OnX maps, so it’s OK and then an X like standing here, maps for realtors. And how does that help you out? This is luxury real estate broker Shana Acquisto. And I happen to be here talking about OnX map. So we’re going to pull that up so you guys can kind of see what’s going on here. It’s amazing. It’s a product that I’m super I’m a big fan of. We found it kind of out in Montana was where we started there. And it’s something that we brought back. And we’re going to kind of discuss it right now. It helps out a lot. Yeah, it does a lot.

So we have an account. So if you are a part of our real estate family, we have this shared this username and password. And it’s really cool because what you can do and we have a couple of states that we’ve purchased that you can be out and it does a few things. You can find out who owns a property like it’s it’s kind of like instant tax that you can get all the tax records, find out who owns it, see the boundaries, find out so much information and they know where your GPS.

So what you’re able to stand where you are and be like, know who owns this piece right here? And then you can see who owns the neighbors and what’s going on. There’s a lot of great information that you get on the go. We share the secret and vault with you guys can access it.

Yeah, it’s cool. So in Montana, we we tend to go out to properties that have very or no cell service. So this is a great way when you download it that it continues to work and you know where you are because you could be out there. And if you can’t get directions, you could get lost super easy. So when we contacted OnX about getting this supreme premium service, I asked him about multiple states.

So we were able to get Texas and we can get other states. So we went ahead and bumped it up and got the the premium account. So we have multiple states. So I have not really utilized this in Texas yet, but I’m going to because I think it’s super cool. And when you’re showing that off to people, I think they’re going to be impressed. This is typically a hunting application. So when people are out hunting, they know where they are

Or hiking or trail guide. There’s like a lot of different applications for it. And it would work on your

Ipad works on the iPad. Yes, it does.

Very good. So I really, really like it. It’s came in handy a ton of times. In particular, one of the properties we were looking at there backed up to a bunch of state land or federal land and there was a bunch of trails on it. So what I was able to do is walk out and see where on the property you were in relationship to it to understand the property boundary so you don’t walk over it.

I actually had one property that the homeowner that own the property next to us was like, Hey, what are you doing right, Rob? Why are you on my property? I was like, Actually, I am. I’m over the line. You are so right. Let me move over here now. I can see that very clearly. Right. And so we wanted to find out where the property lines happened to be perfect. And you can also see what the topography is, are so many things that you can

There’s a lot of layers to apply to layer after layer after

Layer. See, like there’s a lot of trails. You know, if you’re on a trail system, you can see the different trails. Yeah, you can change. Yeah, you can change to different.

There’s just so much that goes into it. The satellite view, if you want to see like what’s up around the corner, then you can totally see that you can apply all these different layers that I’m I’m a huge fan of. And then it can show you exactly where you happen to be at right now. The moment I was it. Yeah. As I go along here, I was totally. Oh, there’s a website for it. Let’s show that off instead of me, like just showing my phone.

So if you are on a mobile device, you will have to download the app. Yep. For it to work.

That is very true, and so here we are with the website. We’re going to chat this in so you can take a look at it. Ladies and gentlemen, and studied in your own free time. But it is kind of an off road thing that you can use for being for motor motor biking, whatever that happens to be, and to go ahead and hike. So it’s something that you could be use there and for hunting and for real estate, there’s so many applications for it. So if you wanted to bring back a wild turkey, I bet Megan has this app.

I would agree, and as I would say, her husband probably does as well, right, but it’s just amazing.

It is really cool. So check it out. I think you guys will really enjoy it. Just taking a look right here. I can see this falling on my neighbors. If I make maybe I didn’t understand, like maybe you don’t know the person who lives across the street and what their name is and you’ll have it all right here. It’s super handy to be able to see what’s going on. And I don’t know, huge fan.

So many applications. Download it and try it before you actually need it. Yes, because I have a problem with it again. Is shared in Zoho Vault if you work with us here to Acquisto Real Estate. There you go.

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