Fam Fest- Day 1

Mike and Shana from Acquisto Real Estate

So, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us for Fan Fest 2020. If you go ahead and chat in on the YouTube page that you are present and we’ll know you’re all here and that would be good for us. OK, so thank you guys for that. The first topic that we’re going to go ahead and talk about is kind of go through a Questo real estate past, present and future. The idea behind that is we want to kind of walk through and tell you where we started, where we’re at, where we’re going. It helps if we kind of lay a foundation, OK, and that will help us help.

And so we just kind of walk through and discuss where we’ve been, where we currently are and where we’re headed. Right. It’s always nice to be able to share kind of what’s going on. I always find the most sincere things are when people share what they’ve actually done and kind of walk through that process. And kind of a lot of the places

of where you might want to start growing and doing more of is going to kind of come from where we’ve been. So I think this is kind of one of the key places that people can start to kind of grow from and learn from and and and take away quite a bit. Right. So I guess we would say that we we’ve been in business now for quite a while. So I’m going to start way back at the beginning of kind of where we started and how how it was. So I became a real estate broker a long time ago, like many, many years ago. And I believe it started when I was actually I think it was sixteen, my summer of sixteen when when I was in high school. And my father was like, hey, you can do anything you want for the whole summer as long as you complete all your real estate classes. So at the time I just was able to drive and he was like, go do this. So I took like all of those classes is like some sixteen year old kid and I had no intention to do real estate. I’m like, no, that’s not going to ever happen. But he was like, just go ahead and take classes. So I did. And then at the end of the summer, I had passed all the classes and I, you know, taking the test and I was passed.

A lot of us, our parents tell us to do things and we’re like, no, you did everything your parents told you to do, at least most of it.

So I, I tried. And so I listened and went ahead and do that. And it wasn’t a big deal like that was the only thing I had to do for the whole summer. I didn’t have to have a job and do anything like just do that. And then I went around and there was not like a lot that I did. And then the next summer he wanted me to work with this older gentleman. His name was John Patros Alawites. And I think John was like eighty four years old and John was a broker and he had no one that worked with them. And my father was like, hey, he be a good person to work with? So I work with John. And I did one real estate transaction. And in doing that one transaction, it was one commercial transaction for H in our block. And they opened up I think like twenty locations with like the one place and they opened them like all over with one, one strip mall and it worked out really, really well. So I, I got paid on it. But more importantly I got credit through John. We like co brokered the deal and I got credit for like half of all of the transactions, so I had like a ton of points towards my license so to speak. But I only did one transaction and I was like his assistant on it. Then the next year I come back and I actually had enough points now because of that one transaction to go ahead and become a broker.

So the next summer would be my summer of eighteen. My. Fathers like, hey, so you should go ahead and become a broker, and I’m like, dude, I don’t know anything. And he’s like, well, no, it’ll be helpful for you later. So I took all of those hours as we move forward. Right. And in doing that, I now had enough hours to become a broker. And I had the credit because I did this one transaction, but I actually knew nothing and I didn’t use a license for a very, very long time. So there was kind of like no use of it. And in doing that, now I’m licensed and I just went through college and did all those different things. And then eventually I had like a real job and there was some stuff with that. So coming out of school, I was fortunate enough to work for this company in Binghamton, New York, where we grew up, and it was called Ivy Incubator, and we were working on all these hot Internet ideas. So at one point I did have some Internet related things that I did. And that was kind of my my first job out of school. And I didn’t use real estate in the least, but I did have the degree and whatever. And then I met Shawna and those things all kind of happened. And off we kind of went and you we decided we kind of want to get into real estate.

Yeah, we did a few other things prior to that that we’ll get into later in this in this training. But yeah, it just kind of all fell into place. You know, sometimes you don’t try too hard to create, you know, or think about what you want to do when you grow up and you know, and and plan.

We’re planners, so we like to do that. But this opportunity just find a place in my my sponsoring. Mike ended up being my sponsoring broker who hadn’t done any transactions were to Natalie and yes. Training. But it was quite interesting.

Also when we started we had some basically zero experience and zero training. And somehow we learned that when I was the broker and I didn’t do real estate and and Sean was not the first agent and we had like zero experience on that. And the Internet was kind of a thing, but not really. There was not really enough information. It’s not like you don’t think about that as Jeeves was like as Jeeves is totally exonerated. I don’t want to get on that. I’m going to start. We started and I first started in mortgages and Sean was a real estate broker. And I transferred the license down here and became a man, was a real estate agent, real estate agent first.

But I was became a mortgage broker. Yeah. And I don’t want to hit on that point too much except to say that I did originate a lot of loans at one point and I knew what I was doing before. I don’t anymore things changed. But I do have competency within that field. Yes, you do. And I was able to get out of that business after the financial correction and during the financial crisis, they made it where loan officers made like half of the money they used to make and where they had to kind of have twice the documentation. And it was a real problem. So I got out of that

business and decided to do real estate. And in doing so, what I wanted to do is always be true to myself and who I was. So I always encourage that for everybody is to be true to you and do what you want to do in real estate and make it work for you. And that’s probably one of the biggest points and takeaways that I would have because I never dreamed of being an actual agent and I never wanted to go out and actually show properties. So the reason for that is I need to be true. And I didn’t want to walk in and be like this. Home was fabulous and that wasn’t me. And I had to find a way to make it work. But you were really good at that.

Well, and I think that’s where I am not a fan of scripts and like scripted behaviors, because I think that takes away who you truly are and, you know, your personality, so to speak.

I see people take classes all the time and they want to be like this and they want to be something specific that you can take all of that in and put it into what really defines you. Right. So all these skills are basic skills and then you put them into your personality and how you’re going to deliver that message.

And I think that’s, you know, that’s important. You know, you didn’t want to do we wanted to be in real estate, but you didn’t want to show home. So you know it all.

