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Open letter to NTREIS. It’s you, not me. You know, when you break up with somebody you normally say like, Oh, it’s not you, it’s like me, I need to do this and you give it to them the soft way. Or sometimes they actually need the facts.

It’s actually, you know, stress, you’re the problem. So let’s go ahead and we’re going to discuss this and tell you what’s currently going on. So this is a real estate agent. You probably understand that now is a busy time of the year. All these listings come on. I know as a company we have tons of media days that were just recently scheduled, executed upon and everyone says, Oh, let’s get my house ready to go live in the spring.

Well, when’s the spring when spring break? Know it’s all going on right now, right? Just depends where you live, what school district you’re a part of. Spring break is pretty much now. And everyone’s ready to go live with their listings, and we worked all winter to get them.

And now we have them in like we did all the work to do it. And then on the first, Ntreis says, Hey, we’re going to do this little conversion thing. We’re going to move from one standard to another standard and we’re going to like update some stuff and we’ll be offline for a couple of hours.

We’ll be right back. Don’t worry about it, right? And you’ll have to update these couple of things in there like, Hey, you’re going to update these three things like your new safe search. We’re going to like, modify this just a little bit like the bathrooms are going to be written a little bit differently.

What? The bathrooms. No, that’s not exactly kind of what was it? Right. So we’ve been getting all types of calls from all different angles of issues in what this relates to. So I will let you know that currently, if you have new listings that have went in since three one yesterday, they’re not going incorrectly. And when you push them out, if you have this new listing, they’re not showing up on Zillow on Realtor.com.

They’re not properly being syndicated. We have been testing it and we’re ready for it on our on our test server. And we were just on a meeting and we were able to get them to come through to our test server. So we’re ready for that. But the live server is something completely different. So we’ve been trying to work through this.

But at the end of the day, your listings, if you’re putting them on right now since three one are not syndicating properly as they should, and it comes down to networks and it comes down to them in their lack of documentation and their lack of rollout and lack of testing for major item.

And it seems like they need to roll it all the way back and start over and properly document what’s going on so that it can work. But I’m just trying to give you advance notice when your clients are calling you, when you’re trying to schedule things, there’s going to be all types of errors going on right now.

And essentially, you might as well take the next week off unless they roll it all back. And because you won’t see any of us on the tech side, we’ll all be working on trying to catch up with what they’re doing, as will all the technology companies that are involved in any way, shape or form with real estate here in, you know, in the Greater Metroplex because all of our data is going to be totally, totally wrong.

So just go ahead and go on spring break and don’t worry about it. Tell your clients like Hey, nutrition, point right at him. Just tell them exactly who, what, why and how. And they might start showing up correctly on some websites, but not on others. It’s going to take time. Everybody has to make adjustments to what was taking place. Ok, so I’m going to dive a little bit deeper into some of these issues.

You probably won’t be able to schedule them right on showing time. They’re not going to show up. The statuses are all going to be wrong. You’re going to start seeing stuff, not just the listings coming in, but the status is. So we’re going to have some major major problems with safety and security because you might be going to homes.

That show is active, but they’re not actually active. And so you might want to confirm all of those details for any showing, even if you set it up with CSS directly with the agent.

And make sure because you could run into a potential safety issue with walking into homes when people aren’t expecting you to be there because of this as well, because the status updates aren’t going to be true and correct as far as documents that you might not be dealing with the most updated documents because they’re having to document upload problem right now.

So if you can’t get the documents and you don’t know if the seller’s disclosure is accurate anymore, you don’t know if the survey is is correct. If the person’s updating the stuff, we can’t rely upon this data that’s being provided to us now. So it’s just an issue, and it’s for every single person that practices real estate, so we we’re all kind of in this issue where nothing kind of works.

And the data is now not to be relied upon here locally, regardless of what website you happen to take a look at it on. What I’m going to do is kind of give you an explanation of some of these items, and I’m going to pull it over and show you some of these things.

