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Today’s real estate word of the day is going to be pay it forward, I’m Mike Acquisto, this is Shana Acquisto. She’s a luxury real estate broker and she’s going to define the word pay it forward.

All right. Pay it forward. A response to receiving kindness from one person that you then are equally kind to someone else. So, hey, you’ve been really nice to me. Now I’m going to be nice to someone else.

There you go. And a good example of this is kind of like the Starbucks line. Go ahead.

And this Starbucks line, this is a perfect example. When you pull up and out of nowhere, somebody paid some total strangers, paid for your coffee. So what do you do now? I’m going to pay for the car behind me. And sometimes the car behind you has five people in it and it’s thirty five dollars. But it’s OK. You’ve paid it forward and maybe you put a little extra savings in that. Pay it forward back. But you should do the right thing and always be helpful. You guys are all leaders. That’s a part of leadership.

There you go. That’s paying it forward. We using a sentence. We discussed it briefly, some minor places where I personally pay it forward. You know, maybe it’s not paying it forward. Maybe it’s thankful. I typically always go thank any military people, police officers or whatever and buy them a meal whenever I see them. So do something like that. It’s something that’s important to me to thank them. I don’t know if that’s exactly paying it forward, but I do a donut shop quite a bit. I have no idea why it’s a donut shops.

And so it’s really a thing. No, it’s not about those are two are unrelated at the donut shop a lot. I’ll go in and because it’s a relatively it’s an affordable item. Right. So if I’m at the donut shop and I spend whatever amount of money, get a dozen donuts, then I’ll normally leave a rather sizable amount to pay for the next three or four people that are in there without them knowing.

And then you just leave and whatever and you know, and you do a really good job of paying for military if you see them and talk to them, shake their hands. And it’s funny, the you know, the boys entertainer does this a lot. He will go up and, you know, as kids, they didn’t have the money to be able to pay, but they would go up and shake their hand. Thank you for your service. And I really love that you instill that value in them. There you go. So pay it forward, guys.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.21.21

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