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North Texas Real property tax. Hello. Thank you, guys for joining us. We’re going to talk about protecting your property taxes in a service that can help you out as an agent.

Yes. So we have a link, we’re going to chat that in. We’re going to show it off here in just a moment.

But I wanted to let you know that we’re trying to find some things that are going to provide additional value to you as an agent that would help your clients out and have them remind on a regular basis what’s going on and see where their taxes are and see how we could help lower them through a third party service, not through us directly, but how we can be additive to assist them.

You know, it’s it’s kind of been common practice that real, you know, homeowners would reach out to a realtor because they know that’s how they can get comps.

So that’s valuable. However, us providing comps like that is not always the best practice. Ok, so. That could be a whole other topic in itself, but another way to do this is the service. So it’s not just, hey, you know, use this service, good luck.

This is where you can actually be involved. So this service is for real estate professionals and homeowners, but you can actually go in and do this for them through the service.

So I believe it’s 30 dollars per client per property that you search, but they take valuation comps and they have a whole system of. You know of how they how they do this, so I think rather than us just sharing that, yeah.

Let me get some information in there for you and help you walk through this. So the page that I pulled up in particular is on the Partners tab. So we’re going to chat this link in.

This is how you, as an agent could become a partner with them or how we as a company could become a partner.

The idea behind this is that you submit information to them for from your client on their information. They would receive a discount or a promotional thing because you is. The agent submitted their information.

It will cut the fee on an annual basis from 30 dollars and lower it down. They they fight the services for you for 30 dollars a year per property. It should be done by the homeowner, not by you.

So you’re not paying for it. You submit the information to help them if the client wants it submitted. Right, and provide this link, so you have to ask and make sure and have a discussion.

But they would be allowed to fight the taxes for less than 30 dollars because it’s going through this link here and they would pay 30 percent of the savings that this company saves them, so they go to protest and take care of this on their for them.

So it’s a company similar to North Texas Real property tax services that that we personally use. But this one has the same types of things more or less the same, except it has a nice website with marketing pieces

To do that will automate automated marketing that would go out to the client as well. So check it out. I think it’s great.

Yeah. So spend a couple of minutes there and this is worth five or 10 more minutes to look at it. We have a link. We put it in there in the description, and you can see that.

And if this works for you, then that’s great. It’s an additional resource to help people fight their property taxes as a homeowner.

And if you guys have utilized the service, I would love to hear your feedback because we we have not utilized it, but I’ve heard about it from a couple of appraisers. So very good, it’s tough. Yeah. Thank you very much.

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