There’s nothing to do within it. And that’s the challenge with real estate, especially now there’s there’s so, so much within it because the skills that are really needed and this is the important part to kind of understand the skills that are needed to be successful in real estate are like all of the following. Right. So you have to be able to acquire new business on a regular basis. So to do that at scale, you have to have some type of technology. You have to have some type of integrations. You have to have. Certain things where you are able to attract, right, and then you have to be able to take that and you have to get people to some type of process where they follow you and follow your flow. If you try to become everything to everybody and do it their way, then they control you. So we tried to control that process. And then, you know, you have to so you have to have all that technology marketing type things behind the scenes. And that’s a graphic design. There’s so many skill sets within that. And then after that, you have to have the ability to connect with people.

And I think you do a really, really good job with that. And I’m not as strong in that department. People at the like want to do business with you. I felt like you and they had to trust you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do real estate. I mean. Right. That’s what I’m saying. There’s a lot to it. Right. So you you tend to have people that want to follow you in those things and for a transaction. Right. But I do a reasonable job of like wrangling them and setting expectations and talking through it and making sure each of those things kind of work. Right. Yeah. So that that’s a core piece of it. And then you have to go through the transaction, truly care about the person. And that’s a huge thing that we’ll really talk about, is caring throughout this whole this whole thing and making sure that you truly care about that client. And in doing that, your business will kind of take off. Then you have to like, ask for referrals.

Another huge thing that we’re going to spend some more time on that topic, because that is key. And we’ll talk when we talk about that, we’ll talk about how referrals, kind of how we learned about that, you know, the whole referral game and how it is so important. And I mean, it’s the key to your business growing.

It really is. Yeah. All right. So then we talk about referrals and then you have to actually close the things. You have to know all of your contract and what’s going on there and navigate through obstacles.

I mean, we all know that from beginning to end is not just you sign the contract, execute and sit back and wait for closing. There’s a multitude of things that happen along the way. And some of them are extreme challenges. You know, we had a class this morning that talked about just one aspect of it.

What if something happens along the way? So you want to you want to know enough and be educated to to understand how to navigate through the process, then you have to have the ability to stay focused and detail oriented.

Kind of like Stacy is. Right. So Stacy is doing a ton of stuff that’s there for you to keep up with the contract. So maybe it makes it a little bit easier on you. But as a single agent, those are all different skills that you kind of have to possess. And then you have to get to closing and you have to be like a shrewd negotiator and discuss things.

You have to understand things that maybe aren’t common for four for most people, like, you know, like preparer’s. And you have to know things that are going on there. You have to be detailed enough to get the paperwork associated with them and follow all the timelines.

There’s just so much to it that you as an agent and I think there’s a little misunderstanding or misconception of negotiating. Negotiating doesn’t always mean just get the lowest price for your buyer. Right. It’s about seeing it through to the end, one, getting it accepted. You know, you may have to come in above list price or, you know, it doesn’t seem like they’re getting the best deal out there. And if you’re competing and you’re in that situation, you get it can, you know, executed and accepted. That is negotiation. So there’s, you know, don’t just think it’s all about price when you’re negotiating.

Mhm. So that’s, you know, that’s kind of the next thing. And then we get to closing and then we actually get paid. Now think how hard that is, all those things that had to take place before you actually get paid. You have a thing now I was going to I was on money really liking this. There’s some money for you guys.

All right. So when we finally get to closing and there’s a chain that goes on, but there’s a lot of changes that take place way before then. And it’s really hard, especially as a new agent, to fill your pipeline consistently where you have like consistent business, because all of a sudden that pipeline to close out one transaction might have taken sixty, nine hundred and twenty days, whatever that timeframe is, till the time that you actually hit the chain. And you have to be doing all those other things in the background again and again and again to make that happen.

This isn’t a paycheck to paycheck. You have to be doing a lot of things in between know. You have to be laying all this foundation the groundwork, build all those deals, because what you’re doing now affects what’s going on. One hundred and twenty days from now. And what you’re doing now affects like one hundred and eighty. Like, it’s just. All of these things, and that’s the hard thing to kind of understand. So I was trying to hit on it. There’s all these different skill sets, right, that you kind of need. And we were there at one point and we had to acquire those skills. And we continue to learn. And there’s new skills that come out all the time. So I haven’t even acquired the skill of social media. I’ve stayed off of that.

And we have it. And we learned early on that you can’t tackle the world on your own.

You can’t do everything on your own, and sometimes you have to spend money to make money. So we invested in. I mean, I don’t know how this happened. I really think it’s, you know, just these blessings happen throughout your life and things are meant to be. And people connect for a reason. But we were introduced to Stacey. And, you know, when I was introduced to Stacey, I was told, hey, this girl was amazing, but I don’t think she’s going to come back to work.

So I reached out to Stacey and we hit it off. And she’s been here ever since. But, you know, that was a hard leap for us to be able to now start, you know, releasing some of your your hard earned money, you know, to to get some help. And I think that was extremely a pivotal point in our career that I mean, fortunately, we were at a point that we needed that, but we identified that we needed help and we did it. And, you know, we’ve kind of done that along the way.

So if we were now to kind of like take a quick pause and just see where we’re at and kind of take within this story that we’re kind of trying to tell. So we’re trying to tell you where we started and give you some background on us and then show you what we evolved to at that point. So now, at this point in this story, if we’re hitting that pause button and refresh, we would have Mike and Shauna both in real estate full time and bringing on Stacy and Gwen Stacy comes along. She was able to start to help Shauna be able to grow. If we look at this whole chart of, like all the skills that we needed, we took the skills and started to divide them up, and then we started to specialize in them. And so I became kind of the front end and handled all of that stuff. But in the beginning, that was years ago.

Years ago. Years ago, many years ago. A long time ago. And what we were trying to do there is specialize and have me develop more business. So I did like the sales, the marketing department. We had help. We wanted more. Yeah. So now we had Stacy and I specialized in that.

