North Texas Realtors in Action – North Texas realtors in action, yes, north Texas Realtors in Action is a charitable organization that was founded by CCAR, our real estate association, and it is ran by CCAR. So it is a nonprofit. And if Omkar could move the screen over, I want you guys to be aware of this organization.

So right now, if you know anybody that has been affected by the power outages, the recent storm and power outages, then there is an apply now button through this organization and you can apply and receive help. So I really appreciate this. This was actually started by Matt Hilton. Many of you may know Matt Hilton was a past president of CCAR and he felt a need to have a charitable organization.

So this North Texas Realtors and Action Foundation, its entire if that’s what you were talking about earlier. But it was kind of an idea of Matt Hilton, which I thought was really cool.

You know, Matt does a lot of Habitat for Humanity volunteering and actually lots of volunteering. So he’s he’s he’s very cool in that way. But again, this is our very own scalars foundation. And, you know, you guys can get involved. There is a community outreach committee at CCAR if you guys are interested to get involved in that. But yeah, I love that we have a foundation that’s around to help people in need.

We’re good. Thanks, Matt.  

So, yeah, if you know anybody, go to this website.

This is their website and you can apply shout out to Matt. He was a former TNT guest when we had people in person. He’s awesome. Yeah. He was one of the first people to step up and say, hey, let me do that.

Yeah. So thank you, Matthew. Yeah, thank you. OK, very good.

And we have a website. Maybe we share that link here for you so everybody can see that one.

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