Hey, Realtors, do you have an open house this weekend to you specifically have been having an open House? OK, so if you specifically work here to Acquisto Real Estate near a listing agent, you have plans on hosting an open home. All right. Then what we want you to do is get in and tell us all about it. Right now, we’re kind of working on this new segment where we discuss open houses.

And what we want to do is kind of be a matchmaker. So if you plan on having an open house, go ahead and check in right now that, hey, I’m Agent Blank and I’m having an open house at this time and at this location from here to here. Right.

And now that now everybody will know you’re having an open house, then if you want to volunteer to host an open house or co hosted it and you have availability in both, then you could say that, hey, I’m Agent Blank and I would I’m available to host an open house on my own or to collaborate and do it with somebody else. I can do it at the following times.

Yes. And if you’re a newer agent, this is a great opportunity to kind of work alongside a more experienced agent and kind of hear how they how they talk to the clients or potential clients. So I highly encourage if you’re a newer agent and you know that someone is hosting an open house, go and participate and be there and be present and see what’s going on. If you are a listing agent, you should be having open houses. These are very effective right now.

We’ve heard of several of you that have got several clients from the open houses. You know, I think a lot of people are doing a lot of research on their own. That’s something that, you know, we hear about all the time. And if they’re coming in without an agent, that’s a great opportunity for you. You know, you’re there and you’re the one that has this listing and you’re able to share all the details about it. So I think it’s even better to get somebody, even if they have an agent, to know more about the property, enough to be able to make that offer. So it really helps.

Very helpful. And I think that it does help to have two people there, specifically if you think there’s going to be a lot of business coming through and a lot of people and you want to make sure that you have some type of order. Right. So maybe if it’s a nice day, you have a table outside, maybe you get information, maybe you collect it, maybe you have kind of like a gatekeeper person, so to speak. I spoke previously about having like a bouncer, so to speak, at the open house to just control.

Hey, know make sure that people go through and make sure they go through the correct changes. It’s kind of. Do you feel good about that? I do. All right. So that was the time now that you should have discussed and you shared in what you could do or what you would do with others. And this is kind of matchmaking session, right? So we want you to reach out directly from agent to agent afterwards. But posting not what you’re doing, then everyone will know. Right? And then. Yes.

And if you’re helping and the listing agent, if you’re there volunteering and assisting, you know, good, OK, you’re there to help them. Everything is to help that listing agent. So anything that comes in, you know, new business, you’re there to help that listing agent. OK, now if you host it yourself, if if I say, hey, I need somebody to host this open house, I’m not going to be present, then that is your opportunity to get business for yourself. So I want to make sure that this is understood.

But yeah, that’s a really good point.

I want to encourage everyone to work together and help each other and just be, you know, upfront and honest and not step on any toes, you know, where people will accept the help.

So, yeah. So under that, to be extremely clear on that, if you are co hosting and like. So if I’m helping Shana. Right. And it’s Shana’s listing and she asked me, would you come co host. I would understand that is a co-host. I am getting nothing. I’m simply assisting you as a friend.

But when you have a listing, I’m going to come and help you and do the same thing and reciprocal totally fine. Right now. What might happen in this same situation is if you needed a second person there and you need to control the door, then you might ask me, is your husband right? Could I attend and be out front and just control hand out water, snacks, something like that, not to discuss real estate, but control what’s going on? Right. Yes, for sure. I could do that as your husband and as an unlicensed husband, but just control the crowd.

And, you know, another thing you could do is if you if you do get some new client from that open house and you’ve had someone assisting you, then maybe you bring them in and let them be your assistant on the transaction if it gets to that point. You know what, let’s all do the right thing, I think we do that and we just want to just kind of

Have a little reminder. No, we want to know up front. And so in this situation, if I had a listing and I said, hey, I can’t be here this weekend, I want to host an open house, I will not be present. The expectation is I want to ask Shauna to host the open house for me. I’m not going to be present then in that situation, anything that comes in would be Shawna’s. If there’s a client that is generated from that.

So to be sure, she would be able to keep that. You can of course, make any other arrangement, but that would be between you and the and the two individuals to kind of decide on that. But there’s clear rules that are set up for hosting or co hosting. Correct. And I hope that so in our chat we have. Nylsa said her and Rachel are hoping and doing an open house on Saturday.

So if anybody is just out and about, you want to check that out, go for it and then Jean chat it in. She’s available to assist with open houses this Sunday if anyone needs help. So there you go. Very good. I love it. Now, I would highly encourage you to take the open house sign and put it out. This drives traffic there and it’s really nice. The new signs have new high quality steaks. Great.

So if you don’t have these new steaks in years or bench or there’s any problems at all, these are super good. And like this part is way better. You know, it’s really nice. If you have any that are broke, then bring them back. I’ll change them some new steaks and we’ll get that all totally taken care of. I want you to have the best system, the best high quality stuff possible.

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