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Open House Information – Eh, it’s open house time. Oh, yeah, so this is supposed to be a Monday segment and we get together and we kind of talk about open houses that are coming up the weekend. So we have just a couple of minutes here. If you as an agent have a property that you think would be good for an open house and you want some assistance to get it in if you have a listing.

You should have do your best to have an open house so people are in the home, it makes it a little difficult. But if you just tell them to get out for the weekend, let you have it open, do your thing, you know, that’s probably the best option. And then you can cause them as little disruption as possible. Just get it all done in one weekend. Yeah. If it’s a great home and a sellable home.

And then from the other side, if you want to host an open house or be being assistant and one, then chat in that information and we’ll see what we will let everyone know and we’ll match everybody up, get you some help and knock it out.

This is a good time to be chatting in right now. So we should be seeing fierce activity on the on the chats here, asking for help, needing help, saying what you’re going to be doing, making sure that everything is kind of all right. So this time to be thinking specifically about open houses for this weekend.

This coming weekend, it’s Tuesday. So I’ve got to hurry get them in. Yeah.

Do you have any properties you need open houses for? They’re not all right. Very good. So if you just recently had one coming live, this perfect time to be doing that, we want to kind of time those up. And if you’re available right, chit chat in there, it’s a good time to do that as well. So we’re going to let that kind of go in the chat log right now and we’ll consider that covered.

And that’s the one time throughout the week that we can talk about open houses to do some matchmaking. And this is where you’re volunteering or asking for help. So don’t complain later that you’re overrun, that you didn’t have time to schedule it, that you weren’t reminded or any one of those things that

You might going through. Right now, everything looks good, but this is real estate. Things can happen at the last minute. So it’s always good to have a backup. And then if you have to tell them it’s OK, we’re not doing it, then let it go. But I would plan ahead.

Mm hmm. Best laid plans. Don’t tell them again on Thursday that we’re having an open house now all of a sudden now that should already have been taken care of and you should know what’s going on. If we already haven’t done that, then don’t have it for the week. You know what I mean? You missed it.

You should do so early in the week.

Let’s be let’s be kind, OK? What do you think?

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