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380 bypass tech start up date today is November twenty third and we have some items to show off for you. My question is Shana Acquisto, real estate brokers with Acquisto Real Estate. And let’s kind of discuss this. So what we’re going to do is show off a couple of items related, 380 bypassed. And I’ll kind of let you take that over, Shana, and you can start to discuss it, please.

So in Collin County, we have a major road, 380, which I’m sure a lot of you’re familiar with. And there’s been a big controversial debate on the expansion of 380 to relieve the traffic going east and west on three.

So they’ve come up with all these alternative routes that they would propose for a 380 bypass. And of course, none of them sit well with anybody, because it is invading someone’s space. So it’s either going to disrupt a small, you know, an acreage, small farm that somebody may have and their space here, space and land is really, you know, unique and valuable.

And the last thing you want is a road to come through so well, unless you’re commercial. And then they’re like, hey, bring the road over here, because now all of a sudden we have frontage on a busy road and that’s going to help us

out if we’re in this random place. So it’s weird when there’s money involved and it’s something like, hey, we need a garbage dump, but it shouldn’t be in my backyard. It should be like over by your house. Right. And 380 bypass, I don’t know. Does it kind of smell like a dump? It feels weird to me.

So anyway, there’s been some alternate there’s been some routes that have been kind of proposed and it seems like now they’ve thrown in two more.

Ok, so this has been going on for a few years. So we’ve learned about these two new routes that have recently come into play in the end of October. And it’s going to go through prosper now.

So they keep moving it around and and finding different routes and I think throwing stuff out there to see what kind of response they get. So tomorrow is a city council meeting and prosper where they’re going to propose these two new routes. There is. And we’ll pull them up for you. There is a brown alternative and a gold alternative.

So Sally’s attached. We’ve attached we’re going to attach both of these. But basically what this does is it you can see it kind of goes up above all the way to Bloomingdale off of 380.

Prior east of seventy five, so this starts before you get to seventy five, comes around, goes across Bloomingdale and then cuts right through down into Prosper back to three eighty where it connects back to three eighty. So that’s one proposal.

And so I’m a huge fan of just keep three eighty on three eighty. Like I don’t know why do we need a bypass. We’re going to have an hour loop. It’s just like opening.

But this is really good for everyone to understand what’s happening because all there’s so much new development and housing and growth going north.

This is going to be really important if you’re if you have clients moving out there that they’re aware of what’s happening.

So this is the brown alternative and then we have the gold alternative, OK, that will also pull up.

And it kind of is the same, except it goes up a little further back down to Bloomingdale over and then down through Prosper again. So these are both kind of going to be west of Custer and then across into Prosper. So we wanted to share these with you. So you’re aware if you have anybody, like we said, moving out, there are currently lives out there that maybe isn’t paying attention, that they know what’s going on. So there’s a city council meeting to vote on this and prosper. I feel like sometimes they just kind of throw these out there and don’t give people the proper notice that these meetings are occurring. I mean, they happen at the same time every month. But what the agenda is, we kind of don’t pay that much of attention to it. So tomorrow is the city council meeting, Tuesday, the 24th in Prosper, and it’s going to be virtual. So you can go to the city of Prosper and sign up for that virtually if you know of anybody that wants to attend. And I, I recommend that you always attend these and vocalize your opinion so we can’t go in person.

I don’t hear tweets in person, I think in total, so that’s important, we should grab that link and we’ll show that link all. Tomorrow is fine tomorrow. Yeah, we’ll get to that tomorrow. Sorry about that.

And then, you know, you attend and you you need to give your your input what you think, because if they don’t hear anything, this sucker’s coming through. The only reason that it keeps changing is because so many people are vocalizing their opinions and, you know, it’s these are things that really matter to a lot of people. And I think for the city of McKinney or the city of Prosper, it it matters. You know, it affects how developments grow and what comes in and what does it and all of that. So these are very important. And where you live in your city especially, you should be aware of the city council meetings and what’s on the agenda, you know, could be something coming in that you’re not happy with some sort of development. So always be prepared. So as we grow as a North Dallas area, it is really

hard to keep up with what’s happening on the highways. You know, you’ve seen the tollway go through a lot of expansion. You see 75, you see all these expansions going on. So how do you find out about these things? Well, thanks for asking. I can tell you there’s a text stock proposals that can be found on.

Let’s move to and find out all the different, you know, proposals and things that are going on. They have feasibility studies, so they’ll give you the link and you can find out so much information. And it’s really good to kind of you know, I looked through these last night to see the feasibility study and it shows who’s going to be impacted, who’s not. And, you know, and they have to kind of look at the least impacted, you know, routes for this particular project and the money that it’s going to cost them and and analyze it. So there’s a lot of great information on there that I think is valuable for you to know and to educate yourself on the area and know what’s what’s coming.

