Not your father’s TNT

What that means is like we’re changing a little bit, we’re evolving, hopefully improving. Yeah, I don’t know. I’m not really sure. And what we’re kind of trying to do is I was looking through different words that I thought would kind of like help us out. And we’re changing this up just a little bit. So what we’re kind of trying to go to is a real estate talk show format.

What do you think about that?

We need a couch. Yeah, and more guests. All right. Well, that’s fine. We can work on that. Well, I think I’ll do it on the screen behind us. We could put a couch.

We can make it look like there’s a couch back there. I’ll make it look like a studio or like whatever you want. That’s the whole idea of the green screen. So if you have some changes, if you have suggestions, send them to me at

Why would I say that? I don’t know. Super weird. And people are like, that’s why I do that.

When you say not your father’s TNT thing, I can think of.

I don’t know if anybody knows Paula Deen or likes Paula Deen recipes, but she has this recipe called Not Your Mama’s Banana Pudding. And I make that all that. That’s my banana pudding recipe.  

So that’s all she’s going to say that I know you copy me. No, Paula Deen, the banana islanding.

Yeah. Yeah, that’s it. Believe it or not, I don’t watch a lot of Paula Deen, but I do know who she is and I do know her current. Is she the one that had to challenge national challenge? OK, yeah. Well, I don’t know if she’s worked past it or however that’s work, but we still like her banana pudding. Yeah. And so what we also are kind of doing here on TNT is we will be having more guests, obviously, and we’ll be doing a bunch of different items here, but it’ll be adjusted time wise. So we are going to still be starting at eight forty five each morning. We’re going to try to move everybody as much as we can to YouTube. So on YouTube, if you chat in there, will be able to see all the information here. We’ll be able to respond back to you. It’s a lot easier kind of for us. We’ll see the feed directly so you can chat in. So on YouTube, it helps us out quite a bit. If you guys hit the subscribe button, that’s going to help us, then you’ll be notified every single time that we go live and we start these events. So we’ll be broadcasting it

out to a larger group. This content also is going to start to really help us with SSL. So we’re going to be releasing this. We have the transcript. We’re doing a bunch of work behind the scenes. It’s like super nerdy, but it’s actually going to help drive a lot more traffic to our website. So creating more followers for this, the channel and doing each of those things really ends up helping us out. And so it kind of is important. So go ahead and hit the follow button and that will help us out on YouTube. YouTube is a Google product. Google is where a lot of searches are done and like it all kind of like roles together. So the more we lean in, the more we kind of get back. All right. So that’s that’s kind of the platform in which we’re moving. No, not actually that way. I don’t know if that’s what I was talking about. So anyways, we’ll be doing each of those different items and most specifically, time wise, we’ll still be starting with a 45, but we’ll be going over. We’re trying to take each different topic and have it segmented into a specific time frame. And then during that, as we kind of go through it, we’ll have a definitive start and with the Borton in the bell and all those different items and at the end then that will be put in a separate blog post with all the information. Again, I really don’t want to get in the weeds about the tech, but like I kind of do.

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