How About Sledding – Perfectly happy to be great. So without further ado, Shana, it’s. All right, Shana, agent dinner,

Agent dinner, sorry, guys, no agent dinner tonight, however, out at our McKinney property, if you’re interested this afternoon, we are going to go out there and sled again. We did this yesterday and it was so much fun. Our oldest son got his snowboard out and was snowboarding down the hill. And it was a lot of fun. We had a lot of fun.

So we’re sharing a picture right now. Thank you, Omkar, for giving us a look here behind the scenes. So we this is behind the dam, going away from the water. We thought it was probably best not to sled down the hill and go into the lake.

So we get in the summer, we figured we can do maybe a slip and slide and slide into the into the lake. So really.

How About Sledding

Yeah, that’s a good idea. It was definitely cold out yesterday. So this picture here happens to show us exactly how cold it is and this will go into our next topic as well. So if we’re taking a look at this full screen and all that’s going to zoom in and look at the thickness of this ice, probably going to have a problem out there today. So that is Shana Bench pressing or lifting above her head a piece of ice that was in the pool. Yeah.

That’s a real piece of ice. I broke it up herself and then pulled it out with a rake. Nice job. So I appreciate

That pool and then the one at our house and Mike’s been going out there and I’m sure all of you who

Have we’re going to go over that. And that’s a separate topic. So while I want to stay focused here, because this is just an invite, right. So let’s go on to the next image here and we’ll show you guys some stuff that could be going out there. And next. Yeah, that was the pool. I can show that one later, too. And there is definitely snow out there.

Yeah, there’s definitely snow. A lot of snow drifts like deep snow, but it’s a lot of fun sledding.

It certainly is. To come out this afternoon, just Texas. Let us know and you’re welcome to come out there and sled. I’m going to go when this when it warms up just a little bit and the sun’s out, I think it’s going to be really fast today. I had a great time. I felt like I was like ten years old today, maybe 12, 15. I don’t know. Yeah, I really enjoyed it. So I’ll be out there, bring some warm clothes.

Yesterday, we had he. In the House tonight, so I can’t guarantee that we do today, I suppose I didn’t get an alert that we don’t bring bring your own stuff if you don’t have a sled. There’s a couple of them up there that Captain Dave left up there for us. And they were super fast and I had a great time. So I plan on going back out today as well as soon as we can and spending a bunch of time. Yeah. So, all right. That’s the end of it about.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.16.21

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