I don’t know if I coined the term and I kind of actually hate it like I don’t know, but, you know. All right. So here’s a concept to pass. The praise is to not speak highly about yourself, OK? Because nobody likes that. It doesn’t come on and it’s different. No, it’s being honest and sincere about what’s going on. The concept is when you’re speaking to to a client with a client, whatever those words are, right. That it kind of starts with the friendship division or the first point of contact to speak with them. And I’m trying to remind everybody to continue to do this, but to understand the power of it. So if I was a person to have to set up a meeting or Katie, it would start with you are so lucky and so fortunate to be able to work with Linda Miller. And here’s why. And we would talk about Linda and guys.

Amazing about making things up. Not only are you know, we know all of these things, but the outside, they don’t necessarily know. So when you do that, it adds credibility to everyone. So I just wanted to touch on that, that it’s you know, it really helped.

So you start with saying something on the friendship division level, something super nice about Linda. Right. And then that person has a positive feeling about what’s going to go on there. Now, Linda, when she meets with them, would then take and continue to pass the bracer, circle back. So she would say, oh, yeah, Katie, set that meeting up for you. Katie, spectacular. You wouldn’t believe all the things she does and how hard she works and what goes into it and how she follows and. Right. And those things are super important. And I’m so fortunate to be able to work with her. And now all of a sudden, you’ve heard two compliments from the client standpoint. Right? I think people then maybe you get back together and then they hear something from Stacey who speak super highly of

maybe the broker or Sean or someone behind the scenes who is not out in front all the time right now. All of a sudden what you’re doing is you’re enveloping this person. The client would like a verbal hug and passing the praise from each different angle. Right. And they feel warm and it feels good. And this is a type of company that I would like to work with or work at. When everyone passes the praise around and you hear great things all the time and it’s positive. Right. Imagine how nice that is from a client perspective to always hear positive things all around, but never about the person themselves.

I want to go in and be like I’m the best. No, you know, it’s hard to do that. And none of us are really that type of personality.

So, you know, this does help because I do think people feel that energy and it makes them want to work with you. And we’re proud of everybody that works with, you know, works in our real estate family that we want to do that. You know, it’s kind of like when you brag about your kids, I guess, you know, I mean, I love it. Yeah. And there’s a lot of people that may want I to always, like, talk about their kids or all those things, but maybe that’s a thing. But kind of remember that real estate is wise and talk about people that maybe they won’t see or have an introduction to, like maybe producer. Oh, who was on yesterday. Right. I was fortunate to learn about that. And maybe that’s something that when you’re with kind of like a cultural person, you know, from our perspective, here’s a local a local agent you’re with a cultural buyer that maybe you discuss things like that, how fortunate we are and how diverse we’re starting to become with hiring people all across the world with this virtual thing and what this is bringing to us. Right. So positivity, passing the praise and enveloping people, specifically clients and hugs, I think is really going to help make a huge difference for you, too, as an agent. And it’s just a reminder, it’s one when the small things we try to speak on. But you need to hear it occasionally. And if it’s a reminder for Stacey to do it a little bit more often and it’s a reminder for Katy to do it a little bit more often, if it’s a reminder on social media when we’re posting something with Megan or whatever it is to kind of realize some of those things, if it’s a reminder to an agent to write something, I guess you see us each morning, right? But in the virtual world, it’s it’s important to focus on.

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