know, what I want to happen is that we’re trying to disseminate information all of the time. Right. We learn from you guys. We hope that you get to learn from situation and we keep moving forward. So we’re going to talk about what paying it forward is. So if we start there. OK, so the concept is that somebody does something nice to you, whatever that is to you, for you in any way, shape or form doesn’t have to be money. It’s normally like time, effort, something along those lines.

Yeah, it doesn’t have to be money. But think of the Starbucks line. If you ever go through Starbucks, sometimes you get up there and it’s such a treat that somebody paid for your coffee and they don’t even know who you are. Right. So just a nice gesture. People do.

Yeah. There you go. So that’s paying it forward and then you pay it forward to the next person in in a different way. Right. Whatever way that happens to be that you go out of your way for somebody and do something. Yeah, OK. And so that’s the general concept of what paying it forward is.

Yeah. So talk about your personal. Yeah. So I have to pay it forward story that I get made fun of all the time about this. OK, so we’re in upstate New York and Binghamton, New York in particular. And this is like I don’t know, a long time ago cell phones were a thing but not really affected.

They were a thing. But you definitely didn’t have a touch screen. Right. But you can take a picture. But like one of those super grainy ones that you text, you might have to hit the different letters on their right to be able to text something out. But cell phones were still expensive and it was still one of those real things. Do you remember whose wedding it was?

Was it Amy’s? Yeah, I think so.

So we’re in town for Amy’s wedding, and so we all go back there. Sean and I are both there and we’re at the church actually that that we personally went to when we were younger. And I realized that I forgot my cell phone somewhere. Yes. And it was like not close, but not too far away. And somebody found my cell phone and brought it to me. So they called somehow.

I can’t remember how they got in touch. Maybe they called your phone or Amy’s phone or somebody else’s phone. And the person was super nice. And we picked up the phone, we talked to him and all those things. And I said, like, hey, I’m over here. I like I can’t go get it now. All those things right. It’s a wedding. It’s going to be happening soon.

And the person says, I’ll bring the phone to you. It’s not that far away. So to me, I was super thankful because now I have this the phone that’s going to get delivered. So the person brings the phone to me right at the church, like right before the wedding.

And I think they had to drive probably about five minutes out of their way. Right. It was nice. It was it was across town just a little bit. It’s a small town. So they drove the phone over to me and handed to me and I was like, thank you. And I was sincerely thankful. Now, I didn’t have anything on me because we had this wedding and there were stuff going on. And I was sincerely super thankful for what the person just did for me. And I says, that was amazing of you. I will pay it forward .

As they stand there like this. Oh, so I didn’t have anything on me. I didn’t have money or whatever and like that I thought the person was just truly being nice for me. Yeah. And. I said, I’ll pay it forward to somebody else, and they were totally OK with it. They didn’t know anything else. I understood what that meant, but yeah, so I was like, hey, I’ll pay that one forward. So people make fun of me all the time. Whenever, you know, something goes on, know you do.

I can attest that you when you say you’re going to pay it forward that you do sometimes you don’t say you’re going to pay it forward and you do. So I think you’re really good at that.

So, no, it’s just kind of giving kindness. It’s kind of just giving kindness to somebody else, right? Yes. Unasked for whatever that is.

So that’s next time you lost your cell phone, you paid for that?

Yes, I did. I actually tipped them and we gave one hundred dollars tip to go get it. But that was a crazy situation to start talking about that one right now. So the concept of paying it forward in real estate is somebody helped you earlier in your career and it might have been Shana, it might have been myself and might have been like somebody else. But somebody ultimately helped you. Right. And you as an agent now have the opportunity now that you’ve been around for a while to pay for somebody else. Right.

And to kind of give back to the industry yourself. And those are things that we try to do all the time and we encourage an experienced agent to do for somebody else. So here’s where that responsibility does kind of come in. And if we’re going to say that we’re a real estate family, we’re going to talk about these things, then we need to be absolutely right. So that starts with showing up at agent dinner and being present. And then when you present, bring your spouse.

And those things are all important because what there is is it might not be perfect for you as the agent if you’re experienced. But you’ve got to remember that there’s somebody junior to you who needs some experiences to talk to you it and who needs to feel included and, you know, hear things. You know, I believe in hearing situations and scenarios in real estate.

It may it’s comforting to others who are, you know, having there’s a lot of challenges in real estate right now, but all of it really helps and it unifies our family or it gives you an opportunity to kind of provide leadership, to be present, to be available to help somebody else out.

But, like, don’t you don’t need anything for it. The same way that we didn’t need anything for spending extra money time. Right. So please take the time and be present and somebody and not only that, but also I think in our weekly meetings is the same thing. You know, as you become more and more experienced, others will look up to you for guidance and leadership, like you said. And it’s really important.

And you never know when those things come up that all of a sudden you’re doing a deal with this other person. If you helped them out or, you know, people say good things about you or whatever that happens to be. Right. These things come back around. And so if you do good, you know, you do well for others, you’re kind of back.

Yeah. So that’s the concept of paying it forward. I do feel it’s extremely important to pay out. Well, no, if something’s been given to you, just kind of like keep it moving, don’t need anything, don’t expect this.

This happened to me. I’m going to do that for the next person, a person that I do need to compliment. That is an amazing job of always being present is my shepherd. Yes. He’s really he attends a lot of things. Yeah. So think about if you’re an agent that’s been around for a while with us, how in the beginning Mike was always there for you. Right.

He was it you guys always looked up to him is like the guy that did a lot of business is that, you know, the person that had been in the industry possibly longer than you. And you’d ask him a question, you to answer it and you’d selflessly give them to himself. And now you receive that information and now you’re kind of like the sandwich agent where there’s, you know, more junior agents underneath and you kind of have to pay that forward and be present, do those things.

It’s very fulfilling. I think it you feel good as an agent that you’ve helped someone else and, you know, you pay it forward, but it always comes back around.

It really does. And then they can help you with open houses. Don’t expect anything. But they would be much more willing to help you with an open house to go show your clients properties to do like a one time showing to do any one of these things. And it’s not

Always all about the money, right? It’s more about doing the right thing and, you know, helping mom be helpful. Yeah, good. I’m glad to hear that. So that’s the concept. We hope you guys get to take advantage of it. We’re going to define that word here in just a second.

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