Painted Tree Community – All right, and if you have somebody younger around, maybe like a young kid like Anthony Jr., send him out to go shovel for you, maybe send him over to my parents house and make sure that they shovel over there. As soon as I got done doing ours. I was like, oh, I should go help some other people.

And I thought about my parents and going over to their place. But then I thought about the roads and I thought about it’s actually probably not good to go over there. And friendly reminder, Amy, Cindy Anthony, junior over to shovel for them. He’s the perfect age for snow shoveling.

My brother lives in Idaho and he sent over. I should have put it up here, but he got a new snow blower and he was able to use it for the first time and he was out there. And you can tell he was just loving it like, you know, he’s super OCD. So everything was in a line. Like it was nice straight lines. It was so funny.

Congratulations on the new power tool book. I hope you enjoy it. Yeah. Hey, maybe we’ll have to save room for one of those up in our new place when we were designing and laying out the house to the architect. Yeah. All right. We’ll put that on our would be super nice to have list, but not necessary. OK.

Painted tree community, tell us more. So we all like to know of new communities coming up and plan for the future, and this is one that I found to be quite interesting. It’s called Painted Tree Community. It is in McKinney. And let’s see if Omkar can get the let’s put the screen, pull that up up. There is a map that will show as well. But it’s it’s on the corner. It’s kind of at Lake Forest and three eighty and it’s a new master plan community.

They’re going to have a small cottage type homes up to custom homes. And it’s really the concept is, you know, they’re their understanding of kind of how people change their their lifestyle kind of changed during Koban. And so this is all based, you know, kind of modeled after nature. Right. Right. A lot of natural landscapes and things in this community. It’s going to have a 20 acre lake as well. And a tree lake. Uh huh. Those looks like a lot more around the lake. Yeah. So this is going to be really nice and I think it’s going to be about thirty two hundred homes.

And the plan is for them to start breaking ground in twenty, twenty two. So next year. So keep your eye on this community and you guys can look it up and get familiar with it.

But it is a green brick partner community which brick partner builders are KB.  

Jenny, so you’ve all seen those small little like town home type homes and then they have Southgate Homes, which is a really nice hire and builder, and then they have Normanby homes. And I know they’re going to have some custom builders in there, some true custom builders, but I don’t know who those will be at this at this time. But you guys can follow this.

And, you know, it’s a great discussion point and you can have with people for the future. You know, if you if you know somebody is going to downsize, this would be great. If you know somebody that wants something like this, it’s more about, you know, nature trails and lakes and, you know, more of an outdoor community and lifestyle. And I think this would be great. Keep in mind.

Wow, this sounds awesome. Yeah. And it’s going to be it’s nice.
It’s not too far from our location because it’s just a couple streets down.

You know, if you know where the Baylor Hospital is, they’re on the corner of 380 and Lake Forest. It’s just east of that behind the Costco. And yeah, it’s going to be nice. Very nice. This sounds amazing. Yeah, it sounds kind of like Tucker Hill just a little bit.

I know it made me really feel like it was a tough Hill type community, but I think it’s living there.
They really enjoy Tucker Hill. Right. You know, a couple of people that live in Tucker Hill and they have really community based.

Yes, it is. Oh, it’s very community based in there. And if you guys are familiar in McKinney, where Irwin Park is, I think their trails are going to tie in to Irwin Park as well.

So I think it’s going to be really amazing. I love when new things like, you know, new communities like this get developed.

No, that’s that’s a nice one. Three eighty is going to become a real road for sure. It is going to become a lot of things along there. So this combined with Tucker Hill in this nice little lake here, it looks like there’s a dam on there.

You can kind of tell just by the exactly how it’s all put together to see if the lake that we’re on flows into this one as well, because there’s kind of like this system and they all kind of flow from one to the other. I don’t know if Wilson Creek happens to feed this one, but I’ll follow the map along now. I’ll do some research on it. I’d like to know myself for sure. Yeah.

That Irwin Park over there, that might be a neat park that maybe if we have to find some land next to that to expand that park just a little bit, that would be a good place to look. I mean, Amy. So, ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our topic for us right now. And there is one more about it.

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