Passing the Praise – Mike Acquisto and my lovely wife, Shana Acquisto, luxury real estate broker with Acquisto Real Estate, and we need to talk about passing the phrase this, a concept that we have internally. And I’ll just explain it briefly, but then I want to explain how we should also be doing that on social media.

So let’s first start with exactly what it is. Passing the race is a concept that we don’t know if we turn that here or if it was just kind of a concept we that evolved.

Right, just because of how things are. But essentially it starts when we have a brand new client that comes in and it comes in through the friendship division. When we speak with that person, we establish this report and then would say something when we’re setting up an appointment, like you are really going to enjoy working with Shana because she is so experienced.

She knows what she’s doing. She’s kind, she’s sweet. She listens. Right. And she exemplifies everything that a great agent is. And that would be an example of like passing the praise forward. You’re really going to enjoy that so that when the client goes out and meets her for the first time, they’re going to feel really good.

It’s kind of like, you know, kind of set the precedent of your expectation. Exactly. And that’s how we really feel. You know, I was talking to Nilsa yesterday about this, how everyone just kind of, you know, it’s sometimes it’s it’s difficult out there in the real estate world. And to be able to pump each other up and praise each other and support each other is really a big deal. It helps you mentally. It really does.

So then just because the praise was passed from the start to the agent, then it’s the agent’s responsibility to pick it up from there and give example of kind of went when you meet with the client, something that you would say, Qiana, that I’m so thankful for Katy, who set this appointment up.

And, you know, she that’s her primary job, is to sit there and communicate with all of these different clients and just, you know, she does such an amazing job at that. So people understand that’s an important part of our, you know, of our existence and why we’re at that, you know, at that meeting. So it’s just a lot of people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.

So just to bring awareness to that and give some praise, there is great I always thank you that I’m able to work with you every day.

And you know, you push me to do things that maybe I’m not super comfortable with, but yeah, it’s great. OK, so here’s, you know, full circle.

You keep it moving around and it’s kind of like a verbal hug because that feels much better than the exact opposite. Right. So if I was setting up the appointment and I happened to be doing that and I was like, oh, you’re so lucky that you’re on the phone with me, you know a lot about real estate and I’m so thankful to be showing I can get out of my house.

Yeah. Just whatever those things are, it seems way better when you talk about somebody else and say something nice. You’ve been speaking about yourself. It seems boastful in that other regard, and it’s much better to talk about somebody else. Yeah. So Sean is a great target. You can always talk about her and she has just so many skills. Right. And she’s such a great person. It’s why we all like

working here. So it’s important that we pass that praise and it just gives him that hug. It makes him feel better.

And they hear so many positive things throughout the experience and it sets a precedent. So No. One, they want to work with us. And number two, they leave us a great review and then we get referrals and repeat clients.

And when someone feels like you have such a tight knit group of people and everybody’s working together, I think that makes a client feel super confident in our abilities. So I think there’s more to it.

Yeah. And so an example of what we can do on social media. So now we said what it is, passing the praise is a general concept and now we need to define what it would look like on social media.

So if you see one of your fellow colleagues posting something on social media like it, comment it, comment on it, and you can even share it and say, hey, look what you know, look what Kim accomplished.

She just won this Rising Star Award. We’re also proud of her and just, you know, it’s just passing the price in a different way. But don’t don’t be afraid. You can you know, you can like a post. You can comment on it, but don’t be afraid to even share it. You know, you can do that. I think that’s great.

Yeah, very good. So that’s passed the operates on social media. A couple other examples of it would be that we’re now doing TNT Tuesdays, where we’re encouraging everybody to share one episode of TNT for the week on social media. Your favorite topic, what you liked about it, why you enjoyed it, whatever it is, give a comment there, but share it right.

We have a lot of content that you guys can share and it just kind of shows a little, you know, inside of our brokerage and who we are.

Yeah, I just connect. I just think people always like who you are as an agent. The more they see you right, the more they understand you, the more they get to know you. And that’s the idea of passing the price. And then when you do that on social media, you’ll be part of a larger something or other. And it just feels better. We have a real estate family. Yes. We have words that are important. And if you utilize those.

I think everything will be a little bit better for you. Yeah, so spread the love. Yes, just the praise on social media. Sounds good to me, though.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.22.21

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