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Open House QR codes in the U.S. there of them, so I’m like, quizzer, this is Shawna. So we’re going to talk about QR codes and how we’re currently using them specifically for open houses. I love it.

And if it’s the disadvantages, you know how it works and what people are willing to do when they sign in and give you some real life examples of it right now.

Katy did a really good job this weekend of giving us details of how this worked. I know I worked in Open House with Kaylee last year and we used the QR code and it worked perfectly and I found that people are more comfortable going through that right and and it just putting in their information there as well.

So let’s go ahead and share that right now on the screen and give you an example of it. And I believe everybody has one of these that’s made available to them. This is a lot of effort that was put in by the support family to get you guys each one of these different QR codes related to your phone. We’ve had these out now for a very long time, right? So they came out as soon as the virus went through.

And, you know, now we’re just getting reports on how comfortable people have become with it. Yes, and what’s going on. So this one was used specifically by Katy this weekend. So thank you for allowing us to send that over and give us some stats. So the stats that she gave here was she had two promising buyer leads, one person that was interested in being a buyer and a seller, and one neighbor selling in a few months, all of which were without agents.

So that’s four or five different transactions to come out of this of people that were potentially interested, right, that she had that she created for herself as an agent. So what’s important is that just stick to the process, don’t make it hard on yourself

And guys, when they do this and you say, Hey, scan this, they scan it on their phone, put their information on their phone, it goes straight to you, straight to you as the agent, you get tagged immediately. I mean, we’ve tested it. It happens immediately.

It goes into the CRM under you and it works. I mean, it’s great. I love it. And I think if you’re looking to impress a buyer seller, you know, everyone loves technology. And this is, I think, great to show that you’re on top of technology as well. Yeah, and

As an agent, it’s interesting. So it shall show some potential seller if somebody is looking to buy. Most likely, they are also a seller as well. Yeah, and it shows them that like, Hey, I’m putting in the effort and I do this, so I capture people’s information. It’s very similar.

I ask you to bring over your iPad, Shana, so maybe you hold that up and we’ll just remind people that it’s really weird that people, when you meet with clients and if you ask them to digitally sign

Something, yeah, I love that.

They’re like, Wow, that’s amazing, you know, technology. So therefore you must be a great realtor. Yeah, and I kind of scratch my head about some of these things.

And it’s easy. It’s not difficult. Sometimes people are fearful of technology, and they’re afraid they’re not going to be able to figure it out and understand it. But you know, if we make it easy on them, then they feel good about it.

And I think the QR code is one of those things that similar as well because they’re like, I don’t know how to make a QR code. How would you do that? Well, when you have your logo in there, that’s amazing. And so it’s interesting. Let me try this. Does it work? Oh my gosh, it does. Let me put in my two pieces of information here and give you all that. Yeah, right. Then it’s right in the database and you’re good to go.

You can follow. You don’t have to do it later. I mean, it’s it’s really good. You can go in and make your notes. I love it. And I think, you know, I always look at it. If you’re at an open house or you’re at a showing and there’s other people around whatever situation that you’re in with a client or a potential client, just think of it as you’re being like looked at to be possibly interviewed for the job of being their agent.

So you’re kind of, you know, think of it as you’re on an interview and you’re wanting to you’ve got that person right in front of you. If you do these things and make it easy on them and impress them, then they’re going to remember you when they go to buy or sell.

Yeah. And if you have the standard paper version where you’re filling it in, there’s always the issue that you might not be able to read the person’s writing. So this at least does that. Then you’re going to have to go home and take the piece of paper and then put it in the database yourself. So this does it for you, and you’re most likely to get good information because when the fields pop up would name email, phone number.

Just think about this how easy it is to just click in your in your online, and all of a sudden you put your name in it auto fills the rest of the stuff. Yeah, so it’s the correct information. People don’t. Have the wrong information with like the wrong phone number in there when they’re doing this. You’re more likely to get good information.

So typically what I would do is if I have any phone number that I’m putting in, I just put the wrong phone number in. I change the last digit of my phone number and then the people can’t call me. They don’t know which numbers are wrong. I just always change the last digit of my phone number. So if I have to repeat it back to them, I know exactly what it is. And I just modified the last

Day and I found and you know, now that I’m thinking through this, I’m not even sure if it’s correct. But when I have people do that, I say, Hey, here’s here’s a way to register, and you’re going to have access to our site where we have other information. You can search for homes. You can get more information on this property. I don’t know if that’s correct.

No, it’s good. It’s perfect. It’s fine. So just register people and off you go. Yeah. All right. So Shawn was talking smack this morning on a Monday. I like that. I think we’re good.

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