And then Shauna would take the person from the time that we would set an appointment and move forward. Now we weren’t so good. We didn’t really understand the process because we were super Rocchi still at this point, but it evolved into that. I concentrate on what I knew when she concentrated on what she did, and then we were able to start to grow the business kind of dramatically. And we were star agents at that point. Right. Or at least you were that you were going all over the place. And we started to bring on Stacy and we paid her each time and it was hard. That was like an uncomfortable thing to start to spend. But once we started that, the market crashed. It opened, it opened the floodgates and kind of what we needed to do. And we started to spend some money. And then slowly we started to have an advertising spend associated with my side. So we built up this cushion and then we started to reinvest in the business. And that was not an easy thing to do. So all the time I started to buy these realtor dotcom leads and they worked amazing.

And I was there for a minute. So when I talk about these things that happen along the way, that I think happen for a reason.

So I sold advertising, so I was in advertising sales. And, you know, advertising is something that you have to stay super consistent on. So when I was going in and and selling advertising, I would have to convince them that you can’t just try it one time. You’ve got to try for a minimum of six months to a year and you may not see results. Right. So and who’s going to do that? But, you know, that made us I think that opened that door that we realized, hey, if we’re going to sink this money and we’re going to invest, we’re going to have to stick it out through good and bad.And we it was really hard to do that, but we did incredibly difficult because the bills came every single month, realtor.com

And so imagine we started to put some money in there and then the number grew and grew and grew. And then over time we were able to accept other agents because we started to have enough business that it was a little bit more difficult to to service the marshals. Right. And that’s kind of the part that you start to, like, expand on your team. So if you’re an agent right now with us, the whole idea that we’re trying to do is we’re trying to provide for you the same exact things that we provided to China to allow her to grow when she was at that point. OK, what we need to do is focus on what we are. So this is a great point in the kind of Storrier evolution of it to recant something else. So it’s like sidebar. OK, OK, so it’s like sidebar on this one is to talk about our vision and like our mission and our core values and talk of who we are. So what you have to do is you have to understand who we are as a quest for real estate and what we’re doing and how we can be consistently become better at it. But understand what we’re trying to provide for you guys.

And what that key thing is, is we are a family owned luxury boutique real estate firm. Right.

That specializes in residential real estate currently in north Texas.

I think we can add across the globe, so Shana wants to add a bunch of places, but let’s stick with North Texas for now. Right. And we’ll work towards towards more as we go.

But where we provide full support for our clients that we truly care about and we pour into OK, where we have a internal sales division or Issei, as some people would call it, or we terminate our friendship division. That whole thing is kind of where I started at half. OK, that is designed to continue to produce more and more business. It’s a consistent, evolving thing. We’ll talk about that a little bit. But like we have that right in doing that, the idea is to allow the agent to focus on exactly what they do best. That allows them to make the most money and to become amazing at that. Right. So they can focus. And we want you to continue to do that once, twice, three times and develop a routine of being amazing at that. Yeah. Allow you the freedom and flexibility to be present for your family to make sure that you take advantage of all those times. Because it never comes back again. You have to just be great with your family for so many reasons. But that’s what real estate is supposed to afford. But you have to be present and not do every single thing. We’re trying to provide full support. So we’ll talk to the support and what that is. And this whole side will come across. But that’s the full support. And we want the agent to focus

on the client and have the time to do it. It’s too difficult to be with a client and run into this problem. And this is the key problem that everybody runs into as you’re trying to grow and scale their business specifically in real estate is going to be with a client.

And if I’m the agent, should we run plan? Yeah, sure. So you can be the client. Right. And I work super hard. I just invested a ton of money. I did all this stuff and I have Shawn to show off. Right. And she’s my client. I happen to be the agent superiors and normally not in the field. And I’m trying and we’re showing a really nice property and we’re looking at a three hundred and fifty thousand dollar home. What you should be buying a more expensive one. All right. So we’re looking at a five million dollar ranch by a five million dollar range. Far cool. Very good. I thought you were a rancher, not a farmer. But anyway, so let’s not worry about it. So so Sean is looking at this property and there comes a moment when I’m with her and I’ve spent all this time and I’ve gained all that trust.

And then what happens is my phone rings or my name, someone is buying a six hundred thousand dollar house, not a three fifty.

Yeah, no. So now I have this other and I don’t know, my phone rings or I get a message or I get a beep, I get an alert. Now Omnes I didn’t go into how much we spend on our marketing, but it’s a lot. A lot. And now we have this happen and use an agent, use that money. So maybe this to get this to happen for your phone to do something. At this moment when you’re with your with your client, you have no idea what’s on the other side. And, you know, it’s the lead line, so to speak, and you just paid for it. If you don’t answer it immediately, somebody else gets it, you don’t convert and it becomes this whole problem. So talk through scenario one, OK? I’m with Sean and I’m like, hey, client, I need to step aside for just a second. I need to take this really.

And so I walk over here and I’m like, hey, how are you doing? Yeah, I’m like, yeah, a real estate broker, OK? And right, OK. You want to probably win, OK? Yeah. All right. Thanks. Yeah. No, I’ll call you back.

Like I can’t deal with this right now but like. Right. So I’m super short and all these things so I’m not good on the phone with this client. All right. And then here’s what happens on this end. OK, what are you doing? So let’s get back.

And my sister is a realtor and I. I know you’re so busy, so now I’m having her help me because I know, but like, we’re so busy. And actually, we looked at a house this weekend because you were on vacation and it just became available. So actually, we’re going to put an offer in.

I’m so I loose for your help. I know you worked hard, but thanks so iron. No money at all. Right. And that’s one of those things that takes place and it goes the exact opposite way. So if I decline this phone call and don’t take it and I’m like right here with this person. Yep. Then she can decide to buy or not buy. But I can’t be in two places at once. And you can’t there’s like a phrase you can’t serve two masters. Right? You can’t like the client. You can’t serve and you can’t serve the lead line. So that was. Why we separated it because we I had to be available and Katie to take all of these immediately. You have no earthly idea how annoying that is.