So I have a link and this is super nerdy. This is from our tech talk this morning. So we have a normal standard Wednesday meeting at seven thirty am with our tech development team and we are going through this.

And what we have here are the different standards in the different statuses that can come in. So where we were before is we had these statuses here and this is the RESO property status. I’m going to take the mouse for just a moment here and pull this one over.

I took a couple of screenshots, so réseau is one standard and this is what we’re on before and what you’ll see, and this just gives you an explanation of why and what’s going on. They had active pending cancelled, closed, back up, expired, withdrawn and these were the amount of them and the types of fields they had. And if I go to the next one, what you’ll see is they updated and this one here is the RETS property standard.

And these are the words in the statuses that are used there. And this is just one field giving an example of it. But these are active, active, contingent, active kick out. So they’re different. The two standards are totally different. There’s RESO and there’s RETS, and there’s definitions for each one and each one works differently.

Effectively, RESO is like the old bad standard in rats is like the new cool, good standard that people are using, right? So there’s a definition in a way that they work. What Mitrice did is they made up their own normally not good to get creative in this type of situation, so I’ll must have been maybe the first one.

Oh, did I have three of those and see the order they went in? Maybe one more. Did I miss the last one? I hear it is. Ok, so this is where they got creative and creativity doesn’t really work with databases. So within this field, what we thought they were moving to was the RET standard, but they didn’t really.

They move to like this hybrid resurrects where it’s still unresolved, but they’re using the Reds definitions, allegedly, which is not a good idea at all. But then they decided that they would take some of the fields and like, name them, whatever they wanted. So if you look at the other statuses, they change some of them to creativity to be active.

Kayo Well, active K.O. is a field that won’t map properly when the other one is written as active. Kickout. Now it’s a small detail, but the computer can’t read it, and this same type of thing happened for all of the different fields, right? So this is one field status within that. They now have all these different ones that they’ve made up that weren’t there before, and they don’t match with either the old standard or the new standard.

They invented this world in between staying on old technology and morphing between the two standards that are out there. And just like made up words of what they were doing. So we were kind of like befuddled by that. And what I will also show you is how many fields there happens to be.

So you just have an idea of the scale and scope. So on the NTREIS RETS standard. So that’s the one that they just moved to. Let me get to where we were here. Ok. So with this one in RESO, there are six hundred and twenty four fields, so every single one of them, you pull down from this dropdown and you select the field and you have to map it from place to place, so it reports correctly on your on your website.

There are six hundred and twenty four fields in the standard. Ok, and this one over here there’s two hundred and seventy four in the old standard. And then there’s this new standard that like was just created out of thin air, where there’s now three hundred and ninety three fields.

So there’s not the full fields, there’s not the old fields. There’s like some number in between, so people now have to guess which fields to download, where to map them and what to do. So the way it works is every one of these fields has to get mapped to where you’re doing it, so you have to go through and pick them and find them.

But there’s a standard and there’s a way to end up doing these. And when they don’t map correctly and you expect there to be either two hundred fields or 600 fields and you end up with three hundred and ninety three, whatever that number is.

Well, how do you how do you know what number to expect, right? And then I’m just trying to show you the example of status and how many statuses there are right? And if in here this is one field status. So the same issue is compounded when you change names to things like active kayo right from active kickout and you make up a new field and label it something different. Like this one right here with active kale.

Every one of these fields, every dropdown has to be remapped from one to the other and you have to line them up. But when you don’t choose one and you make up your own and don’t let anyone know what it is, you get to a situation in a place where Zillow and Realtor.com and just about everybody don’t have them working right. So we’re able to move to our new to our new production server or our new test server.

So that lived out acquistorealestate.com . And we’re able to pull in the information. But it’s really an issue because every change they make is going to have a counter change and as it’s related there. So if I go back here, I’m going to make a suggestion and let you know.

So I think as an as an agent, unless they roll everything back right now that you’re going to kind of have an issue for quite a while.

