Talk to your clients. All instructions, these are from the seller in the seller’s choice, yes, that is local real estate celebrity Shana Acquisto. Thanks for joining us and taking your time out of being on TV or traveling the globe to just discuss with us some things like offer instructions. We’re going to talk about from a seller that it has to be requested from the seller. Right, not from the agent.

Remind ourselves of that. Right. And where does this go? Yeah. And how is it communicated? So those are the items that we need to discuss to lead us through this.

So just a reminder, you know, in these multiple offers are coming at us like crazy, right fast. And, you know, we have to remain calm and understand what the seller really want in this. So if you’re getting all of these, let’s just kind of walk through a scenario. You’re getting all of these offers and they’re half filled out.

And you you’ve communicated to the agent that you have 50 offers and there’s comes in with a 14 day option period, not waiving appraisal, the things that we would think are common sense to, you know, compete. So when you get a little frustrated with that and you’re you say because we’ve talked about putting these offer instructions in before and you think, I want this, this, this and this or don’t submit the offer, our offers need to have this.

Well, what if you have somebody that can do that, but then you’ve kind of upset them and they’re like, you know what, forget it. If they don’t want my offer, I’m going to move on to another property. So what you want to make sure you’re not discouraging people who can you know, you’re not discouraging people from presenting an offer or submitting an offer

Because your rules are so constraining that you only get three offers instead of 15 or more. Right. Like what’s going on here.

So I think it’s important to encourage everyone. We want every agent to be able to submit an offer and we want to invite them to do so. So you might put something in there, like a great offer would look like this. However, we accept all offers and we’re excited to see your offer. Right.

So it’s all about how you word it. But when you’re putting all these instructions in, the next thing is to think about you should have educated your seller on this process and what to expect and all these different scenarios so they know what they want and what they don’t want and what they’re willing to do.

So if you tell your seller, you know, we want the highest and best offer and they’re like, all I care about is the highest offer. And then you go over here and you’re putting all these other things in that are really to benefit you and haven’t been discussed with the seller. You’re not doing your duty to yourself because you’re duty in order to get the highest and best.

If you’ve discourage somebody from putting an offer in, then you haven’t done your job. And if that ever came out and the seller found out something like that, then they’re going to come back to you and say, hey, how do I know this was the highest and best when you, you know, put all these restrictions in there? So just be careful when you’re doing that. Remember who your duty is to what’s so funny.

So like 12 year old Mike is laughing inside right now.

Do you know how much fun it was to have a whole house full of raising boys? And this is what it was like. It was a double Duty to give me a glimpse into my life and they would laugh about it. I have to wonder why she said that. So anyway, just. No, no, you’re well, very good, right? Yes. So before you start writing these up that fill out the contract correctly, you know, that’s something that’s important. OK, but have you asked the seller about that? Yes.

So whatever you’re putting in there, it should have been discussed with the seller and it should be what they want and their needs met ,because if the person puts a contract in wrong and it maybe takes a little bit more effort on your part, but you get a best seller, more money, that’s your job. Mm. I thought it was their duty to your claim to fame. It is.

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