No guys and, you know, dinner on vacation, it never when you’re one to just go on a date and, hey, we have this free time together.

No, it is all the time. I think we were talking the other day about Katie was getting on an airplane and took the call. And it’s like, guys, it is non stop.

And it seems like the time the phone rings the most is when you don’t want it to. And that’s always like the best friends.

So the people call during the Super Bowl because, like, the spouse is watching the game and the other night goes on holiday. Yes. The holiday. That’s not a holiday. That’s what everybody says to somebody else. Absolutely. Totally. They’ll call you on Christmas. So call you on Thanksgiving because it’s not their day.

Right. And they’re like, oh, it’s a perfect time for me to catch up. Yeah. And so they’re reaching out and they’ll get to somebody. Right. So all of those things, it happens like nights, weekends. You go to a big game because it’s

important to you than they’re going to call you like you’re cooking dinner. That’s when they’re available. So all those forget about that. But it’s super annoying. And we’ll talk about that during the friendship division later on. So thank you, Katie.

And just the point of all this, too, is I want you guys to just imagine yourself going through these different scenarios, because I think that helps. If you you know, when you’re looking at the out from the outside looking in, I think we take a lot of things for granted, me included. Right. When you were out of town, all these things that go on behind the scenes that I just, you know, oblivious of, you become aware. And that is what I want all of us to do. And I think then we all end up respecting each other’s position and we understand the process so much better when we go through these things.

Yeah. So continuing to define right. We define back there that a a family owned boutique real estate firm that specializes in luxury real estate. That’s kind of the focus where we’re angling after and where we do business in this domain. Chief graphic area right where we specialize in the agent becomes really, really good at what they do. And they can focus on just their core competency, providing full support and the friendship division and continue to explore all these additional businesses to try to make things easier and more beneficial to you as the agent. Right. So you can become better in the best at what you do.

Do you ever think about if we knew this is like a parent story, if we knew what we know now back then, or someone would have, you know, educated us a little bit more or give us some insight to some of these things?

Yeah, no, no, truly. So that’s the point of why we want to do this for you guys to to let you kind of be a little ahead where we were at the same the same time.

Yes. You will totally be able to scale much, much easier. And that’s the whole idea. Yeah. People talk about like teams in real estate and they have this dream to, like, form a team, OK? And there’s all different types of words that would go along with that. Right. And essentially what they want to do is they want to be able to specialize in what they’re best at. Is the idea behind forming the team somebody else, they want to do more business. Yeah. And that’s essentially what we’re providing to you as the agent. What you’re allowed to do is kind of grow your business as much as you want to, OK? And we’re going to fully support on the back side all of those different things that go on the different supports you need. If you need something, we’re going to get it for you. So it’s it’s a weird analogy, but I look at Shauna well, she’s my wife. But what I want to do is I want to provide Sean with every single thing she needs is an agent, OK? And what I try to do is put myself in that same situation for every agent that works with us.

OK, so in this situation, I’m kind of like Mike Sheppard’s work work husband. And so it’s a weird analogy, Mike. So Mike just gets to focus on exactly what he wants to do and what he’s best at. And it’s my job to provide all of those additional things for Mike so he can do as much business as he wants. He’s allowed to lean in to me and be like, hey, I need this Mike. Yeah, right. And this is important. And why and everybody is allowed to come directly to me and be like, hey, that’s what I need and I need to hear those things right. So at different times, we’ll hear things and Linda Miller’s amazing at voicing what she needs and what she wants and what would help her. OK, so I’m super thankful we’ve had a long, very, very long term relationship with Linda. And we know her like her and trust her. And she asks for things that would make her job.

Yes. And I do I do love that, Linda. I mean, we were friends with Linda for years and she always wanted to get into real estate. And, you know, we went through that and she came here. And sometimes when you’re friends, you kind of you’re hesitant to ask for certain things.

But she pushed us and she would say, well, I would like to have this or I heard this or I don’t like this and was very honest and open and we love that. That’s kind of our what we love is why we do our meetings with agents and and spend the time with you guys, because we want that feedback. We want to engage with you and understand how you feel, you know, and more importantly, then, so you meet with me.

And the idea when you’re meeting with me is to give me the things that you need so I can help you like system wise, process wise, and kind of be there for you so you can scale and grow and get that you want out of it. And then

on the other side, Sean is there to help you close the deals that you’re currently working on. There’s nothing better than actually closing a deal and getting paid on the right.

There’s a lot of fallout. And I feel that our our close rate per reasonable client that we meet is very, very high. And I attribute most of that directly to you and to Stacy because you guys totally care and you reach out and you do all those things that you should be doing. Right. And in and doing that, we we close a lot more of them. That’s not to be underestimated, right. Because this part of the process, if you’re an agent, you’re closing two deals a month and you’re closing twenty four deals for the year and you take your average commission, you multiply it out and you close twenty four.

But if you could have closed forty four. Right. That’s a big difference in a lot of fallout. We close a super high percentage and they stay in the pipeline because Shawna jumps in there and helps out when necessary. Stacey identifies it and heads it off with her expertise and they the deals close. If you as an agent, think about throughout the calendar year how often you reach out to Stacey and ask for professional advice. That’s what she’s there for, to help and to make sure these things take place personally. And personal taste of her personal things. Yeah, and that’s totally fine. And then imagine how often you call up Sean and she does something simple for you that you think is like, oh, wow, that’s like what Sean is supposed to do, right? Because that’s her that’s her thing. But she’ll do the thing like call the broker because she knows him personally or we’re like, hey, tell this person I said hello and we would love to do some business with you and all of a sudden you get your offer accepted in a multiple offer situation. So that’s a huge thing, huge thing. And that’s what we’re trying to provide, is to get your offer accepted, to get it sold, to help, to make the big differences.

