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Hey there, this is Mike Acquisto, I’m here with Kent, he’s kind of a local real estate celebrity. He’s kind of a big deal in the homebuilding industry. He’s been around for a long time. You’ve all probably sat down and had a conversation with two hour with him about real estate and about building new homes. But now we get to know him a little bit more in person.

So we’re going to talk about the three words that best describe Newport home builders. Right. We’re going to talk about family values. We’re going to talk about knowledgeable and we talk about craftsmanship. And those are important words. And we’re going to start with no one can hate us with family values.

You know, I truly believe the values within the company themselves is what gets translated into the end product. And and to me, family is everything. And and as I have family members working with me, my oldest daughter has been with me for 18 years to watch her family grow and have children and her involvement in the company.

And feedback she’s given me has been truly inspirational to translate that to the to the folks that we’re building homes for understanding that they, too, have their own individual families. They, too, have their own challenges and and opportunities. And and I think the more we can keep that in mind, that truly we’re building for someone who is of the same background as myself and my families allows us to put things in perspective.

And then we’re just going to also hit that. You do. You’re fortunate enough to get to work with your wife and with your son as well. Right. That’s so that’s tremendous. And that totally covers family values. You can just feel it and see it and what he’s saying and what he’s living and doing. Right. And then you’re extremely knowledgeable as well.

And, you know, it really comes across to me like your honesty and your knowledge. And you be like, yeah, you can do that, but no, you shouldn’t do this. And here’s what’s and why. In the pricing and the honesty and the approach are just spectacular. Right. So I kind of talk about, like, your knowledge, and it’s hard for you probably to do that. You’re a smart guy. You know what you’re doing.

Well, that knowledge comes from experience. Having done this for for thirty years, you learn things and I think everyone gains knowledge and everything they do. But it’s how you apply that knowledge to your trade or your craftsmanship that allows you to accomplish the the the things that your customers are looking for. So I wouldn’t say from a knowledge standpoint on necessarily smarter than someone else. Yes. But I do think that, you know, I have the ability to apply that knowledge to people that work for me and our trades to continually improve and better the experience.

Fine. Let’s say that you’re not smarter than somebody else, but I know you care more and that comes across. Right? So it’s the knowledge and the caring together to take the action. Right. And then talk about craftsmanship. You guys build a good home.

Craftsmanship, I think, is everything. And, you know, the the end result of a product is the ultimate goal. We have mistakes that happen, things that come up during construction that happen on every job site. But it’s how you handle those things and how you resolve those things, I think is what differentiates one builder from another builder.

Mm hmm. Yeah, I know your craftsmanship is is spectacular and it is. Everything’s built with hands. Right? We’re like human hands. And ultimately there are going to be some bumps and bruises and things that aren’t like perfect along the way. But you get there right. And you work through it. And that’s the important item.

And I think as I talked about the family of our customers as well as my own individually family, it’s important to understand that your trades, your craftsman that are actually working on the house, that are building the house, their families as well. And, you know, we all have our good days, bad days. We all make mistakes. But it’s understanding that and working through those challenges. And to get the end result of what our customers are looking for, I think is what’s important.

Hey, that’s perfect. Let’s hit the bell and move on to the next one.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.29.21

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