Noon with Mikey – All right, so it’s noon with me is a knife I have this is what I open my letters with here in the desk. It’s a little bit of a crazy knife, but I like it. And it’s totally a good topic and a good prop to use for what we have going on today at noon. You get to come spend some time with me and look at rural properties in McKinney, specifically just north of Frisco at 380 and corsetry, you’ll be able to come meet with us. And where you’ll be able to meet with me is at here’s the address.

Noon with Mike

We’ll type this one right in for you. Ready car is going to go right in the chat box for him. Eight one four six.

C.r. that stands for County Road.  860 McKinney, Texas.

We’ll see if he got that he’s pretty good. I bet he did, so we’ll check that in there so you can see it. And I’ll remind you that it’s going to be at noon. It is a bring your own lunch. I won’t be providing lunch. I have a lot of things to do. And I don’t know what you want to eat, so please let me know if you’ll be present. You now have the address and you have the time for me.

You’ll be wondering, hey, what should I wear today? I don’t know whatever you want. So wear whatever you want, but possibly make sure that you dress for whatever the weather is. If you normally are cold, then dress a little bit warmer. It’s going to be up to you wear shoes that you would feel comfortable walking around in. So that’s a good idea.

If you’re worried about something getting money, I don’t know, maybe wear a pair of boots. I personally like to wear pants outside. So when I’m walking around and if I have to rabbit run into anything that my legs are covered and protected, it’s up to you. I’m just telling you what I’m going to be wearing.

So I’ll have on exactly what I’m wearing right now. Why? Because I’m a guy and that’s what guys do. We don’t change multiple times throughout the day. What I put on in the morning is what I wear right before the day is completed. I just wear it all day. It’s not a problem for me. But if you have something you like now, you know exactly what I’ll be wearing. And I do have boots on. If you need to see my boots, I can show them to you. Here’s my boots. So that’s what I’ll be wearing. OK, I’ll also be carrying a knife. Why am I going to carry this? I don’t know. I just do.

So this is my pocket knife. I’ll have this in my pocket. If you have a pocket knife, bring it for yourself. I don’t know why. Maybe you run into something that you need it for is just one of the best things to do when you’re outdoors is to always have a little something with you. Please plan on walking around a little bit so there’ll be maybe more than a normal amount of walking and you may get your feet might get a little wet.

So I don’t know, we’ll probably take the Jeep, will go off road a little bit and we’ll have some fun. So if you want to do that, that’s cool. If you have any problems with something like that, please let me know when you’re there and I won’t take you off off road with us and you can wait till we get back. So that’s how that’ll go. I’ll show you some different properties.

And what this will do is allow you to understand some different things that are out there. What I’m trying to do is expand how much you currently know is a realtor and just like open things up for you. And maybe some of these things help you with the whole Colbert effect.

We’ve seen people moving out just a little bit more. So let’s give you access to some different things. I would also bring with you your camera. Right. Some people look at this as a phone, but I actually think it’s a camera that also has a phone in it. And you can also text from and check your email.

So that’s the way I view it. Bring your best phone camera with you and make sure that you take plenty of pictures and you can go ahead and post those. And afterwards there will be some information that’s confidential. So you’ll need to understand that in advance. So when you go out, will fully go over that and I’ll show you, hey, you can share this or hey, you can share that.

And there will be some things that I’ll be like, please don’t share that. So I’ll share those items with you when you were there in person. If you’re not going to be there, then don’t worry about it. There’s not a make up date for this. This is a one time item where we get to spend some time together. How long we’re going to be there, I don’t know till we’re done. That’s how I like to do things. Let’s start it and finish it. I can’t give you an exact time if you need to leave early, totally fine.

Right then just let me know and I’ll do my best. But it’s going to be your responsibility to actually watch the watch and ensure that you leave on time so that you can do whatever is necessary for yourself. OK, some things that we might do include walking some property, seeing some stuff. We also might get in the vehicle and we’re going to drive around.

We’re going to see things on our property and we’re going to see things around the rest of McKinney. So if that’s exciting to you and you want to learn a little bit more, jump on in your vehicle, put on your best clothes and I’ll see you soon. So that’s going on today at noon. See you then.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.5.21

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