But, you know, yes, you guys do a lot of personal business. But the reason a lot of this happens is because back in the beginning, when you’re taking that phone call, you know, Katie’s taking that phone call. Somebody has taken that initial phone call when you may be busy and you get a phone call. Hey, can you help this guy? He’s looking for a home. He wants to see it today. Here’s his name. You know, sometimes you get a lot of information, sometimes you don’t. But it was that connection that someone picked up the phone and was able to deliver it to you. That is so valuable.

I mean, and it’s amazing how they over time, if you deliver the full service from start to finish. Yeah. And truly care about the client, that’s a big thing that you just have to, like, totally lean in and don’t worry about the money. Super difficult to to like here and buy into. But don’t follow the money, follow the client, do the right thing every single day, work hard, trusting yourself, all those things right. And do the right thing. Don’t worry about the money once you get to that point and you have to be able to to be able to get to that point. But once you get to that point, don’t follow the money anymore, care about the client and do the right thing every day and your income will just explode. It’ll go away.

And if you start thinking about the money, you’ve got to coach yourself. You’ve got to say, you know what, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to first and foremost, it’s about the client and some of your best training your brain, some of your best clients came from deals that you might not.

Have normally taken or a lease or you just it’s amazing if we look back over the years, some of our best clients where they came from.

Incredible. It really, really is. So just do the right things, care and let it happen and you’ll be totally fine. Yeah. So that’s kind of how you can scale as you utilize us. Utilize me. Right. But then Sean is going to make sure those deals are actually close on your side. And that’s worth so, so much to you as an agent because they actually close as opposed to like falling out. Imagine if you took how much money you made this year and increase your fallout rate and like double or triple that number on your fallout, because that’s what like a typical agent would have if they don’t have somebody amazing to turn to and who doesn’t like me to kind of say these things are like talk about it. But her level that she’s been able to achieve is incredible. Right. And it’s unbelievable that on a daily basis, everybody gets to interact just like chat and talk to Toscana. And she’s closed tons of transactions. She’s in all these groups that everyone’s like, oh, can we have Shawna? And she can only be in so many and they’re all limited. So she’s in all the high achiever group. She’s named like all these awards. She wins all of these things. She runs for the board and she gets it and she runs for president of the association. She’s the incoming president.

I don’t even know what year now if that changed or not, next term secretary treasurer, then president elect and then. So, yeah.

So there’s I don’t even know the number. Ninety five hundred people at CCAR right. Ish.

I don’t know my exact number, but you know I didn’t, it didn’t. I mean I appreciate that. And I, you always bring this up and, and you know, it makes me proud because I just you know, it all stemmed from me wanting to learn, learn, learn.

We didn’t know anything. We had to meet people. How do you you know, how do you learn? You go and find the successful people and learn from them. And that’s what we did.

And that’s what you have the opportunity to do now. Right. So imagine if there’s ninety five hundred people in CCAR right now. You’re the incoming year like you were voted by all of the top people. Right. And you won and the vote was like a landslide. I’m not supposed to talk about this for you. Totally crush it. Right. And it’s super impressive at what that really is and what that means. The group of people that you’re associated with, she’s on like, what are you doing, Ntreis?

Are you on the board there on the user committee?

Ok, so these things are like super impressive, right? The the places that she served and the things that she’s accomplished are really impressive. So when she makes a call on your behalf, it’s a really a call. Right. And just think about like the fallout you would have other than that if you didn’t have that level of person on your side. Right. Doing those things and take that and you subtract it from your your yearly income. And that’s a huge thing. It’s a huge, huge setback. And what we want to do is be brought in at the correct times. Yeah, right. And be available. Yes. For those important times. Yeah. When the things matter. And we talked about those the other day on TNT and I talked about and if you missed the episode, maybe hit it again. But I talked about mouse glue board and missing glue. But now it’s like our household phrase. Yeah. So yeah we want to be there when the glue boards missing for you and you can’t find it. So if you don’t remember exactly what that is, you can look that one up in the Wikipedia page and you’ll be able to get to that exact link and understand kind of how the question should go in a best case scenario, because you need to be available to handle those big things.

Yes, I have a sidebar, and this is just how I do things. So bear with me. But so when we started bringing on agents, I feel that, you know, we had a couple of agents that came on in the beginning and they’re no longer with us because one of them, they actually both moved.

But, you know, as we started bringing people on, we decided we worked really hard to get to where we are in. Are we perfect? No, of course not. But we have standards and we have moral values that we that we stick by and every single person to right now, today that is with us by far exceed what I ever expected.

And I think I mean amazing, amazing people that we have here that I feel like you could achieve this level or more. I mean, you are all plenty capable.

So the foundation which we’re trying to exist is that you as an individual, a. Can do as much business as you want to, where we fully support you, where you don’t have to necessarily have like a team, we try to brand you as you right now. We want to brand you as you when people come in together and they’re like, well, and we’re like, no, you need to be you you need to like just like we would want for. Right.

We’re trying to we want everybody you know, we’ve had several teams come over that are no, we’re doing this together. We’re going to brand ourselves together. We’re going to do this.

And in the past, every single group that came over like that, some of them weren’t even friends anymore. So, yeah.

So we’re glad that everybody gets to stand by yourself, stand fish and hunt on your own and take care of your family and make sure that that works. You don’t rely on anybody else who is doing really fine. Right. Suze Orman has a thing about that, Chad. Now, if you can say Susie Orman’s list in order of what’s important and then can I go the to it? No, you don’t have to Google that. You just have to know it and chat in there. If you know it is. So it’s blank first, then this than that. So if you know it, go ahead and check that in. If not, I’ll get back with you. We’ll check back in a little bit and see if you guys know that it’s a good list. So anyways, as we’re going through, we kind of talked about what we tried to provide and who we are. Right. So we went over like the vision, the mission and all of that stuff of who we are as Acquisto real estate. Now, what we do is we continue to invest in what we consider the support and we open up these different things that help specialize and we push ourselves.

