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Panoramic doors, so these are kind of like all the rage right now, and we have a new local company that’s doing a great job and we got this information over from Kent at Newport Homes.

Thanks to Amy for bringing this topic up to us. But these doors are pretty cool, so there’s a pretty short video that we’re going to be able to watch. I think he explains it best. Yeah. So we’re going to go ahead and do that. We have this link. We’ll end up chatting that in and giving you that quick. Actually, like really like this girl’s hair, too. Like the girl’s hair? Yeah, OK. It’s interesting.

We’re going to cut my hair. I would help it look like that.

Yeah. All right. So it’s pretty good. So if we take a look here, you’re going to see what she’s doing here. But these doors are like indoor outdoor doors, and you can close them and shut them and open them up. And there’s all different types of colors and what’s going on, and you see they can make that 90 degree corner. And let me see if I grab this mouse here.

There was a guy with a video that I was watching specifically the other day that he kind of explained it. Yeah, so I’m going to go ahead and play this guy’s video came from somewhere else. If you know where he’s from, then based on his voice, then let us know.

But I’m going to go ahead and play his video, and we’re going to watch that for for several minutes and see what we get. Ok?

This is the panoramic encore slate and swing patio door system. The main difference between this system and many of its contemporaries is that there is no connecting hardware between the panels. You don’t see any but hinges. You don’t see any deep pool handles nor shoot ball handles.

The doors look more like windows than a patio door system. The only visible hardware you see on the system is on your master door. You master door could be hinged on the right hand side, the left hand side or both if you wish to configure it that way.

The master door is your traffic door, your everyday door, and it has a hold open facility to prevent it from moving around in the wind. These panels then incorporate a patented technology called Magna Line.

There’s a magnet attached to one side of the door and cut to the inside the head. This door then slides to the side. It connects to a magnet and the head above the master door and be depressing. The latch allows the door to pivot to the open position.

That motion of sliding and then pivoting means that this door never encroaches in your path, your space or your living space until it reaches the rested facility here. Unlike a bi fold where you would have to keep this area clear, you would also have to keep this area clear to operate the doors efficiently with a panoramic door.

You could have a couch or a table right next to the doors and similarly on your patio, and it will never encroach in the opening and closing circle.

Each door slides to the side hooks together, and then they pivot to the open position. It’s not often in this country that we get the opportunity to do this and completely open our doors up. And there’s a common misconception that bi folding doors are opened and closed every day. It doesn’t tend to be that way. They probably do that handful of teams every year.

What we do require in this country, though, is ventilation, and this is the only fully open system that will allow you to leave the panels anywhere in the opening that you choose. This is actually one of the most popular settings for our door system.

The ventilated possession. You get to choose where the panels are. The door doesn’t have to be completely open. It doesn’t have to be completely closed. It can be as open or closed as you wish. If we take that stage further, let’s imagine that you were utilizing this space here. You’re maybe having a cup of coffee, a cup of tea or sharing a glass of wine with friends.

And maybe the weather changes, the wind picks up, or it’s getting late in the evening and cooling down, or the kids are moving in and out of this area. That’s door system allows you to move entire sections, like a partition wall to get covered in the area of the room that you happen to be sat or to change the area that you move in the nose of your property.

You can even create the opening and the center or on the far right. It’s the utilization of space. That means that this is a fifty two week a year patio door, as opposed to the four weeks that you might get with its contemporaries. The aluminium version of the door is available in over two hundred real colors. They’re also available in a combination of aluminium and real wood finishes on the internal side.

The signature door can go up to 10 foot tall on the panels. The PVC door is available in panels just under three foot and eight foot high. The doors are extremely secure. The master door has a hook latch and deadbolt, locking as standard.

Each panel locks and engages into the panel next to that is a male section, an aluminium section that runs the entire length of each panel, and it fully engages and to the female Eurogroup section of the corresponding panel next to coupled with the fact that the doors are bolted into the head and it means that the doors have very little deflection.

I can demonstrate that by leaning between the two panels and demonstrating how little flex that is.

That’s because of the level of engagement all the way down the door when you close the master door of an evening and throw the key, the entire system is locked down. For more information, look on our website a panoramic doors dot com or give us a call for more information.

They seem pretty substantial to like their thick and nice jeans said that oh, Jean used these doors in one of her stores in Singapore, and Jean also guessed where the guy was from.

Yeah, I would say it was definitely correct. He has an awesome accent.

What word gave it away? Slades?

No, that was a well-done video. I think the guy explained the product really well, and I think you’ll see that there’s a lot to this product. I think it makes it interesting. There’s a home that I love that that has this whole sliding door, but it only goes one way and you don’t have these options. I mean, that’s nice if you want to just open it in the middle or whatever.

Yeah. Cool. No, there’s a ton of different things with this one. It also seems to do is not have a huge track at the bottom because it seems like the ones that we typically see in this area. The larger the window system is and the more more units it has, that it gets thicker because they’re each on their own slide, right?

So all of a sudden you have like a foot long threshold as you’re trying to cross. And what they do is they slide all over to one side and then take up that four foot of space. If in that situation here, so this one’s a very unique

Design, yeah, you don’t see the hinges. They’re all looks like just one solid. But I wonder about the different colors. If you can customize your color, I mean, that could be.

He said. There’s two hundred colors, I know, but it’s a pretty good customization. I think that’s that’s enough to choose. That would that would take care of me, most likely, most likely, unless they’re all like the same, the same shade of grey to have two hundred shades of grey.

All right. Thanks for that. Go ahead and see if you guys can utilize this, but I heard their pricing is actually really good. Oh, I would like to know about the price. Yeah, no. The pricing is actually very good. I’m going to try to meet with the guy. We do have a lot they do and we have that information. So we’re going to also chat in the email address and the URL for this.

And then we’re going to have this person put in the vendor’s guide. So that would be your cue there. And to throw this in the vendor’s guide, if you would, the information that we provide.

And and this could be a good social media post. It could be something which we haven’t heard of them.

And then we’re going to end up putting that inside the agent portal as well, right? So you’ll get it from the vendor guide. So this information will go in the vendor guide.

You can always get to the vendor guide directly from the vendor from the agent portal, and you should be all good. Thank you, Amy. Thank you, Kent. Thank you, guys.

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