All right. Oh, guys, we’ve got a word of the day, and I bet you can’t even guess what it is opportunity. So we’re going to do the definition of the word of the day, Tanner, and then we’re going to use this in a sentence.

Great. OK, well, opportunity is defined as a favorable juncture of circumstances.
Ok, so a use of this word would be how Tinder created a great opportunity for himself by overcoming fear.

So, yeah, I would say that’s that’s great, actually. I mean, that is probably the number one way to if you’re going to create opportunity for yourself. You know, I would like to say that it’s it’s not exclusively created. Right.

And there are, as the definition so aptly puts, you know, junctures of circumstances that might either be out of your control or that might be out of your control, you know, and, you know, kind of as a combination of trying to create your own opportunity, really taking advantage of what might actually be there by chance or, you know, because you you know, you have a good support system where you go to a good school. You need to be to really try and take advantage of these things that you have around you.

Yeah, I totally agree. And, you know, I want to kind of elaborate on that for a minute, because you you talk a lot about support system that’s big for us. We we really want to count on a real estate family to help us and support us because it’s not easy. No. Right. And another thing I want to point out is sometimes you hear, oh, you’re so lucky. You know, you’re lucky because this happened to you. You know, I don’t really believe in the good luck. Bad luck.

I feel like you you create, you know, your luck pretty much. You’re in charge of luck. There’s not just there’s not just luck out there. Sometimes things come a little easier. Sure. But, you know, you create this so you can’t rely on just being lucky. And, you know, you have to understand that everything you do requires work and you have to plan and you have to make yourself available and, you know, just don’t accept the norm and overcome your fear. And then, you know, you’ve got this opportunity, not what I think.

There are different circumstances. Right. And maybe if you want to change circumstance, look, to an extent, I’d say there’s an argument to be made there. But for the most part, you know, there are ways to kind of create or, you know, boost the opportunities available to you by leading in and kind of going forward.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.16.21

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