So so we’re going to kind of go into our family tree. Yeah, kind of a little bit. Is that cool with you? Yeah. All right. So we’ll talk through the family tree a little bit and you guys can see kind of what’s what’s going on here and how we’ve tried to separate and specialize in in certain regards. So we had challenges with photography and videography. And by managing that whole process, I thought it was easier than it is. And so I I learned that it’s not an easy process. And it was very difficult for you, especially you had a challenge with it to be able to scale it and get the people at the right times and all those things, and we run into problem after problem. And I wanted more. I wanted our properties to be represented the absolute best way. So if you care about your client and you truly, truly care, then what you’re going to do is realize that they sell a home. On average. You said a person moves five to seven years. Yeah, that often. And at this moment is it’s the biggest thing they’re doing financially like that decade. Right. And so that’s huge transaction to them. And I want to make sure that we give every single client everything that we can.

So that’s why we’re like, well, we need to do the math or we need to take all the pictures. I want to do them correctly. I want to have the drone. I want to have a real spin on it. Yeah. I want to provide as much as we possibly can. Yeah. And we want to systematize and make it easy. And then the cost of that was just like astronomical. So I call of anyone you got right. Like see what that actually runs and see just like how much better it is for a four thousand square foot house. Right. And then when they say like seven hundred and forty two dollars for something like that for just a matter poor, and then you ask them questions like, well, I want to do an agent video. And you’re like, how long? You know, like well a minute and a half. Some people don’t. And they’re like, well that’ll be fifteen hundred dollars. And you’re like, what? And you start and all the hours together and it’s like, are you for real? And you see all these things. What we want is the best for every single client. That’s the biggest transaction they’re doing that that, that decade. Right.

So I knew that we did this but we went to the star, I think it was we went to the cowboy club or something with our group, one of my group, one networks.

And somehow we got on that topic and I was astonished by what they pay for each one. Mm hmm. It was crazy. Yeah. Thousands of dollars. I spend five thousand dollars. That’s what I have to do. Wow.

No, you want to give it your all. Yeah. Right. So every single time you want to give that to our client, we don’t want to look back. And if it took too long to sell, if it didn’t sell for I think we want to know we put in our best. Yes. And you absolutely cared. You have to. And that’s where Frisco 3D came in. So a couple of years ago, we decided that was important, to push towards video and push towards doing more of it and push towards controlling the costs and all those things. And frankly, it’s been a real nightmare.

So we’ve lost, like, a lot of money in it. Right. So I just full disclosure is it is cost us if I was to use the, you know, like the best way to describe it, it’s cost is a shit ton. Money, and that’s like an actual phrase and a quantifiable amount of money, and so it’s it’s been a problem, right? But it’s been worth it. And what you do is you learn a lot from it and then you get better. Yes. And we’ve had challenges all along the way, whether it’s with people, whether it’s with the process, whether it’s incorporating all the things, whether it’s like the rain days or bad weather days or people not being ready on time, there’s like so many things that go into it. And at each step we get a little bit better. And then eventually you get to the point where I’m now looking up and I’m looking around and you guys can’t see kind of what we have going on here. But it’s like a little it’s a little much so right now we have like four computers. All we have, you know, at Netflix approved camera that we’re that we’re talking on.

We got the green screen. We have all this stuff going on, multiple cameras. And Omkar is helping us from from overseas. And all of this stuff is going on. Right. And that’s happening today because it’s something that we started years ago and because of investments that were made that so you as an agent don’t have to do it. So what we’re trying to do is be here for you and provide all of that. I felt Sean deserved that. And by extension, I feel that every agent deserves it. And that’s kind of how the decision making process is made. It should we do it right? Yeah. And

so we started with that. And I’m very, very happy with what we’re what we’re getting to. We’re not a final or fully realized product, but that was a big deal in a lot of investment. And we spread it out. And even at this day, it is a losing proposition on every single listing we do and that process. And we’ll talk through kind of what will happen at the end with Frisco 3D Do we have a time set aside just for Frisco 3D Yes.

Ok, so Wednesdays, our marketing day that will go through, so we’ll discuss all that.

So the short order is it cost us way more than, than the four hundred and fifty dollars that the agents realize. OK, so we’re just charging that at the end, which is a huge deal, we’re making it super easy so you don’t have to worry about finances. Just do the right thing and you don’t have to worry about paying it up front or any of that. Right. We take care of it, which is a big deal. And I was pushing for that for a very long time. And it was kind of like a discussion that we had. Right. And eventually we got to the point where we were able to say, OK, I just kept asking enough. And then eventually she said, OK, I feel like I’m a nagging kid. I acted like I look like such a millennial. I just keep asking it in different ways. And then eventually we came. Yes. So Chyna should have just walked away a lot of times.

I mean, we this is our business. We do it together. We it’s always evolving into something different. We’re always looking out to be the you know, the the most innovative and, you know, the best technology. But sometimes I’m over in my side doing my things and I don’t always hear everything and understand it. But so I go. I do now.

So now we go towards what what we did with technology. So we made this huge investment into Zoho and that helped centralize all of our stuff that we were working through. And so that gave us consistent email. It gave us like all the backup stuff. It gave us consistent upgrades. It gave us a framework to work within for our CRM. Now, it’s not perfect what you currently see, but what’s going on behind the scenes and what we’re working towards is increasingly and it just gets better and better all the time.

