NTREIS: Conversion from RETS to RESO

Hey, NTREIS, you’re converting from RETS to RESO. So it’s been quite a while in coming, right, so this is moving from one standard, the old API standard to the new one. And there’s a lot more fields. There’s some information we’re going to share.

We do have a document to go over that is Shauna. She’s going to be helping us explain some of these items that Mitrice has going on. I think it’s far, far overdue.

It’s way Overdue. We’re going to get to it right now. So let’s share this document. Have some discussions.

So we’ve been going through some beta testing because any time you make a conversion, there’s some hiccups along the way. So there were some functions that weren’t working when you were inputting a listing or when you were searching.

And you know, it could still happen when they roll it out. So it’s important to get some feedback from you guys. And I’m going to say that anything, not just this, but anything that you see when you’re searching or you think could be beneficial to you or a client through our MLS, please let me know.

I am on the MLS committee and I’m in leadership and I would love to bring all of these things, which I am, but I would love to have you guys a part of it and get your input so we can maybe make some changes because it is long overdue. They have a new data dictionary that’s a standard that is used all across the country that we have to, that we have to make sure that our system, you know, complies with. So it works.

But yeah, so these are some of the different items that have been updated or added. There’s now significantly more fields. Yeah, and it’s kind of like this new nationwide thing. It’s a much better database. Yeah, it’s more updated and it functions quicker. There’s a lot of super positives about it. I don’t want to get totally into the weeds Now, but there are some things that we’re really irrelevant before, and they brought in some new things.

We talked before about the bathrooms and how they’re going to separate them, and they’re going to have a total bath number. But it will be broken down so you can see how many full baths and how many half baths. But before it would just say like two point one and one being the half bath. And it was a little confusing, I think, for people and the consumers.

So we are that’s one of the changes that they’ve made. And if there is two half baths, it would be zero point two. Is that how it used to be? Yeah. Ok, yeah. I actually like that myself. I understand what it is, but I could understand how the consumer might not.

But now it’s going to be. So if you have, for example, three bedroom, two half baths, right, it’s going to be total baths is five and then below it, it’s going to break down. How many are full and how many are haves? So I think it’s better, actually. Mm hmm.

I didn’t. I mean, in the beginning, they were just telling us that it was just going to be a whole number, and that was a little confusing.

But so I I would say there’s going to be quite a few challenges with this because the API really wasn’t even available for us to test. We tried to put it in. Yeah, and it wasn’t working as of like just the other day. So it’s supposed to go into effect next month, I believe, but this has been like three years, we can’t even test it fully yet, and we can’t implement it.

So I don’t know. I bet there’s going to be a lot of different websites out there that kind of break, hopefully because of this, if you’re not totally, totally on top of it at the last minute, it kind of feels weird. We should really be able to have been testing this for a long time and implemented it already.

They’re still in beta testing. And there’s, you know, I’ve been looking at it. There’s a lot of the releases they’ve updated how the leases are done. I’ve seen that be a big change. But yeah, you guys may not even notice, but I bet you do. Hmm.

Well, if anyone’s keeping track at home, this is coffee number three for me already this morning. And these are pretty good sized ones, so I’m totally hit the coffee make another pot. It’s going to be a long day. We’ve been working hard. Ok, you’ve been working hard.

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