Number 1 Problem Limiting Your Real Estate Career

Hello. I’m Mike Acquisto, real estate broker. You guys watch this all the time, so you probably know me and you’re like, Why did you just introduce yourself? Well, because the topic that we have is the number one problem limiting you in your real estate career.

And sometimes you just have to understand that you have to introduce yourself to yourself. You know what? Yeah, sometimes you. Are the problems in your own real estate career? You have to go ahead and do all of the right things and look within yourself.

And that’s where a lot of it really comes from. All right. Are you doing all of the right things every single day? There’s a lot that makes up your real estate career, and I’m consistently amazed with all the skill sets that you have to possess to be a great realtor.

So first, if you’re looking at all this bundle of skills, right, there’s all these super analytical things that you have to be good at. So you have to with prospecting, you have to know who to go after and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Then you have to know how to negotiate contracts, how to write contracts like those are like a very specific skill set. Then you have to have all these soft skills like, you know, building rapport with your clients and having them like and trust you, right?

Then you have to have this other skill set in local market knowledge to know where the right homes are, what the right price points are to know what neighborhoods, what schools, which communities, which design of homes is going to be right for your client.

And then you had to have this whole other network of things such as, you know, what other realtors would you work with when you call somebody up, you’re like, Hey, we have multiple offers on this property, but my offer that’s coming in is going to be good.

Please select it because and you have this rapport with other agents. So there’s so many different skills you need. Not to mention that all of a sudden you get this repair amendment back and you as an agent after this inspection, you have to know all of these different skills right to know about.

Like, we’re going to talk tomorrow about the septic system.

So you have to know about stuff like that. You have to know about windows and fogging windows and how long they’re supposed to last. And you have to know about foundations and roof repairs. And like all these things, not that vendors for every one of them and how much it’s going to cost and how you’re going to negotiate it and who’s going to take care of that. Right.

So there’s all of these different skill sets that you have to consistently know, not to mention keeping up with education, licensing consistently, knowing more things all the time so you can be better. Not to mention that there’s all these external forces that are trying to push your commissions lower, right?

And you’re fighting back against him and saying, I deserve my commissions because. Right then there’s lack of inventory and then you’re fighting over all these things and then there’s more agents coming in.

That’s a lot. Right? Plus, you’re probably a great person, you want to be present with your family and you want to be around to do this, and they only want to see homes, your clients on the weekends and at night when you want to be with your own family.

So you’re going to work all day and then work all night and then sleep when? Right? So there’s all these different pressures on all of these things is for you as an agent. And that’s what I’m talking about, that you should not be your number one problem anymore. What you have to occasionally do is look in the mirror, see what’s going on within your career and work on those skills that you’re not necessarily as good at because all those skills I just mentioned are very difficult to find in one person.

Right, so now there’s all of that detail stuff, there’s the time on the computer, there’s the paperwork, there’s the signatures, there’s the data collection, there’s all these different things that you have to do. And that’s what we try to set up for you is that you have a person to help you out with each one of these things, whether it’s brand building and putting yourself first and putting yourself out there.

Right. There’s a lot to it. So what are you doing today to look at yourself to see where you are within your career? And how do you make yourself better? Right? Where do you dig into to find the courage to get better at the things you’re weak at? Because every once in a while, you do have to do that.

If you have time and a little bit of downtime now and you’re working through things, you need to take inspiration from people that are inspirational. Like maybe take a page out of Mike Shepherd. He has phenomenal fourth quarters. I have no idea why.

Seems like everybody takes off the fourth quarter in real estate land and they’re like, Well, I just. And then here comes the excuse train. And they make up something of what’s going on, right? Like, I already had a good first three quarters and this year has been great and I set records in all these things. So then before you know it, your fourth quarter is horrible.

Well, take a page out of somebody’s playbook. And Mike Shepherd, he’s just phenomenal in the fourth quarter, every single year I look up and he’s like just doing tremendous things in the fourth quarter and laying foundations for for the beginning of the next year. And that’s where success comes from, its hard work, its dedication, doing the right things when nobody’s looking and working, when people are taking off.

And being true to what your real values are and working all these things all the time. And often the thing getting in the way of you having the ultimate success within real estate is yourself. So we’re going to end a little bit early today, and I encourage you just to think and contemplate and just discuss within your own mind what you have going on in your world and where you’re weak, but reflect and take action to be better at it. I’ll be here for you if you need me for anything at all.

I want to be able to work through the things with you that are important to you, that you believe I can help you with. Shawna will be here to help you out with any of the things that you need assistance with, where you could potentially need some assistance on her side. You’ll have Stacy, you’ll have Megan. There’s people here for you. Not to mention everyone else that you work with wants to see you succeed.

Ok, if there’s something you need, you want and you, you’re desire to get better, then make it happen. We’re all here for you. Thank you very much. Happy reflection. Nothing else. End in early. It’s time for you to reflect. So just think in your own mind, take this time right now. I’m going to be quiet. You’re going to do it.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 11.29.21

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