And so we took that same amount of money that we invested into Cresco three D and we did that like probably two or three years before that. And then we took like that was like twice the number. OK, so I told you how much like the number was. And I’ll give you a very direct number for Frisco three D. Yeah, but the investment that was made into technology years ago, which is paying dividends and is going to continue to be because we kind of built like a foundation. And to do that you have to like pour it correctly and get it ready and like. Right. Keep working on that. So that investment there was actually like twice a first go through deals. So that would be like to ship tons of money, which is a lot. Right. OK, so. Yeah, like a lot, a lot of that. So that was a process of going through the technology. But now there’s all these integrations that are starting to become and get made. Yeah.

And we are we were so blessed this calendar year that Shawna is able to get a super premium listing and we have that.

Ok, now when I say that, because I think that it put a lot of stress. A ton of stress now I see what’s come out of it, and it made its way, way better, so we went through that process and we came out stronger. So now going through that, we were like, oh, no, I totally want this for everybody. So the whole desire was to allow Shana to get this property and allow us to market and demonstrate what she is and represent her as the the agent and put her in a great light and market the property and all those things.

And in doing that, it really pushed our our technology, pushed all these different things, and it ended up making us form our own marketing company. So we do this calendar year, we opened up a digital marketing firm called diLusso Marketing.

So if you look that up, that’s an Italian word for what is it like? Elegant class luxury marketing. Right. So it’s it’s a luxury marketing firm.

And what we found out is great creative people want to work with a good marketing firm.

And it was like their desire growing up as they want to work for marketing company. And one of our good friends in technology, Lehar, told me, well, like, if you want the right people, like don’t hire them under your real estate firm, hire them under to do some marketing or hire under a marketing company. Right. So that’s how we end up getting

there, because they grow up as kids and they like have this dream that they want to work for a marketing firm. And I’m like, that’s interesting. And they’re like, no, you get way better talent having them work for a marketing firm than a real estate firm. And sure, the real estate company can be the primary initial client. But once you get that, then you can grow and get additional clients. Right. But you are able to attract great talent. And I’ve been so fortunate that, like I’m Khazen with us now and he does an amazing job and he truly cares and does all those things. I don’t know if I would have gotten that if I was like, hey, do you want to work for a real estate company like this video stuff? So he works for the marketing firm and it works. And he was able to say yes. So getting him to say yes and then he meets us and it kind of works. And then we have and and we’ll talk more about Hannah and what she’s been able to do for us and how much she helps us out. And then we have Naz, which you guys, I don’t know, have known that most of you guys. But Naz is working on the website and doing some amazing stuff behind the scenes that you’ll also start to see because we broke that way down.

And we’re building it back up. And so there’s been a lot of investments with diLusso marketing, which came directly related to your super premium listing that I never dreamed we would have a listing of that caliber. So that totally helps out. Yeah. And all of those things kind of go back to you guys as the agents. So now you have to look at it. You’re both full support really means now it’s not just marketing support and having Meghan. Right. And it’s not just like DesignWorks. We used to have one graphic designer that worked on this stuff. And now this year, we decided that it was best to move to design Pecl because they do quite a few things for us I didn’t even realize were challenges. Right. So every single time that we have any graphic item put out design, Pikul now gives us like a ton of format’s of every single thing. So you can have it like with a white background, with a black background, with a see through background, with like a square, with a tall rectangle, with a rectangle wide with you know, you can stretch, you can make it small, you can like whatever they are.

And that’s available to the agents. Yeah. They can. You know, you guys have the opportunity to if you have an idea that you want created for whatever a flier or no. Everyone has a marketing related or anything graphic that you need, you have your own log in and you have that opportunity to utilize their services.

So design is there for you and that’s all that’s all included. . There is a certain amount we’ll talk about that during the marketing and what that is. And we’ll hit design Pickle more. I don’t know if we have that is a specific topic. If not, maybe Megan throws that under marketing to ensure we have design pickle there.

Ok, so let’s go back and talk about, like, our art, you know, the structure of our company and kind of who does what, because I think a lot of times people have questions. Should I call Stacey for that? Should I call Megan for that? You know, who does what? So let’s kind of go back from the top.

And, you know, I think people know who we are and know it’s very important to kind of go over that. So if we were to look at in. You call this one like the family trade.

Yes, I like our work family. We start Mike and I are the brokers, of course, and then we have a support family.

You guys have a full support family that’s always working behind the scenes for you, whether you see it or not. A lot of you do see it, but sometimes you don’t even understand what’s going on behind the scenes. But it’s happening, I can tell you.

So first, you would talk about Megan on that side, right? So if you’re talking about marketing, you would have a bunch of things along with Meghan, and she would go through and help you out with that. So that would start with your brand and updating it and getting you all the different collateral materials and working with the designer and getting your branding and your you’re like animation and like all of that, that kind of goes on. Yeah. Right now, Meghan has a bunch of different assets, so underneath Meghan is going to be design Pikul. So design people is going to be all the graphic design related things. Then underneath that there’s going to be Omkar who’s going to help out with like get you an intro animation. I was just looking this afternoon at 1:00 this morning, I suppose, one that came in a great format for you saw. Which one for Hannah. Oh, I see here. I know. So selling in suburbia has a new intro and new animation that came in. And I liked it particularly. And I saw the the review link and I put a couple of comments in there and it looked really nice. So hopefully you guys see that one coming up soon. You’ve all had an opportunity working on that for a long time, like at least six months now.

Maybe we’ll show that off during our marketing day so we can show you some examples of what what people

are doing, because it’s pretty cool. But yeah. So you have you know, we all love Megan. We have Megan, who’s kind of our we call her our mother, Megan, mother Megan. She’s like our she’s kind of like her team, Teen Mom. And she’s like putting all these pieces of the puzzle together behind the scenes and making sure you get a great product. She also is there to have these meetings, you know, on the on the on the weeks that we don’t have meetings with you guys, she’s there. So she’s in charge of your individual branding and she is working on all of these things graphically to help you brand yourself.

