The Newest Texans

So thank you to Jane Jean ran across this article in the Texas Monthly about. I thought it was funny. It’s the newest Texas are not who you think they are. So I think there’s this misconception all across the country, not just here.

We’ve seen it in Montana as well, but that all these. California people are coming to our state and they’re turning it blue or, you know, don’t want to get political, but they’re changing our state and what we love about it. Well, I don’t think that’s true and I don’t know where this all came from.

But if you talk to any of the of the people who are relocating to Texas, I know that Hannah has been working really hard because she’s from California to to really connect with Californians moving to Texas. And I think what’s been discovered is they want out of California because one, it’s so expensive.

The cost of living is just outrageous. They’re looking for more peace. They want space, right? They want affordability. They want lower taxes. All of those things that we enjoy. So maybe they’re coming here and they’re more like us than we think.

So, you know, don’t just put a big barrier up if you hear, oh, you’re from California because I don’t think it’s fair. We shouldn’t be that type of person anyway. And I think maybe we could flip the switch and learn a lot from people that are that are moving to our to our area.

And I do think that diversity in our area does make us better. You know, I grew up in a small town with the same people my whole life. And if someone would ever come in, it was like, you know, you hear the analogy, the new kid in town.

But really that person, I kind of felt sorry for them because they were it was hard for them to ever fit in and get accepted. And I don’t think that’s how it is here. I think people move here and they feel welcomed. And, you know, we can all learn. From each other.

So I know Omkar has put this link over. And I invite it’s it’s kind of long, but it is worth reading, and I think it just kind of changes your perspective on who. Who are the Texans? And there’s some interesting information in there as well. So thank you to Jeanne for sending that over to us today and take a look.

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