So it does come down to your safety, it does come down to your livelihood. And Netra, like I said, it is you. It is not me. You need to fix it. Suggestion is to go ahead and roll everything back to right where you were. Go back to your old bad standard that you had with the old technology in the old way of doing it, because right now you’re impacting tens of thousands of people’s livelihood and income property. Anyone that’s searching for a property is going to have totally bad data, and it’s not.

Right. So there’s a lot of different issues related to that, so I think they do need to effective immediately roll it back to the old standard and let everyone know you’re probably going to need to pay everybody for all the wasted time that it creates and then probably going to have to investigate what to do going forward. So I do recommend an independent audit of what’s currently going on and how we got to this status.

I think there should be some emergency money put aside from the associations to look into what’s going on to see how they can better fix it so they don’t have this problem in the future. And I think it’s a great opportunity to actually take back the search data.

There’s so many. Just think about this for for just a minute how many people that are agents locally are giving money to big out-of-town companies like Zillow and Realtor.com just to name two.

Realtor.com, by the way, is not owned technically by realtors. It’s owned by the New York Times. And because we, yes, we sold our website, but just don’t don’t bring that back up. Ok. So anyways, how much money from local agents is going out the door to buy back our own leads that we have? Shouldn’t we really be investing as an association, as you know, as a whole community in our own website? So real quick.

Tell me where you would go search locally if you wanted to look up properties through your local association. Give me the website. Ok. And do they send you leads all the time? Tell me a good one that you’ve seen that’s locally done, you know, within the state of Texas. Oh ha, you mentioned ha, that’s a good one.

They actually get all that stuff and you sometimes actually get leads from horror sent to you. Right? So there’s a lot of money that’s going out of out of state and a lot of money that’s being siphoned off from all the agents to somewhere else for no good reason. I do believe that if you’re going to go ahead and do this, you should do it correctly, fully investigate all the options.

And I think they do include taking back the MLS from NTREIS and doing it yourself as an association and also going ahead and taking back and doing a great job to develop the leads locally for the actual agents that have the listings.

Wouldn’t it be nice to return the leads to the listing agents correctly as it should go? That gives you the power to actually have the listings right, and it rewards those. And then if you want to have some type of advertising on there and people know what it is so that they can get leads and purchase leads and spend to try to grow their business, then you can do that.

But you would probably not call them local guides as Zillow demeans an agent. And they do that so they can get to an unlicensed situation where they can have more value and they can degrade the brand of the realtor. Ok. So those are my recommendations, but there’s a big pot of gold at the end, and there’s an also if you do it poorly, which is currently going on and you continue to give away things and not invest in technologies locally that are important as has clearly done a great job of this. But if you don’t invest in that, then it goes the exact opposite way.

And there’s no pot of gold at the end and it becomes really scary locally. So it’s up to our leadership to help us through these times. When there is times in peril and things are in flux, then you need to rely upon those, those people that are in charge there.

So a good thing for everybody here is Sean is on the on the board of, I think, everything here locally and she understands the issue. And if you have a problem, don’t email or directly because she knows about the problem she probably is getting, I don’t know, like 100 emails a day in texts and everything related to this issue from all different angles, be it from different brokers, be it from big people, be it from small people, be it from people just trying to like close out of listing and be safe and not have any issues, write or upload a seller’s disclosure that’s been updated.

So anyways, we know about the issue, we’re working through it. I have no idea what an is going to do, but best advice, just be safe and just take a break vacation. If they roll it back, like I suggested, then we can all come back to work and we can move on, and then they’ll have to see how they’re going to actually fix it correctly going forward. But it’s time to actually get worse before we get better.

So enjoy your Wednesday. That was like super nerdy, but I think actually important for you to understand just a little bit of any questions. Maybe we’ll bring them up tomorrow. So send me an email if you have any questions about it and we’ll add them in for the topics tomorrow, and I will cover what was my other topic desk. I know you’re super excited about that one.

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