This year also has a historic information on what’s been going on with this. So it has a whole catalog of like all the past meetings of alternatives that they’ve went through in the past, how much money would be impacted in different cases, projections for future growth and for taxes, and how many people are going to go by and also for how loud it would be, what it could potentially look like. And so the highways are going to look like four renderings.

You know, we had a rendering, but it was showing kind of what it would look like, a cluster where our new places and it was like, wow, that’s crazy. And they talk about it with sound walls, without sound walls. I mean, there’s a lot of my investigation, I guess, and research that goes into these projects, yeah, it was definitely something.

Let me see if I can super quick get to the renderings here real quick of where that was draft renderings at Stone. Yeah, maybe that’s it. So this is on the fly, kind of taking you on a trip through. And so, yeah, they had all of these different things with. So this is with no sound walls and then with sound walls is right here and they have it lower and then higher. So on this side it’s higher and then the middle is lower. And then they went through and talked about the decibel level and what it was like compared to different things. So it’s going to be mildly louder, but not incredibly louder. You know, when you’re standing at the at the corner.

So with the sound walls, it’s you know, it’s kind of one of those things you have to understand that’s going to eventually happen. And these are really big interchanges that they’re talking about. So I hope this helps you get some some indication of where we’re at now, why we are potentially discussing this and why it’s super important to us is not just from the real estate perspective, but we also have our lake property right out here. So you see the lake in the distance and like right over here is that property. Right? These you can see these in the background when you’re when you’re there at the tops of the water stuff. So we’re not too far from it. And we’re super kind of like. Right. Involved in the middle of it. So our property again would be like right over here. So these roads are going to go through in some way, shape or form. And we need to be kind of prepared.

But take a road and expand the road. I mean, I just I don’t know. I like keeping where we live. Beautiful. And, you know, but that’s my opinion. Chesnot Now, if you should keep your maintenance down the road and it’s going to be super expensive.

So you’re in favor, I’m in favor of keeping 380 on 380, that’s like actually a road. And so it is. It is. We have this whole grid like system where it’s north and south and approximate the way our roads are developed around here. Let’s be real about this is what we have, our north and south roads and east and west roads. And we have them
like almost every mile. We’re like a perfect grid and it just kind of makes sense and it works. And now what we’re saying is like all of a sudden, let’s throw this random road that doesn’t follow any of that. That’s kind of like a pig trail. If anyone’s been to Fort Worth, it’s kind of about how they’re trying to do it, like run this road some random way. And it doesn’t necessarily make sense to me when we have a grid, just go ahead and utilize it and make one of the roads a little bit bigger. It’s I think you should go speak to tech, start on all of our behalf. I’m sure they do want to hear from me. But like, sometimes you use a kiss method, keep it simple, stupid, and we kind of already have a good system that works. Let’s not muddy it down.

And I’m sorry if somebody made a mistake and put businesses up to 380. I mean, you got to sometimes we pay for our mistakes.

It is what it is. Yeah, this would be completely ridiculous. You know, don’t you hate those roads when you’re on them and you’re not sure what it is like who’s been on like six thirty five? That’s like a loop and it goes in a circle and all of a sudden you’re like, wait, am I going, is that east west. But then all of a sudden you’re going like north-south and like you’re on this like circle loop and it’s like north, it’s like east west road, but it’s like runs north south for like a long time.

But you know what another road is thirty five. Thirty five is like pothole city. Like I was going down thirty-five recently and I thought oh my goodness, I could have a flat. So you know how many years down the road until all of these needs so much maintenance. It’s so, so expensive and it’s you know, so we should just tell them I’ll make them roll.We don’t want to tell them all either.

Just keep them together. And instead of adding another complexity to it, I don’t know. You know, I know we need to relieve the traffic. There’s lots of traffic. We do want people to move here. Yes, we do. But I just personally think there’s a different solution. But, you know, everybody’s got their own opinion.

And no matter how weird the way it ends up going, I do say that there’s going to be roads around us, kind of no matter where we are, they’re all relatively close to us. And no matter which way we’re in this grid like system, we’re almost every mile. There’s a north south road and an east west road. So you’re going to be in this block of like one square mile. So you’re kind of going to be close to a road all the time.

Shouldn’t get lost here. It’s really easy to to figure your way around. Except our oldest son, he struggles with this getting around. All right. So that is are you good with concluding that? Sure. All right. More info tomorrow. Yeah. Give us a thumbs up if you like that topic. That’s some good info here today. I don’t know. Well, let’s hit the button then.

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