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Hey. So our boy, Omar, is going to tell us all about Instagram Reels, right?

You. We had Kaylee on a few weeks ago and she we walked through an Insta reel. Now we’re going to have on the cars view of it.

Very good. It’s great. All right. Go ahead, Omkar.

Hello, everyone. This is Producer O. And welcome back to yet another video from me. So in today’s session or in this bit, I’m going to tell you how to improve your Instagram reach in Instagram followership. Basically, how to get more reach on your account and on your posts by the medium of release Instagram Reels.

So let’s go on to what my Instagram looks like as of now. And as you can see, this is the really section, and you could see that I have posted plenty of reels and I do that quite often. I believe that Instagram is pushing this approach because it needs more people to stick onto its platform.

So it’s giving an opportunity to the creators and, you know, everyone who would want to create a deal.

The opportunity of exposure. So what’s happening as of now is, you know, you could see most of these reels are in, you know, low hundreds to maybe a thousand views. And one of them videos like this one has got around fourteen thousand almost shy of fifteen thousand views.

So this is something that is very interesting to me, and it’s something that is changing over time, like on to content creation and how people are viewing content. So what I think is small pieces, you know, a couple of seconds, maybe three, four or five seconds of videos are what it’s going to trend now.

So this is what we as creators like, we obviously are creators of what we are doing right. We are creating content on a daily basis, taking pictures, photos, recording stuff and writing things.

So this is a new tool that we could use to showcase the world like what exactly we are doing and to pose it in such a format that you know, it gets the viewership and lets go on to how, you know, I get this. So as you could see, I have a couple of drafts, but let’s see, I’ll show you.

So this is the Reels section in the center you could see over here. And what I do is I usually go to the songs that are, you know, getting a whole lot of views, and I see what kind of songs are getting, you know, consistently a hundred thousand views, you know, three hundred thousand views, one point two million.

And so, yeah, OK. So this one, these top three videos are, uh, you know, the most like, most viewed. And yeah, so pretty much this song isn’t the one we should be looking for. But see this one. This one is by. I mean, OK, so yeah, now you could see most of these videos are in higher hundred thousand views, and some of them also have a million views, at least a million one point two three point nine.

So I think this is a good fit. You could also see the number of reels over here on the top, just below the name of the artist. It’s twenty seven point six K Reels that were created. So you could, you know, save this audio and or you could use it right away.

So now you could see me where you as well and put in clips in such order that, uh, each clip is, you know, cut exactly at the beat of the song so you could use five six seven a number of clips just put in such an order that they are cut exactly at the beat so that, you know, it creates a sense of viewing or like it is enticing to watch something like that. So that is the approach basically what Instagram’s asks its creators to do. And going be twice and cutting the content.

Exactly, add the beat is what is trending as of now. Also, I wanted to mention that sometimes what happens is, uh, uh, some of them reels, don’t get the amount of views or the viewership that you were thinking it would get. So it happens, stuff happens. And you know what we as creators should aspire to do is to create as much amount of content as we could on a daily basis because, you know, if.

This doesn’t get some views or, you know, if some content is not appreciated, it’s because it’s the viewers who would decide what is getting viewed and what you. So just keep on creating and that’s about it. That’s pretty much it. And yeah, I believe this helps you into your creation journey of your content, and it leads you to create more content as we speak. So, yeah, that’s about it and see you in the next one.

Well, that’s some amazing stuff Omkar.

You know, you’re really correct because when you click on someone’s real, if it’s not good, then you don’t want to, you know you, you don’t want to really continue. So and I know that’s the way I’m the stories like, you want to see what’s next, right? So the guy brings some noise. Yeah, the beat.

I like that to match it up. Searching by the popular music is a key thing because then people are enticed because of that. Yes. Yeah, you know, that’s interesting. I wouldn’t have thought people watched it with with volume, but apparently they do. Some do because there was a big trend to putting everything with subtitles, right?

Because I think that’s still a trend. But yeah, depends on, you know, what they’re watching. Maybe they wait and watch reels when they’re

Yeah, it must be a different time. Listen, it’s amazing. It is. Well, thank you, Omkar for that. I did learn a couple of things. First one is I’m probably going to get some see through glasses. He had some see-through glasses. Let’s see if that’ll upgrade my game.

And apparently I need to grow my hair out too, because this guy is looking really, really good and need to take some stuff from farther. Nice job, man. Appreciate that. Thanks for sharing all the info. Yes, being a real person, we appreciate that. Yes.

And congratulations on being such a creator in getting that type of followership. That’s really good. Yeah, engaging and getting content. Thank you for that. All right.

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