Hey there, who has open houses? I don’t I don’t have any open houses this week, I am not available to cover open houses for anybody this week. OK, I have a busy weekend and I have other items that I need to do and in front of open houses that are put more priority to to use the agent. Yes. To help everybody out. OK. All right. But for the agents out there, they might have open houses this weekend or want to host them or have something that they need hosted.

Yeah. So who’s available? We should know and we’re going to match you up. So if you have an open house available, let us know if you’re available to host an open house. Let us know if we’re going to match you guys up, because you know what? These open houses are a great opportunity for you guys to meet people, new clients.

I think buyers are coming into these open houses all the time and represented doing all this work on their own, and it is a great way for you to to meet them, let them know who you are. And when you are the listing agent of your listing, I think that they get the best information because you know everything about that listing and you’re there firsthand to realize that,

You know, that is a great point. We go to Montana and you go look at expensive homes there. And the agent, the listing agent is always present all showings. And then you think about that and you’re like, well, there’s actually a lot of information that I want to pass on. Yeah. And do I know definitively that this list that the buyer’s agent is giving every piece of factual information and representing is probably the best possible light? Because after all, it’s your job to represent your client in the best way possible and shown that you care.

And, you know, there are times that a buyer may come in and ask you something as a listing agent that you don’t even know. So it’s a good opportunity to to get it answered instead of another agent just saying, well, I’m not sure and maybe they don’t reach out and ask that question. So that comes up all the time.

All right. So those are a couple of minutes to go ahead and chat in and tell everybody what you needed for an open house. Who’s doing it? What’s going on? That was your general reminder. And I don’t see enough comments over there regarding that. So, yeah, I don’t know what’s going on, but we’re trying to help you guys out. So if you don’t care, then, hey, it’s on you. All right. Thank you. I guess no one’s hosting open house. Don’t worry about it. Not a problem. It means all of our listings of souls need to get more listings.
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