Hey, open houses, let’s talk about who’s going to have them who need some help. Where are they? What’s going on?

Hmm? Yeah, let’s do it. So. Hi, I’m Shana Acquisto, broker of Acquisto Real Estate. And this is also broker with Acquisto Real Estate, Mike Acquisto. So what we’re talking about right now are open houses and how we come together and unite as a family and help each other out. So what we need to know is who is planning on having an open house this weekend and who’s available to help?

So if you guys could chat in who’s available to help and your dates, you know, if it’s Saturday or Sunday or both, you know, or something specific, please chat that in right now. And then if you have an open house coming up, let us know that you do and then we’re going to match you guys together and get you some help.

Very good. So this is a couple of minutes. We’ll hold it open for like three or four minutes. And you guys can chat back and forth and be like, hey, I’m having an open house right now. Yeah. Chat in love that you’re doing. This is where you interact, right? So if you’re a new agent and you’re available, then say I’m available. Right. This is a great opportunity to pick up new clients. Yes. Be surprised with how many people are traveling because things just came up right.

And kids are out of school and all of those different items. And so a lot of people are traveling right now. In fact, I was just talking with some big guy that I call a bad ass client, and he was saying that he’s traveling to Destin right now and they’re driving down there and he would be able to meet around a certain schedule. And so that was that. But people are still working while they’re traveling. And so make sure that if you’re available, you chat in, because that’s a great opportunity for you to grow your business.

It sure is. We were actually Saturday night out in the rain with a bad ass client that we had met at an open house, a different one. So that’s where the open house open houses work. And you should follow up on them. That’s your time, right? That’s marketing time that you’re spending. So you should follow up with them and keep engagement. Yeah, it’s funny. It all works out very good. So Shana, tell me a little bit more about that story there, because it’s a perfect example of an open house and kind of how it can work.

Ok, so I was having an open house and Sweet Nylsa was helping me out as well. We were it was like a swarm of bees. All of a sudden everyone showed up at the same time and she took a person and I took a person in this person that I connected with. We kept in touch. And they are now they were looking at our Lake Shore property, which was three and a half million. Come to find out now, they’re looking at ten million dollar properties. So, you know, it’s really good.

But they just looking at it initially, they were just for themselves as a buyer.

Yes, they were looking at it for themselves as a buyer. And the funny thing is, is they had a realtor and they also had another realtor that was sending them things in MLS. But, you know, what the realtor did is just put them on autopilot.

So it was just feeding them the information instead of reaching out and saying, hey, take you know, take a closer look at this one, pay close attention to this. I think you might like it. So it shows a couple of things that you’re looking through them, right? You’re not just putting them on autopilot and you’ve connected and kind of know what their needs are and you’ve identified it and pointed it out to them. So it shows that you’re really trying and you care.

So at the end of the showing there, we have a discussion with them and say, hey, look, if this is the right property for you, that’s great. But, you know, I always talk about how you can’t sell a home. It has to be the right thing. You have to consult with them. You have to find the right property at the right time. Right. That’s in their best interest for them. And then at the end, he comes back to you and came

Back to us yesterday and said, you know, and I I didn’t know about the other realtor, but he told me that he’s like, I really enjoyed my wife and I really enjoyed being with you guys. You guys are super intuitive and knew exactly what we really connected. Well, and he goes, I would like for you guys to exclusively represent me, send me the paperwork, whatever we need, because I’m ready to go.

So. So that’s music to my ears, right? Any time you can pick up a client looking for a property at that price point, we’re super happy to do so. And sometimes it takes a little effort to put in. But that’s one that you gained from an open house soon. So if you want. So the moral of the story is everybody should be chatting. And right now, because you can easily pick up a ten million dollars by your client if you just hold Hosten

Allows and the right. Fortunately, we had a good. Voting for an open house, but they were looking so you don’t know if you have a property that’s three hundred thousand, who’s coming through that door that could be looking for their parents, for their kids? I mean, you just have no idea. So you can never assume in this business, do not.

And we see here that we have Mike Shepherd says he has a plain old vacant home if someone wants to hold it open. So that’s good. You guys can connect directly with him. And Jean says that she’s available to assist this coming weekend.

Jane has been really communicating that with me, that she’s available. And Jean’s awesome. Jane has a lot of worldly experiences. Yes. And she can really connect with clients. So I would really take take her up on her offer. I want to go back to Nilsa for a second, because the reason we have help at the open houses is because if you get a group of people all come in, several groups coming in at once, it’s really hard to kind of manage.

So the reason I was able to talk with this particular couple is because I had Nylsa there and she was helping me with everyone. Right. So we tag teamed and I was able to spend more time with this particular buyer. So it really works to have help. So I encourage it. And if you think you might have a, you know, so many people that it could be crazy, don’t avoid doing the open house and think, well, I’m going to get an offer anyway, take advantage of that and maybe have two people help you. You know, it’s not a bad idea. I agree

With that. And then this one in particular for yourself, it turned into something that is potentially three times the size. So don’t shy away from another open house just because. Right. So if you happen to be hosting Open House and I have no idea what’s plain old vacant home. Right. But if there’s a certain price point on that one, imagine multiply that times three and see what type of buyer you get. So maybe that’s what’s in store for you this weekend.

There are a lot of buyers that are coming in without a realtor, and they may tell you up front, I have a realtor. OK, great. Do you mind if I send you this? Can I please get your information? The important thing is when you have an open house to get their information, if you don’t, then you’re kind of defeating the purpose.

But so I will admit that I may have been puffing the whole thing about open houses that you can get a ten million dollar buyer this weekend by hosting an open house or that you could have one. That’s three times the size of the current transaction with Mike Shepherd’s. But you have no idea.

You never know what opportunity comes of anything, right? Just the connections and the relationships that you build.

So I’m pretty sure and somebody out there will probably fact check me, especially if I’m wrong. But the term puffing is a sales, a sales term where you overstate some things or make them sound more grandiose or possible than they may really appear to be.

That should be a word of the day.

Or it could can put it in a sentence. Well, yeah, but I’m not positive that’s the definition. I’m just assuming it’s not EYLEA. I don’t know. I had to use air quotes for it, but it was all right. You know, Shana, I think we kind of gave everybody enough.

So it looks like we have a match. We have Jean and we have Mike Shepherd. So you guys can talk, work it out times, coordinate it and make it happen.

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