There are several items that you do need to have notarized, right. What’s the top item to have notarized? T 47 T wide world.

T 47 is a document that accompanies your survey. So if you have someone that is going to provide an existing survey, the title company, this is for the title company only for them to be able to, to accept it, they need to know they don’t physically go to the property. Right. That’s true. Well, they need this document to a sworn affidavit letting the title company know that, hey, we haven’t made any changes to the date on this survey, the date on the survey until now. Until now. OK, and if they know of any changes, then they maybe they purchased it for cash and didn’t need an updated survey and an approval was installed.

So what we want to do is make sure that, you know, anything that’s different from the date on that survey and it’s in the little seal, the date of the survey that it’s disclosed, because that’s going to the title company is going to take that information and and provide title insurance based on that. So it’s very important.

Let me ask a couple of questions and see if they are covered under the forty seven. And I kind of want to change. So we painted. Is that a problem, structural changes, structural changes, OK, adding a minute or so, you just go out and you put a pergola up in your in your backyard, OK?

Right. Pergola. Yeah. And it can be removed. That doesn’t. That’s not it.

That wouldn’t qualify if you extend your patio and it’s permanent concrete in your backyard, that would qualify as a permanent modification, meaning that you can no longer use your existing survey from years ago till now. Correct?

You can use it, but it’s not it’s not up to date. So, you know, sometimes if it’s something minor, they will go ahead and accept it because they know what the change was and not require you to give it to you.

But sometimes they do. It just depends. Depends, I think age at the survey, what the change was. And sometimes the lenders require something different as well.

I guess back to our topic here that we’re kind of discussing is actually notary’s and where you can get that completed. OK, so first option for Notary’s is that you can go to the title company, right?

You can go to the title company. We have to remember that title company. Still, some of them are open and some of them are not.

So some might need to make an appointment if that’s something you’re wanting to do. But they will typically do it at no charge, which is  the best option.

So most likely he would like to it would be better if you went to the title company that’s actually closing you, right? Yes. That or maybe one of their branches or something like that. That would be OK if you just go into a random title company. Most honestly, people in the title business are kind of nice.

They are. I know a republic has been really good about. I used to take stuff to share all the time to just do it, which is not there anymore. But they still do it there really.

So if you needed a favor, you could go to another title company and just like kind of like, hey, I know. Not like right. But in general there’s notary’s there and they’re really nice people. I mean, you don’t want to take advantage of all, but it’s like once and it’s like a favor, you know, like kind of all notary.

All those escrow officers are notaries, so they’ll most likely be somebody.

They’re the second option. Option number two would be to go to any one of your pack males, UPS or FedEx stores. Those are going to have a cost associated with them, but they’re most likely going to be close to you. They probably are to have options where they’re open on Saturday. So that might help you out in different cases where

they could do something for you when, you know the other times are not available. So if you have a person who needs something on a weekend, that’s probably one of your options. I’ve seen average cost for that, ranging five to ten dollars, sometimes appointments required with covid sometimes. But there’s basically always somebody at one of those that is a notary is charge. But it’s an option, an extended option. And maybe it’s closer to you. Right. So your time has a value and maybe that’s one that it’s like, oh, yeah, totally. Rather than driving across town, let’s just go ahead and do this. Yeah. And option number three, we are going to go ahead and show off the first link today and show the Web page here or Frisco Notary and Frisco Notary dot com is an option that we can go ahead and utilize and they would be a local service. And this is one example of a mobile notary that you can schedule with that they will come to you. OK, and you paid them a cost so that you can go ahead and get this completed for you, there’s a whole lot of options that they will do in notarized, but they are a professional onsite notary service that comes directly to you. There’s a cost. And I was looking at this cost and it’s kind of like actually it’s very, very affordable. So they have a travel cost. And I guess it depends on exactly where you are. Right. This is one example, but the service for your time and based on where you are, maybe this is the best option. You can’t leave. And one of those items totally go ahead and and utilize this.

And I believe that. And I we don’t know this for a fact if they do it or not. But I have heard recently and with covid that they’re actually doing they’re somehow doing this over DocuSign or something.

There’s an online option for them to notarize something online where they physically don’t come to you. And that’s I. I don’t know. I don’t know. It is an option. It’s there there’s the booking services that you can go ahead and do in there hours and whatever. But there is an option for online and they don’t they’re trying to limit their exposure.

Then that’s an that is an option. You just need to double check.

So you have several options for Notary. We talked about that yesterday and I thought it was wise to kind of jump back in and tell you exactly how, where, when, why and how you can get that oil company.

So we told you yesterday that we were notaries and we thought we were really cool. And my sister, Lisa, Lisa Marie, she was she did that for title companies for a while. Yeah. Travel all around and do mobile closings.

So remember that I do. She made a heck of a career out of it. And mobile notaries do a lot of closings, and that’s always an option. So if you want to use a mobile notary for closing sometimes that the title company will go out themselves or in different cases or send somebody out, there’s often a fee for it. And sometimes a closing is delayed a little bit when the documents come back because they have to get them all back. And I remember my sister used to buy a lot of paper because she had to go out and get copies of everything and then she’d fax it back. I don’t know why was fax, not email, but like those all faxed back someone in Montana and for funding, if I had a fax, we do our fax number, so maybe we’ll cover that in the summer at the end. All right.

I do want to point out something else. As far as notary options go, if you have a client, which we’re seeing more and more of this, have a mail out where they’re going to close remotely. There is a fee to that.

So I think that’s something that, you know, the title companies have been good about letting our clients know about it.

But I think it’s something that we also have that discussion and we know so we can be be aware of it and inform our client that, you know, there is a small fee, but you will be charged an additional fee for doing six thousand dollars.

A remote notary. Yeah, I’ve seen on $150. I mean, they’re kind of all over the place, so just double check and find out what that would be. $50 to $150 dollars ish. Not six thousand.

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