Going to Parade Of Homes: Bozeman?

Have you ever thought about going to the parade of homes? Oh, yeah, so this we attended our first one.

Well, my first one, at the very least, and it was something that I was a little reluctant to do. I kind of thought it would be a beating and whatever that would be.

But what we want to do is kind of talk about the things that we learn from it. What price point homes they were, what you may take away in the future.

Right. And how this could help you out with your real estate business and or your clients. Shana, go ahead.

So we got our list together. We attended this with a builder and his wife and drove around. We did five homes. And, you know, we learned a ton.

So the first one we went to was a new building. They had recently moved in, but it was an architect and his wife, who’s a stained glass artist, and they moved from California and their homes burned to the ground.

They were from Paradise, California. In twenty eighteen, they had a fire. So we learned all about that. But during that, we learned a lot about the construction of the home, what they put into it, what they paid for it, and what it is now worth.

I mean, lots of things. We met different contractors in there explaining what they do a window guy, a closet guy, a door guy, you know, just all these different trades that were attending as well. And we learned a ton. So it was really good to go in and  do this.

We went to five homes and we kind of saw a high range some like. I don’t know, just very standard specs, and then we drove an hour to the last one and I was kind of hesitant and it was amazing. It was an amazing home, so it was really good to hear and learn and meet all the different,

All the different people while worth our time at the end. There were tickets that were purchased, right?

So there was a price for that. But it wasn’t. How much was it?

The tickets? Twelve dollars.

Okay, so the tickets weren’t really, you know, they shouldn’t be a barrier. Your time we went through it. And for the amount of time invested in it, I think we got a ton out of it with all the connections, and you could ask almost limitless questions. And it’s a unique setting in which you get answers and people are open and candid about

Things they were, and they’re passionate about what they’ve they’ve put into this. So I will share something that really stood out to me during this open house or this parade of homes. Was that one of the homes there was a realtor there? Mm hmm.

And I know this realtor is I know that name because I see she’s got lots of listings and business everywhere around the around the town. So I said, Oh, she goes, Hi, I’m, you know, she stated who she was, and I said, Oh yeah, I said, Can you send me, do you have a card or can you send me your contact information out? I don’t have my cards with me.

Ok, she’s at a parade of homes representing this very expensive property, has zero cards, and maybe she thought everybody just knows who she is, but she’s like, I always forget to bring my cards. And I said, That’s OK, you could just send me her contact through your phone.

I have no idea how to do that. I’ll just have to write down your email and send it to you. Ok, that’s one thing. Then we proceeded to ask about the home.

Tell us a little bit about this home and asked, I don’t know, five or six questions that she had no earthly idea about. She goes, Oh, I have no idea.

I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know that. And it wasn’t the home specifically, it was, you know, somewhere about the community and the neighborhood, and so don’t my takeaway from that is I know how I felt.

I would never want to meet a potential client or even a fellow colleague and be so out of the loop and not know something about my profession, right? About what I am there for.

So, you know, we can’t know everything. But if you’re attending something, say you’re attending an open house or you’re hosting an open house for someone.

Have some information, right? Be ready. Somebody could throw something out there from left field that you don’t know, and that’s OK.

You’re going to get the information. I’ll share it, but you should have a basic idea of how big is the home? Actually, I don’t know.

Ok. So that was my takeaway.

Very good. Well, thank you, guys. The parade of homes is quite an event, and remember that you can maybe attend one on your own.

So maybe look, look it up on the website and see if there’s some available. Maybe not around here, but in the areas that you want to go to as well.

Yes, vacationing, right? If you’re vacationing somewhere, just pop up that town parade of homes or home tours and see if there’s anything.

This was sponsored by a building supply company. So, you know, just do some do a little checking and you can take your whole family. It was great.

Well, it was really good. There was a lot of learning that went on for every minute invested of our time. We learned quite a bit.

I would say there was five vendors per home that were there related to, and they were proud of what they had built and said, like, Hey, here’s what I did, and here’s why and whatever it is.

So they would give you pricing or whatever those items were. So I mean, if we covered five homes and about five vendors each in the builders were there, that’s a lot of individual people that you met and most of the time was actually the owners of those places. It was.

So you’re getting so some time. The other thing is, if you’re taking the time to attend these, then you need to be present and ask more questions. Really connect and get to know who these guys are.

Yeah, don’t just walk through the house. Go ahead and actually add some value of that resource there. Take advantage of it. And the owner’s wife, the architect’s wife, was there and I began to ask her some questions.

And, you know, she even got teary talking about some of the things that they put in the home.

And they took from there the remnants from their catastrophe in California when they moved there. And I just took the time to listen and she was very, you know, she loved that and we really connected so Well, there you go. I encourage it.

Go ahead and attend one in some way, shape or form any type of home tour where people are willing to share with you and you can learn some information. Yeah.

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