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Prices are going up, prices are going up, so your NTREIS, your MLS fee that you pay quarterly, which in the past has been 109.80, OK, is going to go up to 113.00 starting December 1st for your first quarter of 2021. So, you know, it’s, what, four dollars and 20 cents per quarter per quarter and you know, metro tax, which is the more of the Dallas Area Association they implemented this last year. But we felt, you know, we were just going to let it ride this year and not do that to the members. That was something that the board voted for to do. But this year, I mean, it’s quite an increase in the association. So this year we had to, you know, implement this fee. And it’s, you know, it’s it’s minor. But, you know, there’s a lot of things going on at NTREIS and they’re they’re putting in they hadn’t raised the the fees in a while. So. So just to let you guys, you know, make you aware that you’ll see that on your on your next bill that comes out of the CCAR.

So you said it’s 4 dollars ish per cent. Yeah. Yeah. Per per quarter times four. So it’s, you know, 16, 17, 16, 20 bucks on an annual basis. Yeah, OK. And so how do these fees compare, because now you’re another association. Talk a little bit about that because aren’t people kind of we’re in a good situation here. I mean, I want to put you on the spot. Like fees in Montana are decidedly dismal record.

Yes, there’s they’re really accept. Well, they  do a lot on the front end, OK, but it was extremely expensive for us to get licensed as brokers in Montana and get access and get access.

The access was expensive. So I think you guys do a really good job here of controlling the cost to a reasonable number for sure, because they use the same pretty much core logic that we use here.

It’s very similar. So but then the expenses dramatic, right? Yeah, like triple like three times.

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