Acquisto Real Estate Gathering: New Years Party

New Years Day: Environmental Party We’re going to have a party, but it’s outdoors, yeah, Shana, there’s definitely a sound for this, like you can go with anyone. We got clapping. We got like, pick your sound. I don’t know. Yeah, that’s good. There we go. Very good. Very good song. I’m so excited about that.

I know you should be, but that’s that’s good. That’s like if something didn’t go well, maybe we’re going to spend some remedial time with with the sound maker in Shana and see what’s going on with your glasses to see what’s going through your glasses.

They’re icons. So these are the see at a distance Shana. All right. We’re take this. We’re at the big day from Shana. Oh, boy. All right. So, anyways, back to this party that’s going on New Year’s Day, New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve, but New Year’s Day. And this is our first the inaugural. So if you want to say that you’ve been to everyone, you better be there.

Yeah, it’s just like one of my good friends. I’m not going to quote his name here, but he says if if you want to start drinking all day at the start, first thing in the morning. Oh, and that’s the only way you can drink all day. Right. So you got to start right in the morning.

And this is the same thing. If you want to say you’ve been to every single New Year’s Day party that we’ve had for the environmental party, then you need to be at the bar and mental guys. It’s the environmental party. It is. What does that mean? But like, actually what it is, is we’re all going to get together up at our upturning and whisper. I know.

Like I’m trying to show. I don’t know what I’m showing. You mean. And I’ll be back. All right.

So we’ll create anyways, guys. So what this is, is I’m trying to be like their friend, right. And I’m giving them a personal invite. So. Yeah. So this is a personal invite for you to attend. And this environmental party is really going to be a tree burning, a Christmas tree burning. So we’re going to take real Christmas trees and you bring them up and you’ll bring them up to our lake property there in Guinea and at the property, we will burn Christmas trees on New Year’s Day each year. We need to get rid of them.

So in addition to burning them, we will also take some of them. I was told that it is good for the fish habitat in the lake. If we take a couple of the trees and we sink them down to the bottom and put a weight on them and there are certain precautions we have to make and ensure that they’re the right kind of tree, make sure that there’s no tinsel on them and some different things.

So provided we check each of those boxes and we get all the stuff through the Collin County extension agent cleared in advance, then we will sink those trees down to the bottom and create a fish habitat for like the fingerlings that will be placed in there.

And hopefully we create a better fish environment and it does some good for the lake there. So we’ll get to participate and complete that there. But really, it’s like kind of like environmental and like a tree burning. Right. So bring your trees up. Everyone’s invited.

We’ll do it each day if they have an artificial tree. Yeah. Then they should that work. They should probably take that to the dump and they will be totally fine. There’s no way to take care of that or the trees to. Well, those trees are meant to last for a period of time. Right. I know about. But sometimes they don’t just because they’re, you know, the quality issues. But regardless invited now you guys can save that date.

A couple of details are going to be going on. There will be we’re going to host it, we believe, three o’clock, three o’clock. So it’s going to start during the day. We expect to have a lot of people that show up and a lot of trees that come. So bring your trees out and we’ll throw them over by the fire pit. We’re going to expand that and be safe and do each of those things. If you want to, like, be on safety patrol as an adult, now’s your opportunity. We can do that only like parking guides.

We’ll need all types of different items, four wheelers to be able to get around whatever that is. So if you have like an ATV and you want, then bring that up and we’ll see what we can do. We’re planning on having a great time and we’ll will have some barbecue.

I want to talk about that and figure out what’s going on and I need some help from Meghan. We’re going have to put some, like, collateral material together for this for an invite and put a page and like graphics and all types of things. So like Megan, I need it. I need a hand with this. And it rains. We have a swelling. We have a bad weather day. So bad weather day is scheduled for the next day at the same time next Saturday. Yeah, but the next day, no.

Well, all right. I have it. So it’s Friday. Friday is New Year’s Day. All right. Right. And people typically have New Year’s Day off, OK? And so it would I would envision that this would always stay on New Year’s Day. And we’re kind of trying to create something, OK, right. So everyone has enough time to recover from the night prior. And we would do it at three o’clock. And then that way you show up, you can you can bring your tree early or whatever. If you can’t stay, we’ll take care of it. Or if you don’t have a tree, it’s OK. Yeah, no.

Still show up eventually we plan on having so we’ll have a barbecue this year, maybe we’ll find some type of like outdoor entertainment, maybe there becomes a band, maybe becomes a ticketed type thing. Sean has all types of ideas of what she wants to create here.

But what we want to do is create another event where we all get to get to get together and kind of enjoy ourselves. This year, it’s definitively outdoor. So that’s kind of why we can go ahead and do this. So kicking off twenty, twenty one with a party like immediately, everyone’s kind of waiting and they’re like nothing’s going on for the whole year. And we’re like, let’s change that sucker.

Well it was hard. This month has been hard. And you know, that party that we have the first Saturday of December every year for life for our 17 years is a long time. We love that. And this year is really hard on us. And it just I don’t know, it was just made it different.

So spread the word. It’s this party is kind of like how Shana used to throw parties when she was younger. So there was a story that kind of started as a young age for Shaun to go ahead with the bus story.

Well, I think I was in kindergarten or first grade and my grandmother would always be at our house to watch me after school. And one day I invited our entire bus to get off at my stop for hot dogs. And my grandma was waiting there and I was the first one off the bus.

And I said, hey, all my friends are going to get off and we’re going to have hot dogs. And she was like, well, how many? I said, I don’t know, the whole bus. And she was like, OK, I need to call your mom. So, you know, I don’t know. I just I that’s something that I love and just getting people together and having a good time. And I really love it. It’s like my thing.

So there you go. That’s a story from the past for Shawna. Yeah. So anyways, we’re bringing the whole bus, all right. The whole bus is coming. You do have to park off the street. So there we are on a county road. There’s rules with county roads that I’ve apparently learned since being up there from the neighbors. Yeah, the neighbors. And for me, it’s supposed to be a kind of county road.

Now, I don’t know if that’s actually a thing. Maybe they’re just telling me that and I haven’t fact checked it. So if anyone can fact check that and knows a rule, can you park on a county road, Mike Shepherd? I don’t know. Like maybe help me out on that one. Is that real or fake? And nobody does.

We don’t we never see any cars parked on what can we do our best to, like, make sure that people don’t park on the county road. So anyways, we’ll need some some help with traffic and parking people in the right spots and setting that all up. Sometimes they want to we want everyone to inform their clients.   Or is this going to be I don’t know, I was like, bring the bus. OK, well, it doesn’t matter to me.

I think it’s an opportunity that you can reach out to your clients. And if anyone has a real tree and they want to donate it to the environmental cause, they’re they’re welcome. Just be very environmental about this. Right. And we’ll get it all taken care of and we’ll burn your tree. And it would kind of be awesome. And maybe you can be BYOB or something like, I don’t know, we’ll work through those.

Just mark your calendars, because this is going to be fun. You know what’s going down. You know it just like between us, you you kind of know it’s going to be awesome.

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