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Newport Home builders, there’s some available times you guys can get to work the model home in the near future.

Yeah, so this past weekend, I filled in for one of our lovely agents and it was refreshing. I really enjoyed it. It was, you know, it’s a model home. So there’s people out in droves looking at model homes, right? So we had several people come in and sweet, sweet people, and I really enjoyed it.

So what it showed me is there’s a real opportunity here, right, for our agents to be able to sit in this model home. So you can come in here, sit in this model home, and it’s a great way to grow your business and meet people and get new clients and have a great place to office from. Like I, I had a great time.

So you need to tell an advance sign up for multiple times, not just one, but it is your responsibility once you take that time to to address it, and it would be the proper contact for this. We do have some dates we’re going to show, yeah, these are going to be on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays and the home.

Yeah, sorry. The immediate need is is in October. It’s like you said Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 10:00 to 6:00. So, you know, I think you guys would would enjoy it. I think you would benefit from it and we would love for you to to be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

So, so contact Amy directly on these dates. The most important ones would be the times nearest to us. And then as the dates go out, we would need help there. We would like to see somebody say, maybe I’ll sign up for like, you know, each Friday for the near future, Saturday or Sunday.

So we have those taken care of. We can look at these dates and see them on the calendar. But if you’re going to be doing it and committing to it, then it would be good to commit for a longer time frame. So Shana, tell me about your experience when you were there this weekend and how that went.

So I was there and I had all the people that came in were from California, huh? So, you know, and the reason for moving was they have mandated the mask in the schools. So all the kids have to wear the masks for the vid.

Start calling it the bid.
Ok, so they had a concern of that. And so they’re like, that’s the last straw. We’re moving out. So they’re moving to Texas. Lots of opportunity here. You know, I know the weather. People talk about the weather in California. It’s beautiful there, but there’s a lot of opportunities here.

The home prices, I mean, they could not believe the home prices of our of our area. So I met a lot of people from California who came through and they had no realtor. Now sometimes they come in and they do have a realtor, but meeting them, understanding what’s going on in their part of the country, because we do have a lot of people moving here from all over the country, right?

So that was good. It was just very eye opening. I met them there ready to buy. They’re going to be moving here soon and it was easy.

Yeah. So your success that you had there might not be indicative of every single thing. I can’t guarantee warranty or represent that you’ll have the same exact success, but you did have two people come through that were highly interested and wanted some assistance. We have no idea. I mean, it’s like you never know for anything like that. But the price point of the property is nice nine hundreds.

So you know, this model home is nine fifty,
Ok, and most people have been to the model home because you had an event there, so they should know about it. There will be some training required, so contact Amy directly and she’ll be able to tell you what to do.

No, I I did it. But there are some things, right? Like, there are some things

In closing and whatever those things happen to be and some responsibilities that we have to ensure that are done. And so, yeah, contact Amy. But sign up for multiple days. She needs

To open. You know, if you have some downtime right now and you’re looking to grow your business, I think it’s a great way, great way to meet people and learn so there you go. I think we kind of cover that 10 to six. The full session would be required. If you’re going to take the time, then then go ahead and do it.

If you have some requirements where you can’t do that whole time frame, but you and one other person wanted to split it, then maybe you could do that, but then sign up for a lot of times and get this done.

I think it’s an amazing opportunity to have this available to you during those time frames and as we move forward, hopefully we would have more opportunities to be doing this with home builders and having experience with you as an agent in the model home. Think is going to benefit you directly with us,

So I mean, that’s our goal, right? This was kind of a test project for us. We saw an opportunity to help and to give give you guys. So it’s been a great learning experience and I think we can take it to the next one and super quickly. I’d also like to disclose that there are no current homes available in that neighborhood with this builder.

No. So we would have to move them to a different location or help them with somebody else if we help them find a home with somebody else, if they truly did not want to build a new port home somewhere else and at a different location. But our first goal is to try to sell a Newport home and help the builder that we are currently there assisting. So we want to sell.

He is. He is such a great builder, very reputable and a great person.

Oh my gosh, yes.
So that’s our first desire. And then after that, if we cannot help them there, then we can help them find something else. But we want to look out for the client to find out what happens to be best for that next and then look out for us kind of after that the agent.

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