On-Site water recycling for residential real estate

So water is a finite resource. How does that play into real estate and what’s going on now and in the future? And this is coming to the United States that maybe we have on site water recycling for single family residences.

We’re going to discuss what that means and more in just a second. So I’m going to go ahead and Chad in this link and let you guys see this.

It was my song when I was watching something on Netflix just the other day, and Hydra Loop is essentially taking on site water that you have for your home and recycling it at the home and using it in a slightly different application.

So this happens to be the water system that they use, and it’s allegedly very cost effective. There’s many different sizes and things that you can do with the water. But what is trying to do is take your water that you used once and recycle it, but it becomes gray water and with this gray water than it’s used in a slightly different way.

So it wouldn’t go back through your pipes and you drink it. But yet it would be used for something different, like watering your lawn, maybe doing your laundry, something along those lines, but not for you to consume and drink. So when it goes through the pipe would come through a different way.

It would go through and become cleaned and purified, and then reused a second time and then it exits your system.

So it just modifies the loop and reuses it one more time. And in doing so, there’s an upfront cost for said unit, but there’s also lower costs on a monthly basis.

There’s going to be some maintenance and upkeep with this, but is this something that is important to you in what it help out in either a new construction of a substantial property? Or do you see this as something that you like because it’s environmental? Water is a finite resource, and if we can use less of it and pollute less of it, then it makes things a little bit easier.

So taking these internal steps, I think, is kind of a good thing here to to lessen the strain for how much water we are currently using. Right. So this is something they’re looking into in California, they do all over the world, and now it’s kind of coming to us.

It made me think about this the other day, most specifically when I was looking at some plans for four property up in McKinney.

And in doing so, the North Texas Water District has a line that’s going to run directly through the property, and it has two 72 inch water mains. So seventy two inches, right? So it’s six feet across. Right. That’s how big the pipe is, and there’s two of them running along the property.

So that’s a lot of water that needs to be used. And it just makes you think you know how long before they would need three or four or put in new lines. And then, you know, as we continue to grow population wise around here, water will become an issue eventually.

So if we can lessen that burden, is that a good thing? So Hydro Loop is the company there. You can do some independent research yourself. But the question that comes out, we’re going to take a quick poll before we end here is would you would you like something like this installed in homes for either yourself and your clients?

If the cost of said unit was ten thousand added to the cost of the property? Ok, and it repaid itself over a 15 year timeline that that’s when it financially made sense that it became more profitable after that. Given today’s current water prices, would this be something that you would have an interest in for a property? Do you think it adds value when you look at the cost of a total home?

Is this a good thing to do or is it like our whatever? So let me know. Chad in their own car, will put up a quick poll for us and then we can get some feedback from it. So thank you guys very much there again. Hydra loop the name of the company. They kind of look interesting how they look.

It seems really similar to maybe what a Tesla Powerwall looks like, except bigger, but it’s got like a cool look and feel to it. So I don’t think that it is that big of a deal just to assume that it comes with a new construction. You’re not going in and retrofitting your home and doing those types of things.

So it’s a quick poll, but something that I do believe is coming towards us at some point. All right. Thank you, guys, for your participation. Let’s move on.

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