You don’t have to work directly through her for each of those things. She can help direct it so you can go directly to design. Don’t have to have Megan be your conduit. So she doesn’t want that. We want you to you have your own log in so you’ll be able to go in there and request your stuff and get it back. Now, also underneath there, once you start talking about video, we start collecting it. And that’s where it’s really key is to build content. Yes. OK, so it’s super important that we’re building content. We’re saving everything that we’re doing. So every time that we now go out with Prisco 3D and Logan does something for you, we have pictures and we have these things. They become digital assets that we have for good. And we can do what we want to do with them and we can edit them as we desire. We can reuse them in the in the future and we start to do some very strategic things. So I really liked how Shauna had different pictures taken of her that she could use in marketing. So I was like, why wouldn’t all the agents be able to do the same thing? Right. Like, that’s nice. So each time that you have a listing, you now have the opportunity to go out and take your own pictures every single time.

That’s all included with it obviously has a cost with it, but we think that it’s very important. So now you have new pictures all the time in different ways that you can use in social media. You have to get these digital assets and we have to collect them so we can utilize them. Right. You have to have an animation. You have to have all these things together so it works for you. Now, the more video you put together, the better that we can put, kind of like a get to know me video together. And if you don’t have a ton of listings and you don’t go through these things, you don’t collect it, you don’t own the content, then we can’t divide it back home. Right. So now we have all of the content. So it’s really easy to go through the property assets now in sort by person and understand what’s here. And we can cut it and put it back together because we have those assets. We have to collect it over a period of time and sometimes it doesn’t feel fun, but now we have it. And that’s the reason that you own the company, is because now you own the digital rights and you have the content and the content.

And if you don’t have a listing, it’s OK. Go out and do it in a different way. Go out to your favorite local restaurant or shopping or capture the content of what you do every day in real estate. You know, you can do that, too.

So those are some of the reasons that we kind of start to get these things that all kind of falls under. Meggan is like who you are. Right. And what we’re trying to do is allow you to bring more business in in some way, shape or form. OK, that’s the idea there. And to look good and brand new and make more people want to do business with you. Yes. And, you know, then we go to Stacey, who really helps you actually close it with Sean. Right. So the two of that we just kind of talked about. So anything. Contract related is going to go through, Stacey, do you know how annoying it is to actually be your own client coordinator and take care of all that and keep track?

You can’t limit yourself. All of these things are just taken away from your you know, your your bottom line, basically, because you’re spending the time. Think how many transactions Stacy’s done over time.

Stacey, you have an actual number. She probably actually knows that her career transaction number. But I would say it’s really super impressive with how many transactions she’s actually been involved with. Right. And that’s unbelievable. Like maybe you could get somebody you could you can find somebody cheaper. Right. That’s always easier to find somebody cheaper, but not somebody who cares and who do that and like, is always there and totally knows this stuff and comes in like a super high quality. People care.

You know, it’s you’re going to see throughout this whole family tree that it all comes back to caring because she will fight tooth and nail for whatever it is, if it’s something small to something big. Yeah, she she will.

So there it is for them. And so that kind of explains a bunch of kind of who we are, who we are, not where we’re headed. OK, now maybe we’ll discuss that one in just a minute. Do you feel like we should take a couple of minute break here?

I do. I just want to kind of just hit on before we do take a break kind of who does what, because I’m going to dig into that just a tiny bit more. So you have Stacy, who’s all of our contract compliant from contract to close, but you guys.

And then we have Megan, who is taking care of your branding, which is huge. This is your identity. But you guys need to understand that we want them to be able to have the time to be able to get their jobs done for you and brand you properly. And if they’re having to answer, we go back to the glue board. If we’re having to, you know, take their time for things that aren’t crucial, then, you know, it’s taken away from everybody’s bottom line, basically. So what I need you guys to do is understand that and, you know, think before you reach out, stop texting Stacy for contract related things. You know, just because you are a person. Everybody works at different times. You work at night, you know, when your kids go to sleep or whatever. Well, doesn’t mean that everybody else is as well. So you have to be respectful of each person’s time and do some some work yourselves. You guys have a ton of things that are taken off your plate and handled for you, but you have to also content’s important. You have to give them the proper tools to be able to do the work and then they can do it. And it’s going to save you tons of time. So if you have anything contract related, we know that Stacy is that is that person. If you have anything graphic or branding related social media to, then that’s going to be Megan. But please, please don’t text them. Send them an email. They get tons of texts every day and they have a life.

We all have a life. So please think before you’re reaching out and try to problem solve a little on your own and let them do what they’re their core competency or their core.

I guess my skill set so set is now there’s probably an even better way. So emailing is nice. If you have something that is related to it in any way, you know, if you have something that’s related to a transaction at all, it should be tagged through the transaction. That makes you so much easier. If you guys get a notice in a transaction, you see how it links to you right now. It makes it easy for you to click on it and do it, take care of it. It’s like, oh, wow, that was a lot easier. Well, imagine if all these times you’re just sending stuff over and Stacey’s trying to look it up and find it. It’s really not as easy as it could be. So tag her within the transaction and that will make it a lot easier. Specifically, if you send anything to Sean or to myself, text is really difficult to be compliant. It should all go through the through Zoho CRM if it’s just a quick, maybe quick.

But we get a lot of quick things and I need those to be really urgent and and something that’s crucial at that moment right here.

A lot like like real quick, I’ve quick question. You hear that all the time, right? And imagine you were in your daily flow and you get all of those right. We want to get them when they’re the right time. So, yeah.

So Stacy just chatted in and then we’ll take a break. She has done about six hundred. Is it six. Six hundred and six hundred and forty transactions since twenty sixteen of.

Ok, watch out.

Stacey, just with just with us. All right. All right. So we’re going to take its noon. We do have some lunch, some snacks and salad and things. If you guys want lunch, if you want to get out of the office and you want to go somewhere, I would say let’s let’s take 30 minutes and let’s give you 30 minutes is totally fine because you don’t want to go too much past. No, we want to get out of here that they wouldn’t be you’d be longer.

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